Playset: Fire House Headquarters (called Fire Station Headquarters in European prints) is part of Kenner's The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line. Based off The Real Ghostbusters animated series Firehouse.

Toy Description

Fire House
with spinning Poll
and Containment Unit
and small can of Ecto-Plazm

Description from Action Toy Guide: The Fire House Headquarters has the "Ghost Pursuit" firepole, a "goop grate" with a 5 oz. can of Ecto-Plazm play gel and a "ghost containment" unit for storing ghosts. Action figures sold separately.

Variation Information

  • American Line: Standard Box design, light purple paint on front to toy.
    • Variant #1: Standard Box design, no paint on front to toy.
    • Variant #2: Mixed American/UK Box design. Solid color illustration front and side labeled "Fire Station" with white back, side, top, and bottom labeled "Fire House". Light purple paint on front of toy. (Theorized to be the original first release of the Firehouse in the United States. It was only on the first release of Wave #3 of the Kenner line during the December 1987 release.)
  • Canada Line: Standard version.
  • UK Line: Standard Box design.
  • German Line: German version doesn't come with Ecto-plazm.


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