The Plump Towers [1] [2] was New York City's newest convention center and hosted both dentists and ghosts on its grand opening day.


Plump Towers came to fruition thanks in part to the vision and financial backing of J. Portman Plump. [3] He and Mayor Lenny led the grand opening ceremony and cut the ribbon together. Soon enough, Plump welcomed the Plump Towers' first guests, the American Association for the Advancement of Oral Hygiene (AAAOH) and Deadcon 1. The latter was composed of ghosts and prompted the staff to quickly run away. The Ghostbusters were called in to deal with the ghosts, occupying Floors 12-19, without their equipment. Eventually, the Ghostbusters utilized the dentists' masquerade ball to trap the majority of the ghosts then saved Plump from the English Ghost and Manitou.



The Real Ghostbusters


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