The Pocono Mountains (Also known as The Poconos) [1] is a famous vacationing locale in in northeastern Pennsylvania.


The Ghostbusters drove out to the Poconos on suspicion of an alleged goblin named Drool who was part of a circus sideshow called "Madame Lefarge's Wondrous and Amazing Traveling Sideshow." LaFarge refused to allow them to trap Drool on account it was adopted. When Ecto-1 stalled out, the guys were forced to stay the night in a nearby town. However, they were terrorized by a Metamorph they failed to capture a week prior. Thinking Drool was the Metamorph, the Ghostbusters returned to the sideshow and tried to trap Drool. The real threat arrived and Drool sacrificed itself so the Ghostbusters could trap the Metamorph.


The Real Ghostbusters

Extreme Ghostbusters


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