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Podcast[1] is a classmate of Phoebe and lives in the area of Summerville.


Podcast was a classmate of Phoebe in a summer school science class taught by Gary Grooberson at Summerville Middle School. Podcast narrated into his boom mike and painted Phoebe as an outcast with a secret rejected by her peers. He speculated she on the run or on the run from herself. He moved the mike to Phoebe. Phoebe clarified her grandfather died and her family came to Summerville to "pick through the rubble of his life," according to her mother Callie. Podcast asked if she was trying to uncover the mystery of his death. She told him he died of was natural causes. Podcast inquired if she was sure it wasn't murder. Phoebe was pretty sure it was just a heart attack. Podcast remarked it was the silent killer. They introduced themselves and shook hands. Phoebe asked him why people called him "Podcast." He clarified he called himself "Podcast" because he had a podcast.[2]

After school, Podcast and Phoebe walked through town. He readied his mike and instructed Phoebe to introduce herself and tell him what she ate for breakfast. Phoebe said her name and "toast." Podcast asked for a little more like a joke or something. Phoebe asked him, "What do you call a dead polar bear?" Podcast had no idea. Phoebe replied, "Anything you want. He can't hear you now." Podcast laughed and took his headphones off then commented that joke was funny and she was funny. Phoebe smiled and agreed it was a pretty hilarious joke. Podcast started telling her "fun facts" about the town and told her Summerville had more dead residents than living ones. Phoebe told him that was how cemeteries worked. He pointed out Wertheimer's Hardware and stated it was run by the Illuminati, which was composed of Lizard people. Phoebe inquired further. Podcast gave her Thomas Jefferson, Einstein, and Beyonce as some examples then implied the Lizard people built the pyramids. Phoebe guessed it was the slaves. Podcast pointed out the Napier Theater was haunted. Phoebe admitted she did not believe in ghosts. Podcast stopped and turned around in dismay. He asked how she could not believe with all the evidence out there. Phoebe shared her belief that people were just meat puppets. Podcast thought of something she should see and ran off to grab his scooter.

They walked to the Shandor Mining Company property. Phoebe noticed the warning signs and asked Podcast if they were allowed to be there. Podcast told her it was totally fine and the mine was closed since the 1940s. He revealed the signs were posted due to hazardous chemical leaks and on account of dynamite. He demonstrated his safety measures, covering his nostril and mouth with his shirt. Podcast told her all about the history of Summerville starting out as a mining operation that bore into a mountain like grapefruit and smelted everything into cold riveted selenium girders. Phoebe wondered how they made a steel beam out of an electric conductor like selenium. Podcast found it weird, too, then continued with his story about how the mine was forced to close down. She asked why. He revealed one by one, miners who had worked for years began leaping down the mine shaft to their death and the incident was called "The Shandorian Curse." Podcast backed up behind a raggedy cloth covering up an entrance and vanished. Phoebe peered in and followed. They looked at carvings against the mountain. Phoebe asked who built it. Podcast revealed that depended on who you believed. He claimed it showed up one day without explanation.

Podcast and Phoebe walked along the road to the Farmhouse. She asked him what his podcast was about. Podcast told her it was mostly about mysteries, the unknown, conspiracy theories, and the occasional restaurant review.[3] Phoebe mused she would check it out sometime. Podcast perked up and handed her a My Little Pony flash drive containing his episodes. He believed the show really found its voice in episode 46.[4] He tried to act cool and asked her to be his lab partner. Phoebe suspected they were not going to do any labs but agreed to be his partner. He smiled. Phoebe pointed out she was home. Podcast was surprised she lived at the "Dirt Farmer's" house. Phoebe confirmed that was her grandfather. He seemed concerned and pulled out his camera phone. Phoebe asked him if he was recording her. Podcast informed her he was doing just in case her body was pulled apart into tiny pieces by an unseen dark force. Phoebe was undaunted and told him bye.

The next day, in class, Podcast attempted to pry the Trap Phoebe found in her house open with a wooden ruler. Part of the ruler snapped off. Gary Grooberson, their teacher, looked up from his comic book and quickly got out of his chair. Podcast was determined to find out what was inside the device. Gary complimented them on their replica. Podcast agreed. Phoebe asked him what he meant by a "replica." Gary was shocked at her question and told them it was a Ghost Trap. They looked at him blankly. Gary looked at Podcast and wondered how out of all people he didn't know what it was. Podcast admitted he was ashamed. Gary told them New York in the 1980s was like "The Walking Dead" but there has not been a ghost sighting in 30 years. He was surprised to see a mist partially seep out of the Trap then seeped back in. He dropped the Trap and it cackled with electricity. He asked them if it was real. Podcast responded it absolutely was. Phoebe thought it might be and stated she found it in her living room. Podcast added she lived on the "dirt farm." Gary asked if that was the really spooky one. Podcast pointed out that was the one that said "DIRT" on it. Phoebe asked him what happened in New York. Gary played a video for them about the Manhattan Crossrip of 1984. Podcast believed it. Gary asked her if his dad ever mentioned it. She told him the only parent around was her mother. He remarked that was "cool." Podcast was suspicious. Gary wondered if the Trap still worked. Podcast asked if they should open it. Gary lit up at the thought of it.

After school, they attempted to open the Trap in the school parking lot. Gary placed it on the hood of his car and attached one end of clamps to it and the other set of clamps to a school bus's engine. Podcast sat in the driver's seat of the bus. Gary made sure both Phoebe and Podcast were wearing their safety glasses. On Gary's cue, Podcast started up the bus. The Trap cackled. He stepped on the trap pedal but nothing happened at first. Gary tapped it. It suddenly opened in a flash. The spectral form of Vinz Clortho roared then flew towards the Shandor Mine. He shattered the windows on both buses as it flew by. Podcast has stepped outside and raised his arms in triumph. Gary was worried and thought they should probably leave. Podcast asked Phoebe what it implied. He placed his left hand on her right shoulder and told her her grandfather was a Ghostbuster. Phoebe stated she was aware. Gary drove them to the Farmhouse. Podcast narrated into his boom mike after he entered the home. He commented it had a door and windows like any ordinary house but the distinct smell of evil was prominent. Gary asked him what he was doing. Podcast replied he was setting the mood. Gary found it creepy but he dug it. They looked around the living room. Podcast found an Aztec Death Whistle and blew into it. It made a horrifying sound. Phoebe covered her ears with her hands. Callie walked into the room and asked what the hell that sound was. Podcast informed her it was the Aztec Death Whistle and asked if he could keep it. She let him on the grounds he would never use it again. Phoebe and Podcast stared in disbelief at Gary and Callie as they flirted. Podcast turned to Phoebe.

Podcast hung out with Phoebe in her bedroom. He flipped through Tobin's Spirit Guide. Eventually, he told her he thought Gary was trying to bone her mom. Phoebe stared out into space. He inquired why that did not bother her. Phoebe confirmed it bothered her and revealed she did not exhibit emotions in the same way everyone else did. She added she was vomiting on the inside. Podcast turned the page and saw illustrations of Terror Dogs. He recognized it was what they saw in the parking lot. Phoebe came over. Podcast read aloud about the Sumerian land of the dead, its ruler Gozer, and the Keymaster and Gatekeeper. Phoebe wondered what they released.

The next day, Podcast and Phoebe went to the Summerville Foundry to test the Proton Pack she finished the night before. Podcast lined up some glass bottles for target practice. He welcomed her to Rust City. Phoebe asked if the raw selenium was processed at the Foundry. Podcast guessed so. Phoebe got the pack on after some doing. Podcast asked her how she fixed it since she was only 12 years old. Phoebe revealed she met her grandfather and he showed her what to do. Podcast found a pair of Ecto Goggles in the red wagon and wore it. He asked if Egon howled and clanked chains. Phoebe thought that would have been weird. Phoebe turned around so the pack faced Podcast then asked him to switch her on. Podcast looked around and flipped a red switch under the ion arm. The cyclotron churned on. Podcast backed away then walked to Phoebe's right. Podcast and Phoebe nodded to each other. Phoebe unholstered the Particle Thrower on the second try. Podcast got out his boom mike. Phoebe activated the thrower. Podcast narrated. He noted her feet were planted, her face was poised, and wondered if this would be the moment of her death. She fired at the targets. Podcast cheered. Phoebe stopped shooting and Podcast holstered his boom mike. He declared that was the best thing he ever saw then snapped a photograph and it emerged from the left side of the goggles. He waves the polaroid around. Phoebe asked if she hit it. Podcast pushed the goggles up and exclaimed she destroyed it. He wanted a turn but they heard a weird sound. Podcast thought it was probably a pigeon or something.

Podcast grabbed a Trap and followed Phoebe into the Foundry. The door closed on them. Podcast wanted to come back for his Halloween episode. They saw a bite mark with blue Ectoplasm dripping down. They kept going. They heard the sound again. Phoebe looked at Podcast. He shook his head. They kept going. They found Muncher near the ceiling chomping on a pipe. She calmly stated that was a ghost. Podcast wondered why she was not even a little freaked out. She added overstimulation calmed her. They took cover behind a big pipe but made a sound. Muncher looked around then resumed eating. Podcast got out the Aztec Death Whistle and psyched himself up. Phoebe asked him he was doing. Podcast claimed he had a plan. He stood up. Phoebe yelled at him to wait but it was too late. Podcast used the whistle. Muncher looked at him. Two deer outside looked up. Muncher spat metal projectiles at them. Phoebe shot at him and ordered Podcast to get the Trap. She managed to wrangle Muncher. Podcast tried to slide the Trap across the floor but it fell on its side. He pulled it backwards. Muncher got free and fled the Foundry.

Coincidentally, Phoebe's brother Trevor encountered them on the road while he was driving Ecto-1 around. Phoebe introduced Podcast. Trevor was surprised she had a friend. Phoebe was surprised he had a car. Trevor clarified it was a Cadillac. Podcast stated they needed a ride and asked if he knew how to drive. Phoebe quickly answered he failed his driver's test three times. Trevor told them to get in the back. On the drive to town, Podcast discovered a Remote Trap Vehicle in a box. Trevor asked them what was going on. Phoebe mentioned the Manhattan Crossrip of 1984 but Trevor claimed he already heard of the Manhattan ghost stories. Phoebe stated the stories were real. Podcast elaborated it meant the Ghostbusters were real, they really saved the world, fought back an invading army of the undead and 100 foot Marshmallow Man. Phoebe believed their grandfather was Egon Spengler, one of the Ghostbusters. The police CB radio picked up a dispatcher telling all units there were reports coming in of some kind of animal taking a bite out of Steve Fletcher's truck.

In Summerville, Trevor asked what they were looking for. Podcast stated they were searching for evidence. Trevor took a left, past a stop sign with the "S" missing. Podcast and Phoebe leaned towards the front. They drove past an alley where some trash cans have been munched on, too. There was blue ectoplasm left behind on them. Trevor asked Podcast to stop breaching in his ear. He refused. Trevor was starting to lose patience and asked them if what they saw was really a raccoon or a possum. Phoebe saw Muncher eating a fire hydrant. Trevor braked to a stop and was shocked to see a ghost then asked what they should do. Podcast told him it was a Free floating metal muncher and definitely a Class 5. Podcast wanted to get him but thought of taking a photograph first. Podcast tried to get a good position and stepped on a lever that inadvertently triggered the gunner seat. Phoebe was moved outside the car. Muncher took off and they gave chase. Podcast went flying backwards after Trevor hit the gas. They caused a lot of property damage along the way. Podcast grabbed the Remote Trap Vehicle and set it on a hatch in the rear. He pulled a lever with a black knob then a section of the floor opened up and a ramp descended to the street. The Remote Trap Vehicle rolled out. Podcast manned the remote control controlling it. Trevor swerved out of the way of traffic and struggled to keep Ecto-1 straight. Podcast was about to trap Muncher with the Remote Trap Vehicle but they were about to drive head on into a truck. They screamed and Trevor swerved out of the way.

They gathered themselves and took off after Muncher. They managed to trap him before he could reach the mountain on the Shandor Mining Company's property. They approached the bridge. Trevor screamed. Phoebe barely got the gunner seat back inside in time before impact. The side of the exposed door scraped along the bridge, then closed properly after they cleared the bridge. Everyone screamed. Ecto-1 slid into a stop and kicked up a gravel cloud. Podcast surprised Phoebe and hugged her then apologized. Trevor realized they were looking at the same mountain he went to the da before. Evening fell as they drove home. Trevor asked if any of it bothered Phoebe. She asked what he meant. Podcast declared their grandfather was a legend and they could be anything they wanted, like an Influencer or a DJ. Trevor admitted it was easier when he thought Egon was crazy. Phoebe stated he was not. Trevor agreed but wondered why he abandoned their mother. Sheriff Domingo pulled them over. Trevor panicked and thought they were screwed. Podcast suggested they fight. Trevor told them to just open the glove box. There was an unopened Twinkie on top of the papers. Domingo tapped on the driver side window and asked Trevor for his license and registration.

Trevor, Phoebe, and Podcast were arrested and taken to the Summerville County Sheriff's Department where they were placed on a jail cell. Trevor talked to Podcast and Phoebe about what happened to him the day before at the top of the mountain. Podcast grinned from ear to ear and looked around. Trevor stopped and asked Podcast if he was even paying any attention to him. Podcast claimed he was listening then admitted he was excited to be in jail. Trevor continued on about hearing something say "Gozer." At some point, Podcast was released, too. The next day, a meeting was held inside Spinners Roller Hop. Podcast, Phoebe, Trevor, and Lucky Domingo occupied one of the booths. Podcast revealed he did some digging on the word Trevor heard in the mountain, "Gozer." Trevor questioned what he meant by "digging." Podcast, annoyed, looked at Phoebe. Phoebe explained Gozer was a Sumerian god who once walked amongst the living. Podcast added it was a "soul-eating, flame-dripping deity of evil" and he speculated it wanted to return. Lucky was surprised of all places, it was coming to Summerville. Podcast admitted he would have picked Orlando.

Trevor, Lucky, Phoebe, and Podcast went to the old Shandor mine and rode the mine elevator down the shaft. To break the silence and tension, Phoebe told one of her jokes. She asked what a cigarette and hamster had in common. Lucky had no clue and asked what it was. Phoebe replied they were both harmless until you stick one in your mouth and light it on fire. Podcast snorted and Lucky refrained from laughing and looked away. Trevor commented it was the worst time. Trevor warned everyone to watch their steps. He came upon a big hole in the ground. They all looked down it. Podcast believed it was a sacrificial death pit. Phoebe wondered what they were sacrificing. Lucky guessed it was virgins. She teased Trevor and noting tough luck for him. Podcast announced he found a dead body. They others joined him at the lone glass tomb. There was an elderly man in a purple suit wearing a twin red sash. Trevor was shocked and asked if he was sleeping. Lucky pointed out it was a coffin. Podcast saw the name plate and realized the man in the tomb was the late Ivo Shandor. Lucky admitted he looked fantastic for a dead 90 year old. Podcast recalled when someone died, their fingernails kept growing. Lucky quickly called that false and stated only their skin shrunk.

Phoebe believed Shandor knew Gozer was coming. They looked up at her. She found a series of numerical inscriptions of years that included 1821, 1823, 1883, 1908, 1945, 1984, 2021, and 2134. Podcast recalled the Krakatoa eruption in 1883, the most violent volcanic activity in human history. Trevor asked what happened in 1908. Podcast guessed it was probably the Tunguska blast over Siberia. Phoebe saw 1984 and quickly matched it to the Manhattan Crossrip. She likened it to a countdown. Podcast deduced it was like a prophecy. A spectral horde was rose up from the pit. Four Proton Cannons activated, crossed streams, and blasted into the horde. Ivo Shandor's eyes suddenly opened. He turned his head at Podcast, who naturally freaked out. After the horde was successfully driven back, Shandor turned his head and went back into a death-state. Podcast pointed at Shandor and asserted he was alive. Phoebe studied one of the Proton Cannons and declared Egon was right all along. She surmised he built the Proton Cannon array and stood guard, even when no one believed him, sacrificing everything: his life, his friends, and his family. There was a silence. Podcast thought that was a bummer. Trevor and Lucky looked down at him in dismay. Phoebe stated they needed to tell Callie what they discovered.

By the time they returned to the Farmhouse, Callie was already possessed by Zuul. Phoebe and Podcast leaned in towards her. Podcast got on his knees in front of her. Zuul got in his face and snarled then stroked the left side of his face. She asked him if was the Keymaster. Podcast had no idea. Phoebe was aghast. Podcast asked Phoebe what to do. Phoebe pulled at Zuul. Zuul snarled angrily. The taser setting suddenly activated on the P.K.E. Meter. Zuul quickly took cover behind the armchair then there was another earthquake. Zuul saw the atmospheric disturbance at the mine, snarled, and jumped through a window, shattering the glass. Phoebe went on her knees outside and dug the dirt field with her hands. She pulled up a black wire. Podcast asked what it was. Phoebe realized the farm was really a trap. Phoebe took them to the underground laboratory. Podcast immediately picked up the Aura Video-Analyzer colander and put it on. They each grabbed a flightsuit out of a locker. Podcast took his name patch off and wrote his name in its place. Phoebe presided over a model of the Farmhouse property. She stated it was what Egon was working on all those years and explained that once activated, the silo towers could hold a charge for one moment and in that one moment, they could power hundreds of Traps. Lucky asked the big question, how were they going to get Gozer into the field. Phoebe steered the conversation to Zuul and Vinz and explained Gozer needed both of them to exist on their plane. Podcast elaborated they both had to possess a human soul each. Trevor caught on that Zuul possessed Callie. Phoebe revealed they would then "unite formally." Trevor was not catching on, nor Lucky. Podcast shared they were thinking at least third base. Lucky cheered on Callie.

The children ran into the empty sheriff's office. Podcast touched spilled liquid from a cup on its side. He tasted it and confirmed the sheriffs were just there. Podcast and Phoebe searched the evidence room, dumping stuff on the ground. Podcast checked on Phoebe's progress. Phoebe replied she was only finding more stupid guns. Podcast went around a corner and was in awe of finding jail inside a jail. The Remote Trap Vehicle, controller, Proton Pack, and Ecto Goggles were behind bars. Phoebe caught up him and became upset. She explained the cell was secured with an ANSI Class One electromagnetic deadbolt. Podcast reaffirmed he believed in her. She stated it was unpickable. Podcast looked inside and got an idea. He reached for the controller then flipped the red cover on the controller. Phoebe ordered him to wait but it was too late. Muncher was released. Podcast and Phoebe backed up. Muncher immediately bent and ate many of the metal bars, making a sizable hole. He squeezed out of and flew up through the ceiling. One side of the door creaked open. They ran inside. Phoebe pushed the equipment on a cart to the rear of Ecto-1. Trevor handed the equipment to Podcast inside. Trevor, Phoebe, and Podcast took off for the Shandor mine.

Phoebe distracted Gozer and the Terror Dogs with her jokes while Podcast steered the Remote Trap Vehicle under Zuul from the rear. The Remote Trap Vehicle bumped Zuul's rear foot and reversed. Podcast ducked down before Zuul spotted him. He got the Remote Trap Vehicle into position under Zuul and captured Zuul. Gozer violently reacted and energy shot out of its body. Callie appeared and fell down the stairs. Trevor started up Ecto-1 and the sirens turned on. It slid in with its rear facing the stairs. The Remote Trap Vehicle headed down to it. Gozer dropped to its knees. Podcast and Phoebe headed into the rear with Callie. Phoebe closed the door and Ecto-1 took off. The Remote Trap Vehicle followed close behind. Callie came to in a confused state and asked what was going on. Podcast informed her she was possessed. Phoebe added she turned into a dog. Podcast added she got kind of "humpy." Callie was only getting more lost. After Trevor turned at Spinners, Podcast lowered the hatch for the Remote Trap Vehicle. Callie remembered the underground laboratory. Phoebe cut her off and told her she knew about it. Callie recalled seeing computers and equipment. Podcast thought the place was insane. Callie agreed and revealed she sussed out Egon had a plan. Phoebe informed her they were aware. Callie remembered seeing all the photographs of her and realizing Egon was tracking her entire life. Podcast found that rewarding. Vinz Clortho made a move for the Remote Trap Vehicle but missed. Podcast steered it to the sidewalk. Vinz chased the Remote Trap Vehicle onto the sidewalk. He rammed into benches, tables, chairs, and newsstands before stumbling and tripping. Phoebe went out on the gunner seat and blasted Vinz. Podcast was able to steer Remote Trap Vehicle into the car. At the Farmhouse, Trevor got into the back of Ecto-1 with Podcast.

Trevor's part was to come out of Ecto-1 on the gunner seat and join Lucky in blasting Gozer but his thrower failed to fire. Mini-Pufts were on the back of the gunner seat disabling the pack. Podcast saw one on his left cuff and screamed. Gozer soon got free of the lone Proton Stream. Trevor asked Podcast what he was doing. Podcast yelled he had his own problems. The arrival of Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman, Winston Zeddemore, and Egon's ghost turned the tide. Podcast picked up the P.K.E Meter and tasered a Mini-Puft apart. He starts tasering all the Pufts. The Mini-Pufts got scared and tried to run away. After Podcast zapped more Mini-Pufts, a machine turned back on. Podcast declared they were back on. Trevor took aim but looked at the capacitors and fired at them instead of Gozer. The Traps buried in the field hummed back on, Callie stomped the pedal, and the Traps trapped Gozer, Zuul, Vinz, the ghost wisps and Psychokinetic Atmospheric Influence above the property. The remaining Mini-Pufts's essences were pulled in, too, and their bodies roasted in the process. Podcast stepped out of Ecto-1 covered in marshmallow residue. Ray asked him if he was all right and declared he just single-handedly defeated a manifestation of Gozer. Podcast invited him on his podcast. Ray agreed and asked what the name of it was. Podcast revealed it was named "Mystical Tales of the Unknown Universe."[5] Ray recognized the name and was surprised he was behind it. Podcast realized Ray was his one subscriber.[6] Ray thought the podcast found its voice in the 46th episode.[7]


Podcast is a believer of the paranormal, conspiracy theories, and the like. He is very enthusiastic when it comes to the catching ghosts. When they found Muncher in town, he was the first to chime in that he, Phoebe, and Trevor should trap it. He is also a true believer. After seeing footage of the Ghostbusters for the first time, he instantly believed the stories about them saving the world was real. Podcast is also unique in that he finds Phoebe to be a funny person.

Behind The Scenes

On January 17, 2019, it was reported two of the new leads would be a 13 year old boy and a 12 year old girl. The boy is "passionate about fantasy and conspiracy theories," approaches every situation with "unbridled excitement for the unknown" and will "narrate life in real time, adding "descriptive color" to the people he meets."[8]

On July 8, 2019, it was announced Logan Kim signed onto the cast.[9]

On June 8, 2021, during Ghostbusters Day festivities, the name of Logan Kim's character was officially revealed to be Podcast.[10] A gif of Logan Kim's character Podcast trying to pry open a Trap in class was posted. It was noted he was the heart of the movie and the truest believer.[11]


  • Podcast has Sony headphones.
  • Podcast's real name was originally in script but it was later removed. Logan Kim does know what it is.[12]
  • Podcast references the secret society known as the Illuminati and the notion that government is run by Lizard people. He implies he thinks Thomas Jefferson, Einstein, and Beyonce are Lizard people and are responsible for the Egyptian pyramids.
  • The flash drive Podcast hands Phoebe is a My Little Pony "Rainbow Dash" flash drive, a property of Hasbro, who produced the tie-in toy line for Afterlife.
  • At the Summerville Foundry, Podcast welcomes Phoebe to "Rust City." Rust City was the working title of Afterlife.
  • Phoebe tells Podcast she met her grandfather. Podcasts asks if he banged walls and rattled chains, an allusion to Jacob Marley in "A Christmas Carol."
  • Phoebe tells Podcast to "switch me on" like when Ray tells Egon in the Sedgewick Hotel elevator in the first movie.
  • In the interior Foundry scene, Logan Kim slipped and fell. While everyone was alarmed, Mckenna Grace was the only person on set who started laughing. Kim started laughing soon after.[13]
  • The bit when Phoebe looks back at Podcast, and he gives the head shake was scripted.[14]
  • During the ride from the Foundry back to Summerville, Podcast alludes to the final part of the events of the first movie, 550 Central Park West, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
  • Podcast calls Muncher a Class 5, the same classification as Slimer.
  • There is an alternate take of Podcast saying, "I love this car!" after the gunner seat is accidentally activated. It is seen in promotional clips.
  • Phoebe, Trevor, and Podcast are arrested, similar to the Ghostbusters in the first movie.
  • Orlando is mentioned by Podcast during the meeting in Spinners.
  • Podcast mentions the Tunguska blast of 1908.
  • While the year 2021 is inscribed in the stone, Podcast's line about Shandor's body being in the tomb was not fixed to from "75 years" to "76" to reflect it is 2021.
  • Podcast puts on the Aura Video-Analyzer's colander helmet from the first movie, Chapter 20: Keymaster.
  • There is a deleted scene of Podcast eating ectoplasm and pudding.[15][16]
  • Logan Kim lost his voice after filming the scene where Podast screams and tasers Mini-Pufts in Ecto-1. Some marshmallow got flung into his eye.[17]
  • Podcast emerges from Ecto-1 covered in marshmallow residue much like three of the Ghostbusters at the end of the first movie, Chapter 28: Crossing Streams.
  • The name of Podcast's podcast is "Mystical Tales of the Unknown Universe."
    • Ray Stantz is the lone subscriber to "Mystical Tales of the Unknown Universe."



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