Not to be confused with Police Sergeant from Ghostbusters

The Police Sergeant (also known as Uspens) is a police officer who fielded a flurry of calls on New Year's Eve 1989.


On New Year's Eve 1989, the Police Sergeant fielded a phone call from a Dock Supervisor. The Sergeant learned the Titanic arrived at Pier 34. He put the supervisor on hold and alerted the Police Lieutenant.


  • In the August 5, 1988 and February 1989 drafts, the Sergeant's last name was stated to be Flaherty. [1] [2] But in the movie itself, his last name, as seen on his badge, was Uspens.


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Ghostbusters II

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Real Ghostbusters Starring in Ghostbusters II


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  2. Aykroyd, Dan & Ramis, Harold (1988). Ghostbusters II (August 5, 1988 Draft) (Script p. 76). Sergeant says: "Manhattan Central, Flaherty speaking... Yeah... yeah?.. What? Who is this?... Wait a second."


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