"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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The Power Flow Core is the ultimate creation of destruction. It releases Living Fireballs which possess everything outside of the Doomsday Door. While it is unknown what the reason why this Power Flow came into being, it seems to be related to the Sumerian civilization and its concept of the end of the world.


The Power Flow Core seemed to be the main catalyst in bringing the end of the world when the Doomsday Door was opened as read on the Doomsday Stone. It appears to have been set up during Sumerian times ages ago. It is unclear who or what set up the Power Flow Core.

The Ghostbusters arrived at the core just as the energy flow reached critical stage.[1] They switched to Full Dispersion Mode, Wide Angle, and fired their Particle Throwers directly into the core.[2] The core super charged their equipment, they switched the throwers to capture mode, and the streams pulled all the energy and ghosts back into the core.[3][4] The momentum propelled the Ghostbusters outside the Doomsday Door just as it closed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It seems to release Living Fireballs that seem to be a type of possessor ghosts that would transform objects into ghosts or some form of paranormal being. Its powers seem to contained to the room it is anchored in, unless the Doomsday Door is opened.


The Real Ghostbusters


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