Power Guy[2] was the main character in a television show based on a toy, as pointed out by Ray Stantz.[3]


When ghosts were entering the living world through television sets, Power Guy emerged from the giant television set at Bobo's Restaurant, located west of the Hudson River. He attempted to kidnap Peter Venkman, but captured Slimer instead. Power Guy formed into a vortex and crashed through the restaurant's roof. The Ghostbusters then went on to save Slimer and find the source of the spectral television invasions.


Power Guy has immense strength and can fly. He can morph his chest into a TV and create a powerful vortex. Any who are sucked into the TV are teleported to the WBOO tower.


The announcer to Power Guy's show describes him as a "king, hero, and snappy dresser". He also seems to enjoy attacking people, as he laughs while attacking the Ghostbusters.



The Real Ghostbusters


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