Precious[2] is a demonic bird that takes the form of a yellow canary.


Precious was the primary servitor of the demon Wat. When Wat manifested as Mrs. Rogers in New York, Precious manifested as a yellow canary. In a confrontation with Slimer, it shifted to its true form, a three foot tall orange fire breathing bird and scared Slimer in the process. It was later seen riding on top the possessed Peter Venkman going down to the Containment Unit in the basement. Precious later attacked the Ghostbusters, breathing fire at them. Slimer came from behind and kicked it in the rear. As a result, it got wedged in the pipes of the containment grid. It was later trapped along with Wat.


Pyrokinesis: He had the ability to breath fire.

Shapeshifting: He took the form of a yellow bird.

Flight: Standard ghost power.


The Real Ghostbusters



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