Printer Paper Zombies are paper conglomerates in the Stylized versions of the Ghostbusters game. They can only be destroyed by zapping them with proton streams and yanking down on them.

According to Tobin's Spirit Guide

  • Category: Class 2 Organic Physical Conglomerate
  • Abilities: Melee Attack

Tobin's Summary:

I've come to call a certain phenomenon the "conglomerate effect." This is when several smaller, seemingly mindless animated entities come together and generate a collective intelligence and form a larger body composed of the smaller parts working in tandem. Most of these conglomerates have focal points that act as a central nervous system as well as a weak point. I feel that if one were to disrupt these points, the being would be forced to disperse.

Egon's Notes:

One of the most peculiar conglomerates I've seen is composed solely of paper. This material doesn't make for a very effective defense against our beams, but they are very light and evasive creatures.

Ray's Tips:

Seeing animated objects taking humanoid shape is always a little unsettling, even when it's something as relatively harmless as paper. If you want to trash these guys, use the Blast Stream and burn them down to their weak points. After that, tearing these apart is as easy as wrangling and slamming those points.

Supplemental Data

The art page can found in Times Square, during the "Goin' Up!" section. It is inside a marshmallow pile in the second arcade machine encounter room.


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