Professor Harold Teplitz is a professor who had known Egon Spengler in college but flunked him for his theories on the paranormal.


Professor Teplitz is a certified genius and a preeminent scholar in both the fields of Condensed Matter and Particle Physics. Teplitz mentored Egon when he was a graduate student. Teplitz didn't believe in ghosts and flunked Egon for his theories on the paranormal. In the early 1990s, Teplitz passed away but his ghost refused to move on. He haunted the Teplitz Townhouse and continued his research. Teplitz believed remaining on Earth as a ghost was his final reward, a new world to study. For two years, the ghosts of his wife and parents wouldn't leave him alone. An opportunity to rid his family and continue researching presented itself when Jack Hardemeyer presented the Ghostbusters' equipment schematics to some of Teplitz's associates. Teplitz agreed the Ghostbusters had to be stopped and analyzed the schematics. He determined he could invert some of the processes and devised equipment that worked on the living using Electron streams. The Ghost Busted Army was formed.

On a Monday morning, at 8:45 am, Teplitz got ready for 'work' as usual and brushed past his family. He called the Ghostbusters to set up an ambush for Egon. Teplitz wished to discuss his problem with Egon at the Firehouse lab in private in order to preserve his reputation. Egon accepted the terms. Teplitz arrived in human form and told Egon about his issues with is family and asked questions about the equipment under the premise of scientific curiosity from one egghead to another. Egon suspected that because they were loved ones, they had unfinished business. Teplitz convinced Egon to come alone the next day at 4:00 pm. Egon began researching Parapsychology and lost track of time. He left at 5 pm and arrived late at the family townhouse.

After meeting Teplitz's son, Egon realized Teplitz was a ghost himself. Teplitz wouldn't accept his death and his loved ones have come to take him to the other side. Teplitz pretended to cross over with his family and admitted he was wrong about flunking Egon and tried to apologize for something. Egon was then captured by the ghost army. Two days later, after the Ghostbusters were reunited and dealt with Jack's allies, Teplitz appeared and explained that he crafted gear similar to the Ghostbusters because he felt that they were violating the ghost's freedom. Peter thought the army's plan was the dumbest thing he ever heard. Teplitz tried to appeal to Egon and stated he just wanted to continue his work. Teplitz was then trapped by Egon. Egon asserted Teplitz would just try to come after them again.


Ghost Busted (manga)

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