The Prospect Park Ghost is a large tentacled ghost.


During a full moon, the Ghostbusters chased a ghost all over Brooklyn.[1] It attacked Ecto-1 outside Prospect Park. The Ghostbusters exited Ecto-1 with their gear and climbed out of the sinkhole. Winston Zeddemore asked if everyone was all right as Ray Stantz helped him up. Peter Venkman noted he spilled his coffee. Ray sighed at Ecto-1's predicament. Egon Spengler wiped his glasses and told Ray it wasn't a loss since they could have it hoisted and make improvements. Peter reminded everyone they had a ghost to blast first. They went into the park in search of it. The Ghostbusters engaged the ghost at the shore of the Prospect Lake. Just after Winston declared it wasn't so tough, the ghost snorted and slammed its tentacles down at them. They dodged and fired. Winston admitted he was tired and just wanted to go home and catch up on the Dodgers. Peter was taken aback by Winston's loyalties. Ray went on a tangent about lacrosse and the Iroquois. Egon suggested it was time to capture the ghost. Ray threw out a Trap and caught the ghost.




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