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The Proton Cannister[1] (Also known as Fuel Core, Plasma Cannister, and Proton Cartridges)[2] is a capsule of protons used to fuel the Proton Gun of the Extreme Ghostbusters. It contains highly compressed, superheated ionized hydrogen gas which is converted into energy for the Proton Pack.


Extreme Ghostbusters

While attempting to capture the Component Parts Emanations, the Extreme Ghostbusters resorted to a dangerous strategy - reversing the polarity.[3][4] To do so, they fired then rotated the Proton Cannister counter clockwise several degrees. However, such a move was too dangerous and shorted out the equipment.

Egon analyzed the Blarney Stone fragment and found an ionic particle that could be used against the Leprechaun.[5][6][7] After Egon synthesized the component, Garrett Miller loaded the vial into a Proton Cannister and blasted the Leprechaun with it. He was immediately rammed by a float and buried alive in coin props.

During the Radioactive Ghost case, Egon had to synthesize hybrid inert isotopes for the equipment to generate reconfigured beams because the entity ingested the augmented Proton Streams. Only a handful of scientists knew the formula. After looking through their research online, Egon filled several cartridges with the inert isotopes. While there was a probably risk the new isotopes could set off a detonation with the power of 20 Megaton Hydrogen Bombs, the new isotopes effectively rendered the isotopes imbued in the ghost inert.[8][9]

While facing the Campucho, the team filled their cannisters with liquid detergent in order to neutralize the entity's viscous oily exterior. Once the ghost was exposed, they had to arm their throwers with new cannisters.

Extreme Ghostbusters Video Games

The Proton Cannisters are featured in all Extreme Ghostbusters video games.

In the Game Boy Color game, each character has a number of Proton Cannisters for their Proton Guns. If all of the energy of one Proton Cannister is depleted, a new one takes its place. This continues until the player runs out of cannisters.

In Extreme Ghostbusters: Code Ecto-1, Proton Cannisters are used as health and power-up items. They are not used to read the remainder of power in the Proton Packs because here, the Proton Packs have a limitless supply of energy.

In Extreme Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Invasion, the Proton Cannister is used and has ten points of power per cannister. There are two different shots that can be fired. The first is the standard Proton Shot, which is a small proton projectile and uses 1/10 of the cannister. The second is the more traditional Proton Stream, which uses 5/10 of the cannister. When the cannister runs out, the player has to reload in order to continue shooting ghosts


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