Proton Charging is one of the oldest of the Ghostbusters fan sites, and one of the most well known for covering Ghostbusters related news. It was retired in June of 2012. The site's webmaster was Chris Stewart.



Proton Charging officially went online on the University of Calgary student web server in the Summer of 1997, moved to a sub-domain of the owner's own website in 1998, and got a dedicated domain in 1999.


From the beginning, the site's focus has been on Ghostbusters news and features, due to bandwidth limitations in the early days, which made being a media archive impossible. Given the general lack of news in the early years, Proton Charging often made it a point of featuring other fans and fansites.
Over the 15 years it was in operation, the not-for-profit site managed a number of notable posts, including the exclusive first-look at the first edition Ghostbusters DVD, confirming the appearance of Ron Jeremy as an extra, and interviewing the reclusive Rick Moranis. As well, the site serves as webhost for The Ghostheads Podcast and The Return of the Ghostbusters fanfilm (dozens of terabytes at last count.)

Initially, the Proton Charging logo used the no-ghost icons from the two films to replace the two letter Os in the text. In the same year it went online, Dan Aykroyd made his first announcement that work was being done on a third film in the franchise, one in which the Ghostbusters went to hell. In response, Proton Charging posted a Now Hiring poster, with the familiar no-ghost logo on fire. In time, when no third film presented itself, the site began using the on-fire no-ghost as its own logo.

End of Operations

For the 25th Anniversary of the first Ghostbusters film in 2009, Proton Charging started a Twitter account and shortly thereafter, a Facebook account. The website, the Twitter account, and Facebook account are all still active, but the site owner announced his withdrawal from the site due to increasing responsibilities and a desire to focus on other aspects of the fan community. The site and Facebook page have semi-active administrators, but as of June 2012, the site is effectively inactive and remains online for archive purposes only.


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