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The Proton Grenade[1] (also known as Ecto-Grenade and Proton Yield Grenade)[2] is a modified hand grenade that emits a discharge harmful to supernatural entities.


IDW Comics

In 1984, before the capture of Slimer, Egon Spengler started to talk about upgrading their arsenal with Proton Grenades.[3] The first deposit into the Containment Unit failed and Slimer was released. It found a prototype Proton Grenade in Egon's locker on the ground floor of the Firehouse and left with it. As long as Slimer had the prototype, he couldn't be blasted because the potential release of energy could be as devastating as crossing streams.[4] Luckily, Slimer was distracted by its new surroundings and went after a man with a pizza box in Tribeca Park. Egon got in close. He was about to open a Trap behind it without incident but Slimer noticed and punched Egon. Slimer fiddled with the prototype Proton Grenade it stole and threw it. Egon dove for it but it turned out to be a dud and never detonated. Slimer returned to the pizza. Egon threw out a Trap and wrangled Slimer into it.

Insight Editions

During the Shandor Incident, four Ghostbusters battled Spider Witch for at least an hour. Three Proton Grenades were used during that hour to ultimately bring her down. [5]

IDW Comics

The Proton Grenades was used against Idulnas. It proved a suitable distraction while Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman, and Winston Zeddemore rappelled from a helicopter to the roof of the Shandor Building. The yield on the grenade also left a large mark on the roof itself. Several weeks later, a Proton Grenade was used to blast a hold through a seemingly impenetrable green force field surrounding Fantastic Land. Winston used a second grenade to punch a hole through the field while he evacuated the hostages of the Hungry Manitou to safety outside the park. Months later, just before Christmas, Egon elected to remotely detonate nine Proton Grenades to pierce the P.K.E. barrier erected by the ghost of Staff Sergeant Adams. Winston trapped Adams and the barrier dissipated before Egon could set the grenades off. By the Day of the Dead the following year, Egon ran out of Proton Grenades. [6] During an investigation at the St. Augustine Lighthouse on August 29, led by Special Agent Melanie Ortiz, two standard Proton Grenades were brought along.

During the Proteus incident, Ray noticed the P.K.E. readings he took in the alternate Ghostbusters' dimension indicated the god had a potential susceptibility to a quantum interruption. [7] With a strong enough jolt of protonic energy, Proteus would become vulnerable enough to wrangle in Proton Streams. [8] The alternate Peter Venkman pointed out the possibility of Proteus possessing a statue again and protecting himself from such an attack. Egon presented a Proton Grenade and mused they would have to boost the yield. Over the next hour, the Egons and Rays went to work on modifications. In the battle against Proteus, both Egons armed their Proton Grenades in sync then tossed them at Proteus. Proteus was initially amused by their feeble attempts but the blast of both grenades stunned him. All eight Ghostbusters opened fire and successfully captured him in their streams briefly.

The Egon of Dimension 68-R utilized a Proton Grenade in Iceland to temporarily dissipate the amalgamation of Gottskalk Nikulausson and the Ghost Priests after they severed the connection between the former and the Rauoskinna. He believed Gottskalk would reform anchored to his tomb with a considerable reduction in his power base. Ray tried using a Proton Grenade to neutralize a pool of aggressive positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime under Coney Island. He underestimated what would happen and the slime erupted all over Coney's neighborhoods. On August 14, Ray wired a canister of positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime to a Proton Grenade and threw it into the River of Slime underneath Las Vegas. The resulting explosion and dissemination successfully severed Ethan Kaine's connection to the river and all buildings, except The Olive, returned to normal. [9] Lou Kamaka and Dani Shpak were able to trap Kaine and conclude the case.

During the second encounter with Connla, in the Grand Central Station, Egon attacked him from behind with a Proton Grenade after he punched Ron Alexander. The explosion blew Connla's head off and drenched Ron in Ectoplasm. The remains were easily trapped but they failed to verbally identify him and he escaped then reformed. Ray employed a Proton Grenade on Liberty Island as a stalling measure until Egon returned with help. Despite Janine Melnitz' objection, Ron Alexander employed a Proton Grenade against the Hungry Manitou's Giant Murder Clown at the Circus Dimension. It retaliated and fired deadly projectiles that resembled ice cream cones. During the field mission to Helsingor Brewery of 75-B, Abby Yates had enough and blew up the Moose Ghost with a Proton Grenade, allowing the others a window to wrangle and trap the Fire Goblins. Janine was alarmed Starscream entered the Firehouse and reached for the Proton Grenade in her drawer. Winston had her stand down and told her he was sort of with them. During the battle at the Grosbeak Generating Station, Ray used a Proton Grenade on the Ravage manifestation.




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