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Why worry? Each one of us is carrying an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back.
Peter Venkman; Ghostbusters

The Proton Pack is the primary ghost capturing device used by the Ghostbusters.


The Proton Pack in the Primary Canon is developed from Ghostbusters (1984), Ghostbusters II, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. In Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions), a Secondary Canon, Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II pre-date the game, Ghostbusters: Afterlife conflicts with the game. The Proton Pack (prime) appears in the IDW Comic Series, a Secondary Canon, which follows Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II, also includes some elements from Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions) and Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Stylized Versions); as well as being canon to Tobin's Spirit Guide (Insight Editions). The Proton Pack (from Dimension 50-S) in the IDW Comic Series, is an alternate version based on Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime video game, deemed a Tertiary Canon, follows Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II. Ghostbusters: Legion and Ghost Busted manga are also deemed a Tertiary Canon and both also follows Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II. Ghostbusters: The Board Game, deemed a Tertiary Canon, loosely follows the events of IDW Comics.


Primary Canon History[]

Ghostbusters (1984)[]

Designed in 1984 by Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz, the Proton Pack countered the negative energy of ghosts with a Proton Stream, a stream of positively charged ions. The stream contained a ghost upon contact. The Proton Stream was very dangerous and barely controllable. At the Sedgewick Hotel, Ray realized they had not achieved a completely successful test of their equipment. Egon blamed himself. A sucessful "field test" was conducted on a Chambermaid's cart. Egon later informed the other Ghostbusters that crossing Proton Streams would result in "total protonic reversal," causing all life as we know it to stop instantaneously and every molecule in a user's body to explode at the speed of light. The Proton Pack made the cover of the October 1984 issue of Omni.

Before Ghostbusters: Afterlife[]

Convinced the end of the world was coming again but lacking the support of the other Ghostbusters, Egon took Ecto-1, his Proton Pack and Particle Thrower, all the Traps, and sixteen ounces of fuel isotope and relocated to Summerville. At some point, he worked on a Proton Pack in his underground laboratory but he never completed it. Egon discovered the selenium mine and Temple of Gozer dedicated to Gozer hidden within it. He also built a containment system consisting of four Proton Cannons and a P.K.E. Meter, which were placed within the Temple of Gozer: should the P.K.E. Meter detect a spike caused by an interdimensional gateway opening within the Temple, the Proton Cannons would activate and cross streams, forcing the gateway to close. Egon worked on a more permanent solution to stopping Gozer: a massive Trap Field laid out in the front of his property.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife[]

In June 2021, Egon's ghost led his granddaughter Phoebe Spengler to his underground laboratory. She eventually saw the unfinished Proton Pack and sat down in front of it. Egon manipulated a lamp and shone on her then the pack. She took off the cyclotron lid with her hands, flipped it over, and studied the interior. She noticed two of the CRT Emitters were missing. A drawer shot open. Phoebe thanked Egon. She installed the two emitters, set the lid aside, and took out the mini cyclotron. She wondered how on earth he built such a small cyclotron. The lamp head shone its light on a wall where many framed diplomas hung. Phoebe understood he was a genius. She asked for needle nose pliers. The lamp shone on a pair on the table. She grabbed them and continued working on the pack.

The next day, Phoebe and her friend Podcast chose the Summerville Foundry for the site of their equipment test. Podcast lined up some glass bottles. Phoebe finished the last touches on the Proton Pack then used the momentum from kicking her right leg up to get the pack on. Podcast asked her how she fixed it and pointed out she was 12 years old. Phoebe admitted she kind of met her grandfather and he showed her what to do. She asked Podcast to switch her on. He looked around then flipped a red switch under the ion arm. The cyclotron churned on. Podcast backed away then walked to Phoebe's right. Podcast got out his boom mike. Phoebe hit activate and flipped two switches on the right side of the thrower then the barrel extended out. She declared the safety was off. Podcast narrated her feet were planted, her face was poised, and wondered if this would be the moment of her death. She fired at the targets. Podcast cheered. Phoebe stopped and backed up. Podcast declared that was the best thing he ever saw. He snapped a photograph of the wreckage using Ecto Goggles and it printed it out. Phoebe asked if she hit it. Podcast pushed the goggles up and declared she destroyed it. He wanted his turn at the pack but they heard something and investigated inside the Foundry. They found a ghost, Muncher, and attempted to capture him. He broke free of the stream and flew into the town. Phoebe and Podcast got a ride from Phoebe's older brother Trevor Spengler in Ecto-1. Podcast tried to get a good position to snap a photograph of Muncher and stopped on a lever that inadvertently triggered the gunner seat that Phoebe was sitting on. She and the seat was moved outside the car. Muncher took off and they gave chase. They caused a lot of property damage on Main Street and were arrested that evening.

After Phoebe and Trevor were released into Callie Spengler's custody, Sheriff Domingo informed Phoebe the Proton Pack and other equipment and Ecto-1 would remain nice and safe in their impound locker. Phoebe protested and stated they needed all of it and stated they caught a ghost. Deputy Medjuck snickered and referred to them as the Dirt Farmer's family. Phoebe warned there would be more. Domingo told her she was starting to sound like her lunatic grandfather. Phoebe heard enough, grabbed the Particle Thrower, turned it on, and aimed it at Domingo. Callie stepped in front of her and claimed she did not mean it. Domingo remained calm and asked her if she wanted to spend the night in his jail. Callie forcefully took the thrower away. She held it vertically by the wood grip and handed it to Domingo. Gary Grooberson, an old fan of the Ghostbusters, was beside himself at the sight of the pack. The Remote Trap Vehicle, its remote control, Proton Pack, and Ecto Goggles were placed in a jail cell secured with an ANSI Class One electromagnetic deadbolt. Podcast released Muncher who ate up part of the jail cell then left. The pack was given to Lucky Domingo and she went to the Farmhouse and waited inside the front door until the others arrived with Gozer in pursuit. Vinz Clortho chased after Ecto-1 and the Remote Control Vehicle containing Zuul. Phoebe took the gunner seat outside and blasted Vinz.

On cue, Lucky kicked the front door open and wrangled Gozer. Trevor came out of Ecto-1 on the gunner seat but his thrower failed to fire. Mini-Pufts were on the back of the gunner seat disabling the pack. Gozer grabbed the Proton Stream and wrapped it around its right arm several times then yanked it and Lucky went flying forward. Lucky dropped so hard, the pack fell off. Peter, Ray, and Winston arrived, armed with their Proton Packs. Peter instructed them to shoot on the count of three but go on "two." They fired and hit Gozer then crossed their streams. Gozer clutched at the streams. The Ghostbusters knew it was not over. Gozer uncrossed the streams then whipped them. The momentum launched the Ghostbusters into the air. They bounced hard off the side of Ecto-1. Phoebe strapped the pack on and shot Gozer in the back the head. They fired at each other and their streams collided. Phoebe started to lose ground and was pushed backwards. Suddenly, Egon's ghost manifested and helped her hold the thrower steady. Ray, Peter, and Winston recovered and blasted Gozer, too. The gunner seat was restored to operational again. Trevor fired at the capacitor silos and the Trap Field came back online, allowing for the capture of Gozer, Zuul, Vinz, the P.K.E. wisps flying around, and the Psychokinetic Atmospheric Influence.

Before Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire[]

The Ghostbusters Engineer Corps worked on a new Proton Pack model with a tri-arm yellow bumper at the Paranormal Research Center. Lars Pinfield managed a faster decay of split time and narrowed the stream intensification. They also used the Proton Pack technology for the Ionic Separator, a machine used to extract ghosts from possessed objects, and Proton Fields, devices that kept a ghost in an enclosure for study. In the Firehouse, the Proton Packs were charged and stored in a Proton Locker in the garage bay when they were used in the field.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire[]

In the summer of 2024, Phoebe picked the lock on the Proton Locker and went out on a call after she was benched. She later hid the pack under her bed on the third floor. After an incident at the New York City Public Library, Mayor Walter Peck had all of the Proton Packs confiscated and remanded to police lockup then scheduled them to be melted down for scrap the following morning. Lucky was the first to use the upgraded Proton Pack, when Garraka was freed from the Orb of Garraka, but the Proton Stream had no effect on him. Despite this, Lars and Lucky packed eight of the packs into Ecto-Z and armed the majority of the Ghostbusters with it ahead of Garraka's arrival at the Firehouse. Lucky told Gary Garraka didn't flinch. Lars suggested "who's to know the atomic composition" of "an ancient god from another dimension?" as the reason why it was ineffective. Phoebe went to Ray with an idea to use copper since it could conduct an electrical field like the one in the packs. However, there were none left in Firehouse after vagrants stole it all in the 1990s. Phoebe thought of brass next. Ray noted brass that was psychically charged would be especially useful.

Phoebe took out the Proton Pack she hid under her bed and hack-sawed a piece of a fire pole from the third floor. She used a blow torch and melted the brass down then brass plated components of her pack. Possessor possesed Lucky's Particle Thrower and Proton Pack and took aim at Trevor Spengler. Gary ran in front of Trevor but Nadeem Razmaadi redirected the Proton Stream outside. Podcast quickly smashed up the Proton Pack with his Hammer of Truth. Everyone gathered in the garage bay opened fire on Garraka but the Proton Streams still had no effect on him. He froze the streams. Phoebe fired a green trifurcated Proton Stream with her pack and it had a noticeable effect. The column of released energy receded back into the Containment Unit. However, Garraka was still able to counter and froze Phoebe and her pack. Nadeem used Melody's flame to attack Garraka and thaw everyone out. Phoebe resumed blasting Garraka. Callie, Gary, and Trevor helped stabilize Phoebe from the power of the stream. Phoebe and Nadeem held Garraka at bay until he was trapped in the Containment Unit.

Secondary Canon History[]

Animated Series[]

The Proton Pack in the animated series was recolored blue/dark blue, and the cyclotron has three lights instead of four.

For even more information of the animated version of this character go to the animated article.

IDW Comics[]

When banished by Koza'Rai to the four corners of time and space, each of the original three Ghostbusters modified and constructed their own Proton Packs. Peter was modeled after the Old West-era, Ray's from Arthurian times, and Egon armed his own military force with Packs. In 1780, Leonardo da Vinci modified Janine Melnitz' Pack then made at least three more for the rookies she hired. Rachel Unglighter used magic on her own versions, dubbed "Mega-Packs," that she claimed were upgraded and there was no longer a danger in crossing the streams. It also had the ability to "freeze" ghosts with the flip of a blue switch.

Years later, before the Schenectady case, Egon removed the cooling covers from the Proton Packs. The removal made the packs lighter but apparently the covers presented something of a cancer risk.[1] When considering shooting the human host of the Hungry Manitou, Egon believed a weak spread would only cause short term memory loss and possible violent bowel evacuation.[2] After the Schenectady case, Egon modified the potency of the packs to compensate for the prolonged surge affecting the ambient psychokinetic energy. After the Ghostbusters were imprisoned in the Collectors' Limbo, they used Ray's Proton Pack to jury rig a controlled explosion and rip a hole in the interdimensional fabric just wide enough for them to slip through and return home despite the small chance the explosion could cause the dimension to fold over their own and destroy both places.

During the Chi-You incident, the Ghostbusters and Turtles had to split into two teams to deal with Chi-You and start building an Interspatial Teleportation Unit. Before one team set off for the Madison Square Garden, Ray Stantz gave his spare pack to Donatello. Before Michelangelo could finish asking for one, too, Leonardo shot down the request. When Chi-You was in possession of Winston, his Proton Pack was also transmogrified. The pack took on the appearance of a turtle shell. At some point, the Ramis Boards were upgraded from a six-pin to an eight-pin. This allowed the Proton Packs to have access to a wider energy spectrum.[3][4] Ron Alexander went back to his Ghost Smashers equipment and supposedly fixed the flaw in his design. Believing it wouldn't cause the same problem as before, he added the atomizing stream option to his Boson Caster and to the Chicago Ghostbusters' throwers. The current model of Proton Pack is Mark 4.2.[5] During a mission to recapture the Hungy Manitou in a parallel dimension, Patty Tolan of Dimension 80-C realized the Proton Streams weren't enough against the Giant Murder Clown. Ray Stantz of Dimension 68-R thought they stood a chance when Garrett Miller of Dimension 68-E fought back against the Hungry Manitou and its readings went into flux. Janine knew they needed something else. Ron came to and told Gabriel Sitter of Dimension 50-S to cut his Proton Pack off and call the "fat guy" over. Gabriel assumed he was talking about Ray 68-R. At first, he didn't get it but Ron explained the Proton Grenade stunned the clown but blowing up the Proton Pack would be strong enough to free Garrett. Ray 68-R agreed and congratulated him for saving Garrett's life. Ron could care less, he needed a doctor fast. Ray 68-R threw the pack into the air and ordered everyone to shoot it. The explosion dispersed the Giant Murder Clown and freed Garrett then the Hungry Manitou was trapped soon after.

Proton Packs were built for Ectotron and Optimus Prime in the Warehouse. Winston finished welding the packs to frames and suggested things would go faster if Peter pitched in. Peter quipped it wasn't even Tuesday but still couldn't believe Ray thought they would work. Ray startled Peter from behind and claimed they would work then invited them to test them. Ectotron went first and accidentally blew up the Ecto-Gyro. Peter realized Janine was right to worry about him. Ectotron apologized and promised to fix everything he broke. The packs weren't enough to confine Kremzeek so the Ghostbusters opted to disperse him. The ghosts of Megatron, Soundwave, Shockwave, and Starscream were freed as a result. Optimus tried diplomacy first but it failed. He disconnected his Proton Pack from his Ion Blaster plugged the pack cord directly into his right wrist. He stated he was just tired of war but wasn't afraid of no ghost. He generated a Proton Axe.

Tertiary Canon History[]

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime[]

Over the next decade, Egon and Ray continue to make upgrades to the Proton Packs. Egon's and Ray's studies on paranormal entities have revealed that Ectoplasm can be charged with different sub-atomic charges. The junior team are the first to use this new version of the Packs, complete with the Proton Beam, Fermion Shock, and Plasma Inductor options. Each option is designed to disperse an entity with a specific weakness to a certain energy frequency and thus, reduce the need for the Ghost Traps.

Function & Use[]

Primary Canon Function & Use[]

The Proton Packs are special, for they are the only piece of technology in the world that has the ability to strip electrons away from protons. It has a hand-held wand known as a "Particle Thrower" (also known as a Proton Gun or Neutrona Wand) connected to a backpack-sized particle accelerator. The Proton Pack, also referred to as a charged particle accelerator, functions by using a miniature cyclotron. A cyclotron is a compact particle accelerator, which in this case is used as a positron collider, smashing together positrons (also known as anti-electrons, the positively-charged antimatter counterpart of electrons, which are negatively-charged in normal matter). The resulting material is fed to the Particle Thrower, which is used to direct this stream of positively-charged subatomic anti-particles that are capable of caging and cancelling the energy of any negatively charged ectoplasmic entities that are held in an active stream, even if they are out of phase with reality. In practical terms, the Particle Thrower fires a stream of "positive energy" that allows a wielder to ensnare the "negative energy" of a ghost, both holding them in place and somewhat neutralizing their power. The stream reacts to ghost energy and uses that energy to hold the ghost in place so it can be positioned above a Trap for capture. Even if a ghost becomes invisible or intangible, their negative energy still exists, though it is slightly out of phase with normal reality. The positive stream neutralizes their invisibility or phaseshift ability and forces them back in sync with our reality and holds them in place for capture.

The Proton Packs are nuclear powered. The power cells of the Proton Pack have a half life of 5,000 years.[6]

List of Parts[]

Primary Canon Parts[]

From Ghostbusters Official (Web Site) circa 2017, see Behind the Scenes in Gallery

  • Booster
  • Power Cell
  • Injectors
  • Bumper
  • Shock Mount

From Ghostbusters: Afterlife

  • PPD
  • Data Transfer Line
  • CRT Emitters[7]
  • Cyclotron Lid
  • Mini Cyclotron
  • Synchronous Generator

Upgraded Proton Pack From Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire[8]

  • Redesigned Ion Arm
  • Hazard Stripe Power Cell
  • Terminal Black in Center Valley
  • 90 Degree Beam Line Elbow on Clippard Mount
  • Reduced Profile Vacuum Tube
  • Afterlife Pack Wire Harness
  • Afterlife Pack Synchronous Generator Heat Sink
  • Afterlife Pack Filler Tube Cap
  • Repositioned V-Hook
  • Tri-Arm Yellow Bumper
  • Reduced Profile Shock Mount
  • Afterlife Pack Wand Hose with Strain Relief and Quick Connect
  • Updated Alice Straps
  • Alice Frame Back Padding
  • Afterlife Rear Handle
  • Wand Quick Reconnect
  • Yellow Insulator Plate between Wand Heat Sink and Body
  • Redesigned Forward Grip
  • Heat Shroud Added to Front Barrel End
  • Redesigned Bottom Track

Secondary Canon Parts[]

IDW Comics Parts[]

  • Ramis Boards


Ray's Proton Pack in the first movie on the first bust is falsely assumed to have yellow lights in the upper part near the blue "powercell lights" (the blue light bar that flashes vertically). It is actually due to the black paint being worn off of the fiberglass shell, allowing the power cell lights to illuminate through. 

Known Variants[]

  • GB1 Hero pack
  • GB1 Stunt pack (packs made of foam rubber)
  • GB2 Mid-grade pack (new packs)
  • GB2 Hero pack mkII (original pack with updates)
  • GB2 Stunt pack
  • Universal Studios Florida pack
  • GB:AL Spengler pack
  • GB:AL Gunner Seat pack
  • GB:FE Gunner Seat pack
  • GB:FE pack
  • GB:FE Stunt upgraded pack
  • GB:FE upgraded pack
  • GB:FE brass plated pack


Ghostbusters (1984) Trivia[]

  • In the July 6, 1983 (and August 5) draft, Egon Spengler plugged the Proton Pack prototype into an AC outlet. The pack heated up to 550 degrees and the resulting surge melted the outlet then caused a downtown blackout.[9][10]
  • In the July 6, 1983 draft, the Chinese takeout scene involves a second Proton Pack test. On pages 41-42, Egon finished Proton Pack Mark II. This version is portable and has no plug like the Mark I. Egon assures them it is safe, it only shoots 12 feet and won't harm anything but ecto-plasm. He then demonstrated how to use the pack. It ended up shooting out over 25 feet, blasting a hole in the wall and knocking him over.
  • On page 115 of the August 5, on page 114 of the September 30, and on page 79 of the October 7, 1983 drafts, Winston and Egon charged the Proton Packs off the City Hall building's current as the team prepared to depart the loading dock.[11]
  • The term "Proton Pack" was actually not used onscreen until halfway through the second film, when Egon says "before we go any further I think we should get our Proton Packs". However, the term was used in the script drafts of the first movie.[12] And the term appeared publicly in 1984 such as a movie review in the June 18, 1984 issue of People Magazine.[13][14]
  • Stephen Dane constructed prototypes made of balsawood and cardboard with major input from Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd. Once the design was finalized, Chuck Gaspar went to work on the models to be used in the movie.[15]
  • For the Proton Pack, Stephen Dane based his rough sketches on flamethrowers he recalled from military magazines. He bought a pack frame from California Surplus, on Santa Monica and Vine, and built a rough mock-up of the backpack flamethrower idea. Dane and Reitman talked and refined the design. The working design then went to the prop builders. Dane continued to guide the construction and bought some parts to be used in the early mock-up phase.[16]
  • During filming of Ghostbusters, the Proton Packs weighed close to 30 pounds fully loaded. The stunt packs were made of rubber. Some had no batteries for the scenes when the thrower was not fired.[17] In an article, Ramis was quoted saying the fully operational packs weighed about 50 pounds but were about 20 pounds lighter when the batteries were taken out. A lightweight model was made near the end of filming.[18]

Ghostbusters II Trivia[]

  • During filming of Ghostbusters II, the lightweight Proton Pack models weighed about 28 pounds but did not light up.[19]
  • In the Ghostbusters II August 5, 1988 draft:
    • On page 39, Egon admitted they never tested for how long the Proton Packs' fuel cells could last without recharging.[20]
    • On page 109, the Ghostbusters plug their Proton Packs into a transformer at the end of the heavy-duty cable which is now patched into the Con Edison power grid.
  • In the September 29, 1988 draft, on page 41, Ray tells everyone to switch to full stream.
  • In the November 27, 1988 and February 27, 1989 drafts:
    • On page 47, they put on their Proton Packs while the ghosts tear up chairs in search of the Judge. Ray tells everyone to switch to full neutronas.
  • Before the battle with the Scoleri Brothers in Ghostbusters II, Egon mentions the fuel cells of the Proton Pack have a half-life of 5000 years.
    • The radioactive isotope closest to 5000 years is Curium-246. It has a half-life of 4730 years.
  • In the Ghostbusters II September 29, 1988 draft, page 64-66, and November 27, 1989 draft, page 84:
    • Louis pretends to be a Ghostbuster upstairs while Janine prepares to close up for the day. Janine surprises him and he almost blasts her.
  • In the Ghostbusters II February 27, 1989 Draft:
    • On page 84 to 85, Louis uses a Proton Pack to try and catch Slimer but he almost blasts Janine.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trivia[]

  • The original Proton Pack prop used by Harold Ramis in the first movie was Lidar-scanned then rebuilt down to the millimeter and aged.[21] Ramis's daughter Violet Ramis-Stiel accompanied Jason Reitman and the crew when they went to Sony's archives to scan the prop. She tried on the prop and started to well up.[22]
  • Consulting propmaster Guillaume DeLouche obtained the original Proton Pack props from Sony archives and The Hand Prop Room made new replicas.[23]
  • For budgetary and logistical reasons, the A.L.I.C.E. frames used for the Proton Pack props were knock-off versions bought from the same manufacturing stock run.[24]
  • Around 17 molds of the Proton Pack were done.[25]
  • The hero pack props were cast in aluminum housing then wired with lighting effects.[26]
  • Some of the little pieces that could not be sourced were molded, 3D printed, cast, and remanufactured.[27]
  • Seven Proton Pack props were made for Ghostbusters: Afterlife.[28]
  • Some Proton Pack props were made on fly on set during filming of Ghostbusters: Afterlife.[29]
  • The initial idea for the gunner seat was to just bolt on a regular Proton Pack.[30]
  • The Proton Pack for the gunner seat was made by cutting up a foam stunt pack prop with a hack saw[31]
  • The cage for the gunner seat was plastic or wood cut using a Glowforge.[32]
  • The disassembled Proton Pack Phoebe finds in the underground lab was fabricated by The Hand Prop Room.[33]
  • Phoebe tells Podcast to "switch me" like when Ray tells Egon in the Sedgewick Hotel elevator in the first movie, Chapter 11: We Got One!"
  • Phoebe testing the Proton Pack outside the Summerville Foundry was shot on day two of principal photography.[34]
  • Jason Reitman concluded, that based on the elevator scene in the first movie, there was a switch under the ion arm of the Proton Pack to turn it on. That was incorporated into the Proton Pack props on Ghostbusters: Afterlife.[35]
  • When the Proton Packs arrived on the set, the on switch was discovered to be placed on the wrong spot. Holes were cut under the ion arms and the switches were put in their proper place. Peter White is credited with installing the switches at the last moment.[36] A tiny light switch was used and cut it down so the actual toggle looked like the switch breaker.[37]
  • Re-recording mixer Will Files took the digitized work tapes from the original movie and added new notes to make the Proton Pack Phoebe uses sound rusty and miscalibrated. In the cyclotron start up sequence, Files recorded an old railroad welding turbine from the 1800s while the Particle thrower and Proton Stream sound was processed and made to sound like it was spinning around.[38]
  • Eric Reich helped secure the right wiring harness for the Proton Pack prop in Ghostbusters: Afterlife.[39]
  • Ben Eadie added a remote control module in the Proton Pack prop to control the speed of the motor in the cyclotron. It was utilized for close up shots of the cyclotron starting up for the first time in the movie.[40][41][42][43]
  • The sound that the motor makes inside the Proton Pack prop's cyclotron was used in the movie.[44]
  • The Proton Pack being turned on was the first sound design made for the movie.[45]
  • Richard Begg's original sounds that were and weren't used were used for the Proton Pack start up sequence. The files were mined out of Sony Archives by Will Files. The sound team carefully manipulated and stitched the unused sounds together. Then for the sound of the cyclotron spinning around, they created a doppler effect using software called Sound Particles. They fed a sound into it and the software created thousands of little sound particles.[46][47]
  • The thrower for the Ecto-1's gunner seat pack was lost at the Turner Valley Gas Plant so Ben Eadie had to scramble. He removed a Particle Thrower from a Phoebe Proton Pack prop and taped it to the gunner seat prop. They then added the tape to every thrower hose for continuity.[48]
  • One of the pieces on the bumper of the Proton Pack prop on the gunner seat kept falling off. In the 20 to 30 takes, Ben Eadie had to re-glue the piece back on each time.[49]
  • The Proton Pack props reserved for the Proton Cannons set up in the mine weren't up to Jason Reitman's expectations. Peter White and members of the Alberta Ghostbusters worked on them for a lot of hours over a weekend.[50][51]
  • Shannon Chapel worked on the P.K.E. Meter prop that controls the Proton Cannons array.[52]
  • The Proton Packs used by Peter, Winston, and Ray bear the ribbon cable used for the props in Ghostbusters II.
  • Bill Murray had a tendency to strip the props off once a scene was done. In one instance, he left his Proton Pack prop on the floor and it was kicked by a crew member by accident. Ben Eadie had to glue some pieces back on.[53]

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Trivia[]

  • The red camp shirt Phoebe wears in Frozen Empire, during the introduction of Lars Pinfield and the Paranormal Research Center, has circular patterns on them inspired by the side of the Proton Pack.[54]
  • Over 20 different Proton Pack were made for the movie.[55]
  • The charging devices in the Proton Lockers are set to blink red when the Proton Packs are charging and to blink green when charging is done.[56][57]
  • To achieve the sparking effect of Phoebe's upgraded Spengler Pack, a some extra mechanics were added inside a Haslab Proton Pack. Sandpaper was laid around the drum and a sequencer connected to eight pneumatic cylinders installed behind the cyclotron pulsed them in a circle.[58]
  • In order for Finn Wolfhard to slide down the fire pole wearing a Proton Pack, a slim rubber pack had to be made in order to fit through the hole.[59]
  • Two Proton Pack props for Frozen Empire were made with the HasLab Spengler's Proton Pack. The rest were made custom by the props team. The practical sparking Proton Pack was built inside a HasLab pack and another special effects pack made by SFX technician Brett Ellis.[60]
  • Eight Upgraded Proton Pack props were made.[61]
  • The Upgraded Proton Pack has over 20 new upgrades and additions.[62]
  • Four options were made for the Upgraded Proton Pack's new bumper. Ben Hall chose one, sprayed it with hazard yellow paint, and Gil Kenan approved it.[63]
  • After going through four different suppliers, prop team found a suitable tape without white backing they could use for the back padding.[64][65]
  • The padding is made from lagging for insulation.[66]
  • The speed and intensity of the lights could be remotely adjusted by an electrician on the set during filming.
  • Eight Upgraded Proton Pack props were made.[67]
  • During the start of production of the Upgraded Proton Packs, the prop making department bought a few parts from Ghostbusters fans.[68]
  • Mack's Factory shells were purchased. The shells made by the prop making department were about a kilo and a half lighter than the Mack's Factory shell so they had match the difference.[69]

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Trivia[]

  • In Ghostbusters: The Video Game, crossing the streams only causes the Ghostbusters involved to be knocked down by the backlash and suffer a bit of damage. This is a safety feature introduced to the revised Proton pack, explicitly called "cross-stream governor" by Egon. The safety can be turned off, allowing the packs to cross the streams in case of emergency,[70] as is the case in the battle against Ivo Shandor.
    • The pack also gets three upgrades/new attack modes during the course of the game (field tested by the player's character).

IDW Comics Trivia[]

  • From Issue #9 and on, Dan Schoening began to draw in an extra Hydrogen Gas Actuator to differentiate the Proton Packs in the ongoing comic book series from the ones in the movies.[71]
  • Dan Schoening originally drew the Proton Pack as mix of packs done by fans but he currently draws them from memory. Any pack lights are Luis Delgado's ideas.[72]
  • The Proton Pack's design served as the inspiration for the design of the Gluon Gun from Half-Life 1.
  • Mentioned on page 14 of Ghostbusters: Get Real Issue #3, the Ramis Board part is named after the late Harold Ramis.
  • The Proton Pack was never tested for use in water until Kylie Griffin used one to blast Esme Torres in Ghostbusters International #6.[73]
  • Walter Peck wore and used a Proton Pack for the first time in Ghostbusters International #7.
  • On page 23 of Ghostbusters 101 #4, the current Proton Pack is revealed to be the Mark 4.2 version.
    • Ron Alexander's atomizing stream is revealed to be a higher setting of proton stream output.[74]
    • Egon's lines, 'power cells have a half life of 5000 years' and 'not a toy' from Ghostbusters II are quoted.
  • The Proton Pack was mentioned in the 101 Cadets' bio in the 38th Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card, released on June 28, 2018.[75]
  • On the front cover of the Ghostbusters Crossing Over TPB, Alan, Peter, and Ron are wearing Proton Packs.
  • Two Proton Streams could not contain the Electric Ghost in Issue #3.
  • On Cover B and page 5 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #1, the New York Times Monday classifieds, the Ghostbusters ad asks if you can carry 70 pounds while on the run, a nod to the weight of the Proton Pack props.
  • On page 6 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2, Ray reveals the nuclear material for the Proton Pack was left over from a previously approved experiment.[76]

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Trivia[]

  • A gear shell called Modern Age based on the new pack in Frozen Empire was added to the game on March 26, 2024.

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord Trivia[]

  • In Patch 5.1, added on April 25, 2024, the original Proton Pack became available for all players for all missions (except the Intro mission). Players can go to the upgrade station in the San Francisco headquarters and find the thrower behind the monitor. Grabbing it will swap out the player's current thrower. The original movie thrower won't have the player's secondary equipment or customization skins but can be upgraded on the equipment bench.[77]

Miscellaneous Trivia[]

  • In the Quickbooks online spot "Happy Business: Ghostbusters," released on December 27, 2019, Proton Pack expenses are listed as $58,126 on Janine's dashboard.

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