Psychiatric Doctor is the chief psychiatrist of Parkview Psychiatric Hospital. [1]


Primary Canon

Jack Hardemeyer had the Ghostbusters committed to Parkview after they thought about bringing their findings about the Psychomagnotheric Slime to the press. Jack lied to the Doctor and told him Mayor Lenny wanted them kept under strict observation for the next few days because he thought they were seriously disturbed and potentially dangerous. The Doctor replied "whatever's necessary" would be done.

The Doctor spoke with the Ghostbusters together in one room at length about the slime, Vigo, and all their connections to what was going to happen in several hours. He remained skeptical after they explained everything.

Secondary Canon

For several years, one of the patients the doctor worked with was Janosz Poha. While he commended Janosz for taking up his hobby of painting again, he also noticed some left over feelings towards Peter and Ray. He ordered Nurse Urdahl to double Janosz' dosage of Thorazine.


While he in affect works with Jack Hardemeyer, he seemed less rude, and more skeptical and sympathetic.



Primary Canon

Ghostbusters II

Secondary Canon

IDW Comics


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Primary Canon

Secondary Canon

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