The Queens Class Five is a multi-limbed Class 5 entity that manifested in Queens, New York.


Janine Melnitz called up Kylie Griffin and notified her there was a Class 5 in her neighborhood of Queens. Kylie suited up and left to search for it. Some time later, the ghost entered Kylie's Apartment and disturbed Pagan's nap. It chased after Pagan. Pagan ran to Kylie's pile of Traps and hit a pedal. The ghost was trapped. Pagan returned to his spot on a shelf to go back to sleep but knocked a mug for his troubles.


The ghost is a Class 5. [1]



IDW Comics


  1. Kylie Griffin (2017). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters Annual 2017" (2017) (Comic p.44). Kylie Griffin says: "Janine says there's a Class 5 in the neighborhood, and I am so not getting woken up by one of those things again."
  2. erikburnham Tweet 2/18/17 Erik Burnham says: "Tim decided to draw him in for fun, yep."


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