As seen on 2016's Travel Cup 450ml packaging box.

RDP Creative UK produced Ghostbusters Merchandise line is a line of promo products made by RDP Creative UK. The company first made Ghostbusters related stuff for Ghostbusters: The Video Game in 2008/2009. Later, their services were used again for the UK's Ghostbusters Blu-Ray release in 2012. In 2016, they developed promo stuff for the 2016 film.

List of Items


Note a few items seem to be aimed for a general branding of Ghostbusters, so GB is at the start of those while the rest that are aimed at Ghostbusters: The Video Game start with a GB:TVG.

  • GB Slime (Product Number: RDP 53777)
  • GB:TVG Business Card Holder (Product Number: RDP 53778)
  • GB:TVG Pop-Up Slimer (Product Number: RDP 53780)
  • GB Ecto-1 Sound Keychain (Product Number: RDP 53911)
  • GB:TVG Sticker Set (Product Number: RDP 54240)
  • GB:TVG Grow Your Own Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Product Number: RDP 54242)
  • GB:TVG Inflatable Slimer (Product Number: RDP 54243)
  • GB:TVG (Stay Puft Marshmallow Man) Stress Toy (Product Number: RDP 54244)
  • GB Ectoplasmic Pen (Product Number: RDP 54245)
  • GB:TVG Ecto-1(B) Sound Keychain (Product Number: RDP 56287)


  • Stickers Glow In The Dark (Product Number: RDP 76557)
  • (Logo) Magnets Glow In The Dark (Product Number: RDP 76559)
  • (Ecto-1) Magnets Glow In The Dark
  • (Slimer) Magnets Glow In The Dark
  • Drawstring bag (Product Number: RDP 76562)
  • A5 Notebook & UV Pen (Product Number: RDP 76564)
  • Travel Cup 450ml (Product Number: RDP 76566)
  • Laser Keyboard Laser Projection (Product Number: RDP 76568)
  • Slimer Squishy Toy (Product Number: RDP 76580)
  • Earphones with Ghost Earbuds (Product Number: RDP 77651)
  • (Logo) Keychain Light Up


  • The Ecto-1 Sound Keychain has two version.
    • The "Ghostbusters: The Video Game" version has a "Ecto-1b" license on the front of car and logo has "®" next to it on hood. The toy makes a sound of a Siren. Boxing has the "Ghostbusters The Video Game" text and uses the maroon No ghost logo. Copyrighted in 2009. Confirmed to have came with Amazon's exclusive "Slimer Edition"s of Ghostbusters The Video Game.
    • The "Ghostbusters" version has no license on the front of car and logo does not have a "®" symbol. The toy plays a sound clip of the Ghostbusters theme song. It likely came as a pre-order bonus for Ghostbusters Steelbook Blu-Ray, a UK exclusive.

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Images of Slimer Squishy Toy were provided by David Boozer of The Ghostbusters Vault (Fan Site). Promo images are from RDP Creative Facebook Page.

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