Rabbi Moskowitz[1] is a rabbi at the Beth Shalom Synagogue.


After a group of racist vandals defaced the Beth Shalom Synagogue, Rabbi Moskowitz was bombarded with questions by reporters the next day. The Extreme Ghostbusters visited the synagogue later on and tried to ask for a sample of clay left at the crime scene. Moskowitz turned them away and went into a tirade about the vandalism being an act of hatred and cowardice. Chaim, a student appeared and ushered the rabbi back inside. Roland Jackson suspected a cover up. That night, the Extreme Ghostbusters trespassed and encountered the Golem. Rabbi Moskowitz heard the commotion and came outside. He saw the new burn marks and became irate. Kylie Griffin insisted an ectoplasmic proto-organic entity was the culprit, sort of. The rabbi demanded they leave or he would call the police. Chaim told the Ghostbusters that the rabbi was only concerned for the safety of the synagogue and what's inside.

When the vandals returned and the rabbi finally saw the Golem, he ordered Chaim to call the police. Moskowitz tried to command the Golem to stop but it sprayed clay on him, too, then knocked Garrett Miller's wheelchair aside. Kylie shot the Golem while Roland freed the rabbi. Kylie asked the rabbi to stop the Golem. The rabbi was confused and didn't know how. He didn't even believe they existed. After the Golem was destroyed, Kylie retrieved the ancient scroll from Prague used to bring the Golem to life and gave it back to Moskowitz. Realizing it was too dangerous, he ripped it up. He asserted hate could not be fought with hate nor violence with violence.


  • In the script's cast list, Rabbi Moskowitz was noted to be in his mid-60s.[2]


Extreme Ghostbusters


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