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In Ragnarok and Roll, a young man hurt by the woman he loves decides that there is far too much pain in the world and, aided by his loyal yet reluctant companion, sets about a chain of events that will bring Ragnarok... the end of the world![2]




The Dark Entity


Egon Spengler

Ray Stantz

Winston Zeddemore

Peter Venkman

Janine Melnitz



Mad Prophet


Proton Pack

Particle Thrower



P.K.E. Meter





The forlorn Jeremy, and his companion DyTyllio, reached a shrine on a mountain where he summoned the power to end the world: a magic flute. He played the start of the Symphony of Destruction, which summoned the Dark Entity, an evil face in the sky. Jeremy's persona and appearance became darker as well. The attacks of Half-Bats then increased in New York. The whole world started to see natural disasters. The Proton Streams don't affect the creatures and P.K.E. readings have skyrocketed all across the world at frightening speed.

Based on the 12 assignments that arose in four days, Egon figured out that a pattern had formed and a house appeared to be in the middle of it. They visited the house on 427 South 15th Street in Manhattan, and met Cindy, who was Jeremy's ex-girlfriend. Jeremy wanted to get married and she wanted to focus on her budding career. After they broke up, he went nuts, and disappeared for awhile. Cindy revealed she just received a letter from Jeremy that predicted all the phenomena that happened. She gave Egon an old scroll that turned out to say one word: "Ragnarok." Jeremy began the second course of the Symphony of Destruction. Janine radioed Winston about newly surfaced reports. Active volcanoes, tidal waves, earthquakes, and twisters ravaged cities across the planet.

The Ghostbusters end up finding that Jeremy was atop a building. More of the Half-Bats attacked and one smashed part of Ecto-1's roof. Ray flipped out upon seeing the damage. With New York City in ruins, Jeremy began to play the final stanza. They tried to stop Jeremy by blasting him, but he had become so powerful that he didn't even notice their blasters. However, Cindy intervened and tried to reason with him, and while they talked, the Ghostbusters set up their packs for simultaneous overload, deciding that saving the world was more important than their own lives. They armed the packs to maximum force, removed safeties, initiated the destruct sequence, and braced for certain death. After DyTyllio was knocked off the building from saving Cindy, Jeremy tried to save him. DyTyllio didn't want to be saved because he cared about the world and he thought that Jeremy destroying the world over his problems was wrong. Jeremy promised to stop the destruction, and after getting DyTyllio back on the roof, started to play the Song of Life. The Ghostbusters turned off the self-destruct countdown and waited to see what happened. As it began, the Half-Bats melted away, and things started changing back to normal.

However, the Dark Entity didn't want to stop the Ragnarok and actually struck Jeremy with lightning. The Ghostbusters in turn shot at the Dark Entity hoping Jeremy had weakened it enough that they could destroy it. Afterwards Jeremy appeared on the building again, weak but alive and tried to play his flute. He borrowed everyone's strength to repair the flute and played back the world to the way it was before. The flute vanished and Jeremy returned to normal.


Cindy: Is all your equipment this dangerous?

Peter: Oh, no, no. Well, actually it is. But we're all very well trained. We haven't blown up a house in ... days.

Peter: We're the Ghostbusters. We're trained to meet the unusual before it happens.
Ray: That thing hurt Ecto-1!

Peter: The world's being destroyed and he worries about Ecto-1. We must speak to him later about his priorities.
Winston: If there is a later.
Peter: You know, you're really no fun anymore.

Peter: How come the particle beams never work on those... whatever they are? You've been buying discount protons again, Egon?

Egon: I don't like it. I don't like it at all! Come on!
Peter: Egon doesn't like it. This does not sound good.

Cindy: When we broke up, Jeremy took it pretty hard. He went a little... well...

Peter: Nuts? Bonkers? Monkeys? Loopy? Looney? Crackers?
Egon: I think we get the idea. Go ahead, pay no attention to him. We never do.

Egon: (scanning parchment) It's just one word: "Ragnarok". Hmmm... I wonder... (hands parchment to Winston and takes out P.K.E. Meter. It begins to smoke as soon as he started to scan the parchment) It's overloading! I can't shut it off! EVERYONE DOWN!

(quickly throws the P.K.E. Meter out the window, which then explodes on the street, shaking the ground a bit)
Ray: Winston! Do you realize the kind of power you must've been in contact with for a single sheet of exposed paper to do THAT?
Winston: No, uh, do I want to?
Ray: Only if you want nightmares for the rest of your life!
Winston: I'll pass...


  • The episode was recorded on October 29, 1986.[3]
  • The "Dark Entity" is list as "Thing in Clouds" in the episode call sheet.[4]
  • DyTyllio was named after one of writers on The Real Ghostbusters, Larry DiTillio.
  • When Jeremy is summoning the flute, he can be clearly heard reciting Tolkien's Ring-inscription, and then saying "Khazad-dum".
  • The ABC Theater has a showing of "Ghostbusters" which was premiered, in-universe, at the end of the episode "Take Two"
    • ABC initially aired The Real Ghostbusters.
  • "DIC" can be seen on the news reporter's microphone. DIC produced The Real Ghostbusters.
  • As the Ghostbusters initiated simultaneous overload of their Proton Packs, everyone said their last words to each other. Egon uttered only one word, "Janine."[5]
  • "Ragnarok and Roll" is one of the most character driven episodes done.
  • There is no south 15th street in Manhattan. Most streets are delinated into "east" and "west" variants. However, the map location Egon highlights is roughly along the line where 15th street would be.

Animation Errors

  • Egon's uniform is wrongly colored brown when the Ghostbusters come to Cindy's house.


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