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Of course, you forget, Peter, I was present at an undersea, unexplained mass sponge migration.
Ray Stantz; Ghostbusters

Dr. Raymond “Ray” Stantz was one of the original Ghostbusters and was one of the most devoted to the pursuit of studying the paranormal. He appears in all major forms of the Ghostbusters Franchise, however like Peter and Winston was a guest on Extreme Ghostbusters.


Ray in the Primary Canon is developed from Ghostbusters (1984), Ghostbusters II, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. In Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions), a Secondary Canon, Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II pre-date the game, Ghostbusters: Afterlife conflicts with the game. Ray (prime) appears in the IDW Comic Series, a Secondary Canon, which follows Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II, also includes some elements from Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions) and Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Stylized Versions); as well as being canon to Tobin's Spirit Guide (Insight Editions). Ray (from Dimension 50-S) in the IDW Comic Series, is a alternate version based on Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime video game, deemed a Tertiary Canon, follows Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II.


Primary Canon History[]

Before Ghostbusters[]

Ray Stantz was born on July 1, 1954 in Long Island, New York.[3] In his childhood, Ray Stantz went to Camp Waconda. Sitting at the campfire and roasting Stay Puft Marshmallows became one of his fondest memory. In his adulthood, Dr. Ray Stantz worked in the private sector at one point but he was not adept at producing the results they wanted. By 1984, Ray's parents passed away and he inherited the home he was born in. Ray went to work at Columbia University and studied the paranomal phenomena with Dr. Peter Venkman and Dr. Egon Spengler. Egon and Ray were usually the first to interview case subjects, even people Peter called "schizos" no matter how far-fetched their stories were. Ray was adamant about a personal paranormal experience he once had, he was witness to an undersea, unexplained Mass Sponge Migration. Ray and Egon were notified about another sighting and learned that at 1:40 p.m. at the main branch of the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue, ten people witnessed a free-floating, full-torso, vaporous apparition. It was also reported the ghost blew books off shelves from 20 meters away and scared some poor librarian. Egon took P.K.E. valances and it went right off the top of the scale and buried the needle.

Ghostbusters (1984)[]

Dr. Ray Stantz returned to the Paranormal Studies Laboratory excited about the library, nearly killing the mood Peter Venkman had created with his latest volunteer, Jennifer. Ray exclaimed, "This is it! This is definitely it!" Ray grabbed a Camcorder off a table near Peter then asked him if those UV lenses came in for the video camera and for the blank tape that he erased the day before. Ray gathered equipment from a shelf. Peter turned to Jennifer and asked if she would excuse him. Peter crept over to Ray, hopped off the floor, and cartoonishly slapped him on the head as he told him he was right in the middle of something. He pretended to be talking to Ray in normal fashion by the time Jennifer peaked over. Peter insisted he needed a little more time with Jennifer and asked him if he could come back in an hour or an hour and a half. Ray told Peter about the sighting at the library. Peter, uninterested, tried to handle him and told him get right down there, check it out and get back to him. Ray shook his head and told Peter he was coming, too. He told Peter about Egon, took P.K.E. readings, and shared he believed they were close and he could feel it.

Peter and Ray briskly walked up the stairs to the New York Public Library. It appeared Peter was talking Ray's ear off the whole time from Columbia to the library. Peter tried to break it to Ray that he finally had gone around the bend on the "ghost business." He brought up how he and Egon met every "schizo" in the five boroughs who claimed to have had a paranormal experience. He asked Ray what he had actually seen so far. As they entered the South Wing of the Main Reading Room from the Southern side doorway to the Art and Architecture Reading Room, Ray reminded Peter he was present at an undersea, unexplained mass sponge migration. Peter reacted as if he'd probably heard that story for the umpteenth time and countered the sponges migrated about a foot and a half. They found Egon. Roger Delacorte, a library administrator, walked up behind them and introduced himself. Peter took the lead and introduced himself as "Dr. Venkman," Ray as "Dr. Stantz," and Egon as "Egon." Roger shook Peter's hand then Ray's, and Egon nodded once. Roger thanked them for coming and expressed his hope that they could clear it up quickly and quietly. Roger, Peter, and Ray went into the office dividing the north and south wings of the Reading Room. Alice was lying on a table in shock. A man comforted her. She recalled not seeing any legs, but it definitely had arms because it reached out for her. Ray, held the camcorder on her and Peter. Ray got more excited and remained oblivious of Alice being traumatized by the incident. Peter asked her several questions. Egon entered the office and reported the ghost was on the move.

Egon came down the stairs to the basement stacks with Ray close behind him with the camcorder. Peter came down last, lacking any interest and rolling his eyes. He started to make scary hand gestures at Ray. They found an incredibly tall stack of books in an aisle. Egon swept his P.K.E. Meter around the stack and stated it was hot. Ray recalled the term, Symmetrical book-stacking, and it was just like the Philadelphia Mass Turbulence of 1947. Peter dryly and sarcastically agreed, noting no human being would stack books like this. Ray suddenly turned and instructed everyone to listen then asked them if they smelled something. Peter sniffed the air. They came across the card catalog that Alice ran away from. Cards were still all over. Clear hued Ectoplasm was strewn all about. Ray was amazed with the telekinetic activity. Egon zeroed in on the Ectoplasm and clued Ray in. Egon held out a plastic petri dish and asked Peter to get a sample. Ray slowly backed away and followed Egon. Ray couldn't believe it was the real thing. Around the corner, Ray noticed more. Egon confirmed stronger readings further on. A green wood bookcase creaked and suddenly fell down face first behind them onto the floor. They all stared at the bookcase. As the dust kicked up in the air, Peter calmly turned to Ray and asked if that happened to him before. Ray slowly shook his head 'no' and Peter asked if that his first time. Ray slowly nodded 'yes' and they continued on. They emerged from the aisle, as the P.K.E. Meter lit up. The ghost was looking at a spinner rack. Ray was excited and as softly as he could, stated it was a full torso apparition. The ghost began reading a book. Peter asked what to do. Egon and Ray were silent and looked at each other. Peter rolled his eyes and asked them to come over for a talk. He pulled Ray by the ear into an aisle. The ghost looked over at them. Ray wasn't sure what to do and turned to Egon. Egon took out a calculator and started typing but Peter yelled at him to stop that and knocked it out of his hands. It tattered on the floor. Ray proposed they make contact. Egon agreed. They both looked at Peter. Peter huffed over the silent vote. He walked out of the aisle. Egon took over the camcorder. Ray followed and quickly snapped photographs with the Nikon SLR FE2 Camera.

Peter greeted the ghost, introduced himself, and asked her where it was from. He kicked himself and clarified, "Originally." The ghost only shushed him. Peter returned to the aisle, corralling Ray and Egon back into the aisle. Ray had a new plan. He instructed them to stay close and do exactly as he said. They inched back out and slowly moved closer. Ray suddenly exclaimed, "Get her!" The ghost transmogrified into a monstrous form and screamed "Rah!" at them. They cried out and Ray and Egon backed away almost in unison then left the library. Roger came out the door after them and asked them if they saw it and what it was. Peter yelled they would get back to him. Peter, Ray, and Egon had returned to Columbia University and walked through campus alongside the Low Library. Peter laughed and teased Ray about his plan. He found it scientific. Ray admitted he just got overexcited. He was still beaming about actually touching the etheric plane. He then asked Peter what this could mean to the university. Peter proclaimed it was going to be bigger than the microchip. Egon revealed the experience wasn't completely wasted. According to the new P.K.E. readings he took, Egon believed they had an excellent chance of actually catching a ghost and holding it indefinitely. The gears turned in Peter's head and he hurried up to them. Ray thought it was great and speculated if the ionization rate was constant for all ectoplasmic entities, they could really bust some heads in a spiritual sense. Peter asked Egon if he was really serious about catching a ghost. Egon stated he was always serious. Peter got out a Crunch bar and told Egon he was going to take back some of the things he said about him. Peter was about to hand it to Egon but hesitated then gave it and told him he earned it. Ray grinned and chuckled as Egon looked at the bar.

Peter, Ray, and Egon entered Room 205 A mid-conversation. Ray exclaimed the possibilities were limitless. He noticed Dean Yeager was present. Several movers were also in the Paranormal Studies Laboratory. Dean Yeager stood in the middle of the room and turned to Peter, Ray, and Egon. Yeager revealed the Board of Regents decided to terminate their grant and thus, fired. One of the moving people started taking the camcorder and module equipment Ray had on his person. Ray took the Nikon camera off himself and handed it over. Ray paced outside while Peter lied on a stone left of the exterior of the Low Library and drank a swig from his liquor. Ray thought it was a major disgrace and uttered they should forget employment at MIT or Stanford, who wouldn't touch them with a ten-meter cattle-prod. Peter remarked he was always so concerned about his reputation and pointed out Einstein did his best stuff when he was working as a patent clerk. Ray asked Peter if he knew how much a patent clerk earned. Peter was not aware. Ray explained he liked the university because they gave them money and facilities and they didn't have to produce anything. He pointed out Peter was never out of college and didn't know what it was like out there. Ray reminded Peter he worked in the private sector and they expected results. Peter got on his feet, placed his arm on Ray, and walked him to the top of the stairs. He told Ray for whatever reasons, call it fate, call it luck, call it karma, he believed that everything happened for a reason. He believed that they were destined to get thrown out of this dump. He walked Ray over to the top of the stairs looking out at the courtyard. Ray asked for what purpose. Peter answered it was for them to go into business for themselves. He offered Ray a drink. Ray drank and calmed down. He stated the ecto-containment system that he and Egon had in mind was going to require a load of bread to capitalize. He asked Peter where they were going to get the money from. Peter drank then replied twice that he didn't know.

Some time later, Peter, Ray, and Egon emerged from the Manhattan City Bank at 489 Fifth Avenue in suits. Peter opened the doors. Ray stared at a manila envelope in his hands. Peter promised Ray he was never going to regret it. Ray stated his parents left him that house and he was born there. Peter reassured him he was not going to lose the house and everybody had three mortgages nowadays. Ray questioned settling at 19 percent and not bargaining. Egon finished a calculation and flashed his Casio Micro-Mini Calculator to Ray. Egon stated the interest rate alone for the first five years came to $95,000. Peter told them to relax and reminded them they were are on the threshold of establishing the indispensable defense science of the next decade, professional paranormal investigations and eliminations. He pined the franchise rights alone would make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. He gestured 'rich' with his hands. Ray shook his head. They now possessed the starting capital to get the company started and buy a building to serve as their headquarters.

They visited Hook & Ladder No. 8 with a Real Estate Woman. Despite the unique fixer-upper opportunity, Ray was very enthusiastic about it. He went upstairs before the others. He wondered if the pole still worked. They looked up at Ray. Ray slid down the fire pole. He was excited and thought the place was great. He asked when they could move in and invited them to try this pole. Egon looked up. Ray ran up the stairs to get his stuff and paused. The real estate woman turned to Egon and Peter with a smile. Ray suggested they sleep over that night to try it out. He continued upstairs. Peter looked at Egon. Egon slowly shook his head, 'no', but they ended up purchasing it. Peter, Ray, and Egon filmed a commercial outside the Firehouse. Ray had two solo lines, "Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night?" and "If the answer is yes, then don't wait another minute. Pick up your phone and call the professionals" then said "Ghostbusters" with Egon and Peter. Ray then closed with "Our courteous and efficient staff is on call twenty-four hours a day to serve all your supernatural elimination need" and together, they said "We're ready to believe you." Ray eventually found the company car. He returned to the Firehouse in a black Cadillac hearse. Peter tried to peer inside and yelled at the driver not to park there. Ray got out of the car. He announced he found the car and revealed it needed some suspension work, shocks, brakes, brake pads, linings, steering box, transmission, and a rear end. Peter asked how much it cost. Ray replied it only cost $4800. Peter was shocked speechless, not in a good way. Ray droned on it might need new rings, also mufflers, and a little wiring.

One day, Dana Barrett entered the Firehouse and called out "Hello?" but she got no answer. She walked past the Cadillac while Ray was headfirst under the hood ratcheting something. Ray paused and looked up. Dana spoke to Janine Melnitz and then Peter. Peter, Ray, and Egon interviewed her on the second floor. Dana concluded her story and told them there was a voice that said "Zuul" and then she slammed the refrigerator door and left. She recounted that was two days ago, and she had not been back to her apartment since. Ray switched off the Aura Video-Analyzer's monitor. Ray, holding a Budweiser can, speculated it could be a case of past life experience intruding on present time. He sat down on a couch with Egon who thought it could be erased memories stored in the collective unconscious, clairvoyance, or telepathic contact. Dana was skeptical and scoffed. She apologized and admitted she did not believe in any of those things. Peter went next to her and told her he did not either. Egon and Ray exchanged looks. Peter walked behind Dana and gestured to Ray and Egon to make something up as he told her there were standard procedures they did in cases like hers that gave them results. Ray figured he could go down to the hall of records and check out the structural details in the building. He guessed the building itself could have a history of psychic turbulence. Peter nodded and agreed. Egon suggested he could look for the name Zuul in the usual literature. Ray thought of Spates Catalog. Egon mentioned Tobin's Spirit Guide. Ray agreed. Peter suggested he would take Dana back to her apartment and check it out.

In the evening, Peter, Ray, and Egon sat at a small round table on the second floor and ate takeout Chinese. Peter raised his Budweiser and made a toast to their first customer. Ray raised his Budweiser and glumly toasted to their first and only customer. Egon stopped working on a Particle Thrower and raised his Tab. They drank. Peter suggested using some petty cash and taking her out to dinner so they don't lose her. Ray waved his chopsticks in a loose circle and revealed their "magnificent feast" represented the last of the petty cash. Peter stared then before Ray could take a bite, told him to slow down and chew his food. Janine activated the alarm bell. Everyone looked up. Ray realized it was a call. Ray ran to the pole in the foreground and went down first. He called out to Peter and Egon to come on. Ray kicked off his shoes and readied his flightsuit as Peter landed with a carton. The Ghostbusters entered the lobby of the Sedgewick Hotel. The Hotel manager explained the guests were starting to ask questions and he was running out of excuses. Ray asked him if it had happened before. The manager replied most of the original staff knew about the twelfth floor then clarified he meant "the disturbances." He recalled it had been quiet for years up until two weeks ago and it was never, ever this bad. Peter patted him on the left shoulder. Egon asked if he ever reported it to anyone. The manager was mortified at the prospect. Peter played along. The manager added the owners did not even like the staff talking about it. The manager hoped they could take care of it quietly. Peter promised it was done. The manager emphasized it was to be done that night. Ray readied his Ecto Goggles off his belt and told him not to worry because they handled this kind of thing all the time. He placed the Ecto Goggles on his head. Egon, Peter, and Ray headed to the elevators. A man already waiting looked at them and asked what they were supposed to be. He ventured a guess that they were some kind of a cosmonaut. Peter chuckled and explained they were exterminators who got brought in because somebody saw a cockroach up on the twelfth floor. The elevator doors on the left opened. The man remarked that had to be some cockroach. Peter warned him it could bite his head off. Ray was about follow Egon and Peter into the elevator then spun around and asked the man if he was going up. The man decided to take the next one. Ray backed into the elevator.

As the elevator went up, Ray sighed and realized they really haven't had a completely successful test of their equipment. Egon blamed himself. Peter echoed him. Ray remarked there was no sense worrying about it now. Peter dryly joked they were each wearing an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back. Ray, not realizing he was sarcastic, asked anyone to switch him on. Egon turned on a switch on the back of the Proton Pack. As it activated, Egon backed up, making Peter move aside from his spot. On the 12th floor, Ray readied his particle thrower, looked around like a soldier, and motioned to them with his head. Peter walked out like normal. Egon switched on his particle thrower. They were startled by a Chambermaid and blasted her cart. Peter yelled at them to hold their fire. She peered out from behind the cart and asked them what the hell they were you doing? Egon, Peter, then Ray all apologized to her as she gathered up her supplies off the floor. Peter turned around to them and remarked that was a successful test. Ray agreed and suggested they split up. Egon concurred. Peter also agreed and mused they could do more damage that way. Ray walked around as he smoked. He came around a corner and earned the distinction of being the first Ghostbuster to meet Slimer. Ray was shocked. His cigarette hung from his open mouth. Ray called out to Peter but he got no response and turned back to Slimer. He remarked Slimer looked like a disgusting blob and realized he was going to have to hold it himself. He charged on the thrower, aimed, and fired at Slimer. He missed and struck the wall. Slimer roared in shock. He flew away and passed through a wall. The cart trailed after Slimer and collided with a table.

Peter sighted Slimer and hailed Ray on the Radio. Ray repeatedly exclaimed he saw it. Peter told Ray it was in his hall and it was looking at him. Ray remarked he was an ugly little spud. Peter warned Ray it could hear him. Ray instructed Peter not to move and it won't hurt him. Slimer took off from his side of the hall and roared. Peter screamed and shielded his face. Ray ran to Peter and yelled to him. By the time Ray arrived, Slimer was long gone. Peter was lying on the floor drenched in Ectoplasm. Ray asked Peter what happened and if he was okay. Peter spat out some Ectoplasm and stated it slimed him. Ray was amazed they made actual physical contact. He asked Peter if he could you move. Egon came over the walkie-talkie and hailed Ray. Peter remarked he felt so funky. Ray replied to Egon he was with Peter who got slimed. Egon asked Ray to save some for him then told them to get down stairs right away. He revealed Slimer just went into a ballroom. They reunited at the ballroom. Ray grinned and asked the Hotel Manager if he and his staff could please wait outside and they would take care of everything. Egon and Ray closed the doors and locked them.

Ray peaked out from brown curtains and scanned the ballroom with his Ecto Goggles. He looked at some tables then he sighted Slimer flying around a chandelier. Ray told the others it was on the ceiling. Peter confirmed that was the one that got him. They slowly stepped out from the curtain. Ray gave the signal to open fire. All three fired at Slimer. They missed and nailed the chandelier. Slimer flew away. The chandelier fell on a table and smashed it. Ray admitted it was his fault. Peter pointed out it was okay because the table broke the fall. Egon remembered something very important he forgot to tell them. Peter asked him what that was. Egon told them don't Cross the Streams. Peter looked side to side then asked why. Egon stated it would be bad. Peter countered he was fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing and asked him what he meant by "bad." Egon clarified with an example. He told them to try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light. Ray realized he was talking about total protonic reversal. Peter understood that was bad or supposed to be bad. He thanked Egon for the important safety tip. He then told Ray to take the left and Egon to take the right. Peter headed straight down. Slimer chugged a bottle. Peter gave Ray the order first. Slimer stopped drinking and panicked. Ray opened fire. Slimer yelped and flew away. Egon missed as well. Slimer panted near the ceiling.

Ray noted the last throw took something out of Slimer, but it was going to move. He needed some room to put the Trap down. He asked Peter and Egon to give him some room. Peter and Egon threw tables aside. Ray pushed a Trap across the floor. He guided Egon to fire a confinement stream on his go-signal. He gave Egon the go to fire. Egon fired and wrangled Slimer in his Proton Stream. Slimer whimpered. Ray instructed him to hold Slimer. He gave Peter the go. Peter fired and wrangled Slimer, too. Egon confirmed it was working. Ray instructed them to start bringing Slimer down. He reminded them not to cross the stream. Ray, while wearing his Ecto Goggles, announced he was opening the trap now and reminded them not to look directly into the Trap. Ray stomped the trap pedal. The Trap opened, a bright vortex shot out and started to pull in Slimer. Egon's eyes widened with worry. Egon stated he looked at the Trap. Ray told them to turn their streams off as soon as he closed the Trap. He gave the signal and stomped the pedal. Ray shielded his vision. Slimer moaned and was trapped. The Trap beeped and a red light blinked constantly. Egon looked up at them and confirmed it was in there. Ray was relieved and thought that wasn't such a chore. Egon was speechless.

Ray stepped out of the ballroom holding the smoking Trap and confirmed they got it. The Hotel Manager took out his handkerchief and covered his nose and mouth. Ray coughed then classified Slimer as a focused, non-terminal repeating phantasm, or a Class 5 full roaming vapor. He remarked it was a real nasty one, too. Peter got to the bill. The Manager stiffened up and refused to pay them $5000. The Manager stuffed his handkerchief back in his suit pocket. Peter told him that was all right and they could just put it right back in there. Ray confirmed that was true. They turned back towards the ballroom. The manager ran to them and caved. He ran up to Ray and grabbed his arm then stated he would pay anything. The manager patted Ray's left arm. Peter thanked the manager and handed him the bill, patted his arm, and walked down the hall with Ray close behind. Ray shouted thank you and hoped they could help the hotel again. He yelled he was coming through and to watch out. The Ghostbusters exited the Sedgewick Hotel. A path was cleared as they walked to Ecto-1. Reporters asked them a flurry of questions. Ray stopped at the rear and held up the Trap to the press. The Ghostbusters got very busy with more cases after.

Peter and Ray headed to Ecto-1 outside the Tai Hong Lau Restaurant at 70 Mott Street. Ray had a momento and wore a blue Chinese cap. A man ran after them and handed out two roast ducks. Ray and Peter turned around and Ray bowed in thanks, then Peter, as they accepted the ducks. During another case, Ray walked up back to street level from 16 East 63rd Street. He had a smoking Trap. Ray asked people politely to stand aside. At the end of another case, Peter, Ray, and Egon jogged out of Rockefeller Center with a smoking Trap. A security guard pursued them. During another, the Ghostbusters, with their particle throwers drawn, jogged down Mott Street in Chinatown, going from 56 to 64 Mott Street. They took on a case at the fashionable dance club, The Rose, and slugged it out with a "pretty pesky poltergeist," then stayed on to dance the night away with some of the lovely ladies who witnessed the disturbance. Ray was a guest on Joe Franklin's program. Joe got to the big question on everybody's mind and imagined Ray was the man to answer it. He asked how Elvis was doing, and if he saw him lately. Ray paused before he answered.

During rare downtime, Ray slept and had a vivid dream. He was laying in an ornate bed with period clothes on. The ghost of a beautiful young woman hovered above him then vanished. Ray looked around. Suddenly, an invisible force unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Ray's eyes crossed and his head knocked back in pleasure. The dream ended as Ray fell out of his real bed. The others were thrashing in their sleep. One day, a weary Peter and Ray returned to the Firehouse from a case in Brooklyn. Both were smoking. Their flightsuits had some ectoplasmic residue splattered about. Ray stated he needed some sleep badly. Peter agreed he didn't look good. Ray was surprised by Peter's observation. Peter thought he looked better and didn't used to look like this. Ray looked down at the Trap he was holding with his right hand. Peter tossed an invoice on Janine's desk. She scoffed at the smoke from the Traps. Janine handed out a piece of paper and told them that was the evening worksheet. Ray scanned it and moaned. He saw there were two more free repeaters. Ray walked to the basement steps. Janine brought Winston Zeddemore to their attention. She introduced him and stated he was interested in the job opening. Ray stopped and turned around. Ray took one look at him and hired him. He introduced himself and Peter. Peter congratulated Winston and shook his hand. Ray called him over for help then handed him the two Traps and welcomed him aboard. Winston took them both but was uneasy about it. Ray nodded with a grin.

Ray demonstrated how to empty a full Trap into the Containment Unit in the basement. Winston stood to Ray's left and watched. Ray called it a very simple process. He loaded the Trap here, opened, unlocked the system, inserted the trap, a red light came on, he released, he closed, he locked the system, he set the entry grid, he neutronized the field. The light switched to the green one. Ray declared the trap was clean and the ghost was incarcerated in their custom-made storage facility. Ray pushed the lever back up and tossed the handle of the Trap. Egon revealed his alarming findings and admitted he was worried. He revealed it was getting crowded in the the Containment Unit and all his recent data pointed to something big on the horizon. Ray lit his cigarette then held a light for Winston. Winston asked Egon what he meant by "big." Egon explained with a Twinkie and used it to represent the normal amount of psychokinetic energy in the New York area. Egon estimated that morning's sample indicated the Twinkie was 35 feet long weighing approximately 600 pounds. Ray coughed hard. Winston remarked, "That's a big Twinkie." Ray believed they could be on the verge of a four-fold crossrip, a P.K.E. surge of incredible and even dangerous proportions. Peter mentioned they had a visit from the Environmental Protection Agency then asked how the grid was holding up. Ray remarked, not good. Winston told Egon to tell them about the Twinkie.

A couple weeks later, Winston and Ray went out on a case on a Thursday night. Ray studied blueprints to 550 Central Park West as they drove through the FDR Drive Service Road East/Marginal Road, between Avenue C Loop/E. 18th Street & East 20th Street. Winston asked Ray if he believed in God. Ray replied he never met Him. Winston revealed he believed and he loved Jesus' style. Ray noted a roof cap was made of a magnesium-tungsten alloy. Winston asked him what he was so involved in. Ray reached for the Michelob can on the dash. Ray clarified he was looking at the blueprints for the structural ironwork in Dana Barrett's apartment building, and they were very, very strange. As Ray took a drink, Winston asked him if he remembered something in the Bible about the last days, when the dead would rise from the grave. Ray incorrectly recalled Revelation 6:12 and recited a verse, "And I looked, as he opened the sixth seal. And behold, there was a great earthquake. And the sun became as black as sackcloth. And the moon became as blood." Winston finished with, "And the seas boiled. And the skies fell." Both called it Judgment Day. Ray noted every ancient religion had its own myth about the end of the world. Ray placed his cigarette back in his mouth. Winston bristled at "myth" and asked him if it ever occurred to him that maybe the reason they were so busy lately was because the dead have been rising from the grave. Ray paused and looked at him. He suggested a little music and turned on the radio. They drove across the Manhattan Bridge.

On Friday morning, Ray and Winston were forced to park at N. Moore and Varick. Ray hopped over to Peter and Egon by the Con Edison van and red car. Ray asked Egon what happened. Egon informed him the storage facility blew, pointed at Walter Peck, and revealed Peck had the protection grid shut off. Ray was beside himself. Winston guessed that was bad. Ray confirmed and nodded. The Ghostbusters were about to take off in search of Vinz Clortho but Peck, the Police Captain, and some police officers barred their way. They were arrested and incarcerated at the NYPD Lock-Up. Ray and Egon looked over the blueprints at a table in the middle of the holding cell. Egon pointed out the structure of the Shandor Building's roof cap was exactly like the kind of telemetry tracker that NASA used to identify dead pulsars in deep space. Ray pulled out the blueprints out of his flight suit and laid it over the one Egon was examining. Ray stated the building had cold riveted girders with cores of pure selenium. Peter Venkman surprised the other inmates curious about Ray and Egon's conversation. Peter asked if everybody was getting it so far. Peter had no clue what the big deal was. He surmised they just did not make them like they used to. Ray slapped the side of Peter's head and exclaimed nobody ever made buildings like it. He assumed the architect was either a certified genius or an authentic wacko, then shook his head. Peter implored Ray to pretend for a moment that he knew nothing about metallurgy, engineering or physics and to just tell him what the hell was going on. Peter looked Ray right in the eyes. Ray teased he never studied. Peter grinned. Ray explained the whole building was a huge super conductive antenna that was designed and built expressly for the purpose of pulling in and concentrating spiritual turbulence. Ray lifted his blueprints off the table and pointed at the one under. Peter was kneeling down looking at them. Ray told him "his girlfriend" lived in the corner penthouse of "Spook Central." Peter stood back up. Peter stated she was not his girlfriend and claimed to find her interesting because she was a client and because she slept above her covers. Ray laid his blueprint back down. Egon predicted something terrible was about the enter their world and the building was obviously the door.

Egon revealed the architect's name was Ivo Shandor. He found the name in Tobin's Spirit Guide. Shandor was also a doctor who performed a lot of unnecessary surgery and then in 1920, he founded a secret society. Peter guessed they were Gozer worshipers. Egon confirmed. Peter teased Ray with "No studying." Ray made a face. Egon continued and revealed after the First World War, Shandor decided that society was too sick to survive. The inmates started getting closer to the table again and really took an interest in the discussion. Egon took stock of that and revealed Shandor had close to a thousand followers when he died. They conducted rituals up on the roof, bizarre rituals intended to bring about the end of the world. Egon concluded the end of the world may actually happen. Peter suddenly broke out into song, "So be good, for goodness sake! Whoa! Somebody's coming!" Ray stated the obvious, they had to get out of jail and find a judge or something. Winston told them no offense, but he was going get his own lawyer. A Jail Guard called the Ghostbusters and revealed Mayor Lenny wanted to see them because the city was going crazy. The police escorted Ghostbusters to New York City Hall.

Mayor Lenny shifted his meeting to the Ghostbusters and asked where "Peck" was. Walter Peck forcibly walked between Peter and Ray to the Mayor and introduced himself then declared he was prepared to make a full report: the Ghostbusters were consummate snowball artists, used sensitive nerve gases to induce hallucinations to make people think they were seeing ghosts so they called them, who conveniently showed up to deal with the problem with a fake electronic light show. Ray stated everything was fine with their system until the power grid was shut off by "Dickless." Peck quickly blurted out they caused the explosion. The Mayor asked them if that was true. Peter admitted it was true, and instead insulted Peck that he had no dick. Peck lunged at Peter. The police officers and the others stepped in and quickly held Peck back to keep them apart until they told everyone to break it up. After the Archbishop and Winston said their peace, Peter invited the Mayor to believe "Mr. Pecker" or accept the fact that the city was headed for a disaster of biblical proportions. The Mayor asked what he meant by "biblical." Ray clarified he was taking about "Old Testament biblical" and "real wrath-of-God-type" stuff. Peter agreed. Ray threw out some examples: fire and brimstone falling from the skies and rivers and seas boiling. Egon added 40 years of darkness, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Winston added the dead rising from the grave. Peter stressed there would be human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, then mass hysteria. Peter managed to convince the Mayor to let them try and prevent the end of the world themselves. They were granted a military escort to 550 Central Park West.

Peter addressed the crowd behind the police barricades with a hearty hello. Peter rose Ray's hand high up and asked everyone to acknowledge him. He called Ray "the heart of the Ghostbusters." Ray waved at the crowd. Peter thanked them and told Ray they loved him. Ray touched Peter's shoulder and took the next Proton Pack out for Peter. Ray nodded to a National Guardsmen as he passed. The Ghostbusters assembled in front of the building. They looked up as lightning struck the building. The wind picked up. The darkness blotted out the sun. Ray surmised they had to put a little overtime in on. The street ripped apart and the Ghostbusters fell into a pit that opened up below them. The crowd slowly came to its feet and looked around. Ray was visible and came out of the pit first. The crowed wondered if they were all right then cheered them on. The other Ghostbusters climbed out of the pit. Ray stated he was in no way prepared for that. Peter assured the crowd they were fine and they could handle it. The crowd chanted, "Ghostbusters!" over and over. Peter asked the others if they wanted to play rough. They huddled up, performed a hand-stack, and ran into the Shandor Building. Some time later, they groaned and panted as they climbed the stairs. There were still many more flights to go. Ray was in the lead then Egon, Winston, and Peter. Peter asked where they were. Ray estimated they were in the tens somewhere. Peter requested to be told when they got to the twentieth floor so he could throw up.

The Ghostbusters reached the twenty-second floor. Ray read the floor sign. Peter confirmed they were on the right floor. They stepped into the hall. Ray was relieved then asked Peter where Dana's apartment was. Peter led them to the end of the hall. The Ghostbusters walked through what little of the apartment remained. Ray noticed the new set of stairs and pointed at it. He asked where they went. Peter stated the obvious, they went up. Peter was about to walk through the passage that was concealed by the wall and refrigerator but lightning went off. Peter motioned everyone to go ahead. They watched as Dana and Louis transmogrified into Terror Dogs. The Ghostbusters lined up at the foot of the stairs to the Temple of Gozer. Gozer suddenly appeared between Zuul and Vinz Clortho in a pre-chosen form. Ray realized Gozer took a female form. Egon identified it as Gozer. Winston thought Gozer was a man. Egon stated it was whatever it wanted to be. Peter remarked whatever it was, it had to get by them. Ray agreed. Peter told Ray to go get her. Ray silently realized he fell for it. Peter gave him a nod. Ray took several steps up then addressed Gozer by name. Gozer turned to Ray. Ray stated that as a duly designated representative of the city, county and state of New York, he ordered it to cease any and all supernatural activity and return forthwith to its place of origin or to the nearest convenient parallel dimension. Peter was satisfied and thanked Ray. Gozer asked Ray if he was a god. Peter nodded "yes" to Ray. Ray replied, "No." Gozer turned its upper torso and arms back toward the temple then told them to die. Gozer fired lightning from its fingertips at the Ghostbusters. They yelled out. Zuul and Vinz watched. They were shot across the roof and barely clung to the edge of the building. As they gathered themselves, Winston looked down at Ray and told him when someone asked him if he was a god, he should say, "Yes!" Ray nodded.

They marched up to the temple side by side. Ray placed his Trap down. They fired at Gozer. It growled then double flipped across the air. It landed on the altar outside the structure. Peter remarked she was a nimble little minx. Egon suggested they better go full stream. Ray shouted to aim for the flat top. They blasted her again. Gozer simply vanished. Peter quipped that was not so hard. Ray concluded they neutronized it and caused a complete particle reversal. Winston proclaimed, "And we have the tools. We have the talent!" Peter declared it was "Milla time!" Ray and Winston were gleeful and did the hand-stack. Egon looked at a Gamma Rate Meter and told Ray things looked extraordinarily bad. Ray was alarmed. Winston wondered what was happening. An earthquake rocked the temple. The disembodied voice of Gozer made its presence known and listed its titles then ordered them to choose and perish. The Ghostbusters stood up. Ray asked Gozer to clarify. Gozer explained they had to choose the form of the Destructor. Peter understood and found it cute. He explained to the others whatever they thought of like J. Edgar Hoover, J. Edgar Hoover would appear and destroy them. He told everyone to empty their heads and not think of anything. They had one shot. Ray accidentally chose the Destructor Form from a memory of his childhood times at Camp Waconda. Gozer declared the choice was made. Peter protested. He asked Egon. Egon thought of nothing. He asked Winston. Winston asserted his mind was totally blank. Peter stated he chose nothing. Peter, Egon, and Winston turned and looked at Ray. Ray took a few steps back. Ray insisted he couldn't help it and it just popped in there. Peter inquired what he thought of. Ray tried to explain himself.

The Ghostbusters ran over to get a better vantage point. Ray was in denial. Peter pressed him about what he chose. The Destructor marched past some buildings. Ray announced he chose the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Peter remarked that was not something you see every day. Ray insisted he tried to think of the most harmless thing. He picked something he loved from his childhood, something that could never, ever possibly destroy the world. Peter sarcastically complimented Ray's line of thinking. Ray remembered he used to roast Stay Puft Marshmallows by the fire at Camp Waconda. Peter told Egon that Ray had gone "bye-bye" and asked him what he had left. Egon apologized and admitted he was terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought. After Stay Puft stepped on the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church next door, they took aim at him. Ray hesitantly cued everyone to fire on three. They blasted down at Stay Puft. They only succeeded in lighting him on fire. Stay Puft clung to the side of the Shandor Building and looked up. The fire soared up to them. They ran and crouched down. Ray tried to make light of their impending death by a hundred-foot marshmallow man. Peter riffed and pointed out Stay Puft was a sailor in New York, they just had to get him laid and there would not be any trouble. Egon had a radical idea. He noted the door swings both ways and as a result they could reverse the particle flow through the gate. Ray asked how. Egon proposed they cross the Streams. Peter recalled Egon's warning about doing that. Peter pointed out they would be in grave danger along with their client, the nice lady who paid them in advance before she became a dog. Egon revealed there was definitely a very slim chance they would survive. They exchanged looks. Peter stared at Egon. Egon raised an eyebrow. Peter gave Ray a friendly slap to the face. They ran to the Temple of Gozer just as Stay Puft reached for the roof top. Ray narrowly dodged his flaming hand and yelped.

Peter told Ray he would see him on the other side. Peter opened fire on the Temple of Gozer, past its open doors. Ray told Peter it was nice working with him. Ray fired, too, and they crossed their streams just as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man's head appeared behind them. Ray cued Egon. Egon and Winston fired then Ray implored Egon to cross the streams. The four proton streams crossed, combined into one big one, and went into the temple. An explosion was triggered. The Ghostbusters ceased fire and ran off screaming. Ray came to a corner. He was covered in marshmallow residue. He saw Winston next to him and asked him if he was all right. Winston chuckled and confirmed he was. Winston was also covered in residue. Ray called out to Peter and Egon. Ray asked Egon if he was okay. Egon remarked he felt like the floor of a taxi cab. Peter went over to them. He had very little marshmallow residue on him. Winston chuckled. Ray double checked that everyone was all right. They surveyed the damage and saw a charred Terror Dog husk. Ray blurted out that it smelled like barbecued dog hair. He realized his grievous error and apologized to Peter. Peter was melancholy. He turned and looked at Ray then walked away. Part of the statue's arm chipped off and fingers reached out. The claw fell off. Peter turned around. Dana groaned. Ray got everyone's attention. The Ghostbusters broke open the statue with their hands. Ray pulled at the body. Peter lifted Dana out.

Louis, with a Terror Dog statue head on his head, walked around helplessly asking if somebody turned out the lights. Peter told the others to check on him. Ray, Egon, and Winston ran over to help them. Ray removed the Terror Dog head. Louis asked what happened. Egon and Ray helped Louis out. Louis looked around and guessed the superintendent was going to be pissed. They helped him down. Ray asked him if he was okay. Louis looked at them and asked who they were. Ray answered they were the Ghostbusters. Louis looked at them again then asked who did their taxes. Ray, Egon, and Louis started to walk off. Ray told Louis was a most fortunate individual. Louis agreed. Ray explained he was a participant in the biggest interdimensional crossrip since the Tunguska blast of 1909 (which was really 1908). Louis commented it "felt great." Egon added they would like to get a sample of his brain tissue. Louis unwittingly agreed to it. The crowds cheered for the Ghostbusters as they stepped out of the building. Ray smoked a cigarette and he waved at the crowd. The Ghostbusters and Dana made their way to Ecto-1. Ray shook the doorman's hand. The doorman got the driver door for Ray and saluted him. Ray reversed Ecto-1. The reporter tried to get a comment. The crowd parted to let them through. Ray checked the back then turned the wheel as he went forward slowly. The siren wailed as they left.

Between Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II[]

Due to the large amount of collateral damage the city of New York suffered from the battle with Gozer, the Ghostbusters were sued by nearly every county and city agency in New York. Additionally a judicial restraining order was enacted which barred the Ghostbusters from performing services as paranormal investigators and eliminators, effectively putting them out of business. Egon went to work at the Institute for Advanced Theoretical Research on Columbia University campus and conducted experiments on whether or not human emotions affected the physical environment based on a theory he and Ray developed when they were still Ghostbusters. Ray opened his own bookstore called Ray's Occult Books. On the side, Ray and Winston suited up as Ghostbusters and performed as entertainers for parties.

Ghostbusters II[]

In late 1989, Ray and Winston were hired for a birthday party at 420 East 78th Street. Ray asked the Brownstone Mother how many of them there were. She replied there was 14 and hoped they could handle it then exclaimed it was like a nightmare. Winston asked how big they were. She estimated four feet and held out her arm to indicate the height. Winston and Ray exchanged looks. Children ran around in a frenzy and made a lot of noise. The mother tried to get everyone's attention. Ray and Winston entered the room and greeted the children with faux enthusiasm. Winston had a little boombox in hand. The children booed them. One disappointed boy thought it was gonna be He-Man. Winston directed everyone to sit down and they would have fun. Jason, an older boy, walked up to Ray and told him his dad said the Ghostbusters are full of crap. A second mother told him to hush. Ray noted some people had trouble believing in the paranormal. Jason clarified his dad said the Ghostbusters are full of crap and that was why they went out of business. The second mother grinned. Ray held back and cued Winston. Winston pressed play and the "Ghostbusters" song played. The mother cued everyone. The Brownstone mothers and the children started to clap in rhythm. Ray and Winston danced and sang along with the tape and they ended at "If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call?!" They paused for the children to answer. The children exclaimed, "He-Man!" then got up and the chaos resumed. Ray and Winston lost their buzz and bleakly sang, "...and it don't look good..." Ray proposed getting a beer after. Winston agreed.

Some time later, Ray and Winston exited the Brownstone. Ray was wearing a birthday hat. He thanked the mother and told her to call any time. Winston stated he was not doing anymore parties. Ray handed Winston his share of the money. Winston was tired of taking abuse from over-privileged nine-year-olds. Ray understood where he was coming from but noted the holidays were coming up and that was their best season. Winston took the party hat off Ray's head and told him to face the truth, the Ghostbusters no longer existed and in one year, those children would not even remember who we are. Ray became glum and called them ungrateful little yuppie larva despite all they did for New York. Winston recalled they conjured up a hundred-foot marshmallow man, blew the top three floors off an uptown high-rise, and ended up getting sued by every state, county and city agency in New York. Ray looked back at it fondly. Dana Barrett came to Egon for help and he brought Ray in to help. They started looking into what could have taken control of her baby carriage.

Egon paid a visit to Ray's Occult Books. While Ray rang up a customer, Egon found an interesting passage and read it aloud to Ray. It was about a similar incident in Berlin, in 1939, when flower cart took off by itself and rolled half a kilometer and there were 300 eyewitnesses. Ray finished ringing up and gave his best to the coven then he stepped out from the counter over to a book shelf with Egon. He placed his pipe in his mouth then suggested they check Duke University's mean averaging studies on controlled psychokinesis. Egon affirmed that he pulled it. Peter entered the bookstore and spoke in an accent. He jokingly explained he was looking for a love potion aerosol that he could spray on a certain Penthouse pet to obtain her total submission. They both greeted Peter. He told Ray to close up so he could buy him a calzone. Ray informed him that he was busy working on something but revealed his book order came in, "Magical Paths to Fortune and Power". Peter thanked him. Egon snickered while Peter held his head up high. Egon wished him good luck with that. Peter politely asked Ray to put it on his account. Egon found something else and showed it to Ray. Ray skimmed and agreed. Peter was curious and asked what they were working on. Ray started to answer, but from the back of the store, Egon cleared his throat to subtly warn Ray not to blab.

Ray told Peter they were checking something out for an old friend. Peter pressed on and asked who the "old friend" was. Ray was saved by the phone and answered. He replied to the caller that the store's closing hours were 7:00 on weekdays and midnight on Saturdays. He thanked the caller, hung up and looked back down at his book. Peter placed his left hand under Ray's chin and made him look into his eyes. Peter again asked who. Ray tried to fib and said it was just someone they knew. Peter pretended to be satisfied then pulled on Ray's ears. Egon turned around and could only stand there as Ray screamed. Peter asked again. Ray repeatedly refused to answer but Peter implored him to. Ray finally caved and revealed the client was Dana. Peter was surprised and released him. Ray massaged his ears. Peter couldn't believe the person was his ex-girlfriend.

The trio went to Dana's apartment to perform a physical exam on her son Oscar and take readings. Dana hugged Ray and shook Egon's hand. Egon tried to tell Dana about Peter but Dana pushed the door to close it. Peter slipped in through the door and stopped it. He quipped about giving them one more chance. Ray rubbed his palms. Egon glared at Peter's back. Ray told Dana he tortured him by pulling his ears. Dana greeted Peter. Peter turned to them, modulated his voice to sound deep and sexy. Instead of responding, Dana turned to Egon and asked him what he would like to do first. Egon wanted to start with examining Oscar first. They walked over to a round table. Ray added they should check out anything associated with the baby, especially stuffed toys and things with fabrics in them. Egon wanted to check out the buggy after that. Dana agreed to their requests then asked if she could put Oscar on the table. Ray wanted to also see where he slept. Egon told her the table would be fine. Ray laid a blue pad over the table. Egon placed his briefcase on a chair at the table. Ray took off his jacket. Ray informed Dana they would have to lay him down flat. Egon called it a little precursory medical examination. Ray proposed the Gammill and Pross Infant Acuity Test. Egon agreed and suggested they finish off with an Apgar score. Dana asked if any of that would hurt Oscar. They both replied it wouldn't. Egon assured her he would be fine. Ray handed Egon calipers. Dana became concerned from the look of them. Peter played Dana's cello like a guitar. Egon looked away. Ray also held back. She walked over to him. Ray asked Egon if he'd ever examined a baby before. Egon replied he did once on a chimp.

Ray spoke into a tape recorder as he and Egon checked out Oscar. Ray recorded the subject was a male Caucasian. Egon measured Oscar and stated he was 24 inches. Ray stated he weighed approximately 18 pounds and was about eight months old. He moved on to ocular tests. Egon shined a small flashlight at Oscar. He confirmed the pupillary response was normal. He placed his flashlight back into his pocket protector. Ray asked about auditory. They snapped their fingers. Oscar moved his head around in reaction to them. Egon confirmed his responses were normal. Ray asked about papillary reflex. They tickled Oscar. Egon noted he appeared to be ticklish. Ray agreed. Egon used a Grafco fetal stethoscope on Oscar as he lay on his back. Ray scanned him with a P.K.E. Meter. Peter got Egon's attention. He looked up at Peter, who spoke up close right into the stethoscope asking what they were doing. Egon recoiled then told Dana that Oscar seemed to be fine. Dana noted he was very healthy. Ray asked where he slept. Dana led Ray right around the corner to Oscar's bedroom and Egon followed with the Giga meter.

Ray picked up a small yellow Stegosaurus stuffed animal and swept it the P.K.E. Meter. Dana told them the room was a little messy. Ray assured her they did not plan on playing with anything, they just wanted to sweep for valances. Egon thought the room was very cheerful and revealed his parents didn't believe in toys. He picked up a rattle. Ray, Egon, and Dana heard Peter screaming the baby went berserk. Ray and Egon exchanged concern. Dana left the room. Egon shook the rattle. Ray walked over to Egon. Ray asked him if he never even had a Slinky. Egon confirmed they had part of a Slinky but he straightened it. Ray announced he got nothing off the crib. Peter asked Egon what was next. Egon wanted to perform some gynecological tests on Dana. Peter joked, "Who wouldn't?" Egon proposed they check out the street next. A short time later, Dana showed Peter, Egon, and Ray where the incident happened on First Avenue. She told them how the carriage stopped right in the middle of the crosswalk. Peter took charge, dashed into the middle of the street, and started directing traffic. Ray used a P.K.E. Meter on the spot where the carriage stopped. Egon used the Giga Meter. Both were lit up. Ray declared they hit the honey pot and speculated something was brewing under the street. He revealed the P.K.E. Meter got a reading of 1,118. Egon stated he got 2.5 GEVs on the Giga Meter. Dana asked them what that meant. Ray and Egon exchanged looks.

Egon, Ray, and Peter posed as a construction crew and made a hole at the spot where the baby carriage stopped. Many hours later, Peter and Ray exited Libby's Coffee Shop and exchanged looks at the sight of a police officer talking to Egon at the hole. Egon repeated his question. The officer was waiting for an answer. Egon called out to the "boss" and gestured at them to come over. They walked back over to Egon. Peter spoke in a thick stereotypical accent of a blue collar man. Peter asked Egon who told him to stop cutting. The officer repeated himself again. Peter turned to the First Cop and played along, asking him if he told Egon to stop cutting. The officer confirmed that and repeated himself. Peter stalled with rhetoric and pointed out they let the police work. Ray emulated Peter's blue collar impression. Ray explained they were working overtime because "some diaper bag downtown" was being a jerk and making them work on a Friday night. Peter agreed. He asked Egon. Egon shouted, "Yo!" They all giggled. The officer capitulated and told them to take it easy. The squad car drove away. Ray asked Egon what he had been doing. Egon was incensed and pointed out that while they were getting coffee for an hour, he dug a big hole in the middle of the street. Ray looked down the hole in amazement and gathered Egon uncovered an old air shaft that went on and on. Egon took readings with the Giga Meter while Ray aimed his flashlight down the hole. Egon remarked it was very intense and suggested they get a deeper reading. Ray agreed. They stood back up. Egon noted someone had to go down there. Ray agreed. Ray looked up and realized Peter and Egon were staring at him.

Peter shouted down the hole to Ray, asking if he was all right. Ray was lowered down the hole on a wire. Ray confirmed he was good and so was the speed. He told them to keep it coming. He reported seeing some light then entered what he described as some kind of a chamber. He looked around and saw tile work then exclaimed he saw slime. Peter missed the last part. Ray clarified there was a River of Slime and estimated 25,000 gallons of slime. He saw an old sign and realized he was in the abandoned Van Horne Pneumatic Transit system. He told them to stop lowering him and keep him in place. Peter asked what he saw. While Peter and Egon looked down, the same police squad car from before returned along with another vehicle. Ray got read to take a sample from the river. He activated his Slime Scooper. It extended down to the river. Ray took a sample but tendrils broke the surface and started to grab at his feet. Ray became nervous and called out to Peter and Egon. He yelled for help. As Ray was pulled up, he inadvertently kicked a pipe as he panicked. The pipe was dislodged, fell, and crashed into a power line. First Avenue went dark, followed by all of New York City. Egon, Peter and Ray were arrested. 

They were represented by Louis at their trial at the Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse. He thought they were making a big mistake using them as their lawyer because he mostly worked on tax laws and probate stuff occasionally. He added he got his law degree at night school. Ray was fine with the arrangement since they got arrested at night. He slammed his head on the books. Louis opened by talking about how he was once turned into a dog but the Ghostbusters helped him. During the course of their trial, The Prosecutor handed the Con Edison Supervisor the jar containing the Psychomagnotheric Slime collected by Ray. She asked him if he could identify the substance in this jar marked Exhibit F. She walked to the witness stand and handed him the jar. He turned to Judge Wexler and told him he worked underground for Con Edison for 27 years and he never saw anything like it in his life. Wexler understood. The supervisor presumed the Ghostbusters put the ectoplasm underground. He pointed at the defendant's table. Ray quickly stood up and denied it. Judge Wexler banged his gavel and told him to shut up.

At the end of the trial, they were found guilty of willful destruction of public property, fraud, violating their judicial restraining order, and malicious mischief by Wexler. While he went on a heated tirade about the trio, Judge Wexler inadvertently powered up the sample of Psychomagnotheric Slime. Ray finally noticed it and told Egon. They attempted to get Wexler to stop but he continued and they took cover under their table. The ghosts of the Scoleri Brothers, two murderers he sentenced to death by the electric chair, manifested. Ray asked rhetorically if they were friends of his. Wexler implored the guys to do something. The Scoleri Brothers picked up their table and threw it at the judge's bench. During the chaos, Wexler, Peter, Ray, Egon, and Louis ran behind the glass partition to the judge's door. Wexler pounded on his door in vain. He turned to Ray and grabbed him by his suit jacket. Wexler was visibly scared and shouted at him to do something. Ray calmly deferred Wexler to his attorney. Louis stepped in and pointed out his clients were still under a judicial restraining order, the "blue thing" he got from The Prosecutor, and if they busted the ghosts, they would be exposing themselves. Judge Wexler dismissed the charges against the Ghostbusters, and rescinded the judicial restraining order allowing Egon, Ray, and Peter to capture the ghosts. Peter noted it had been a couple of years since they last used the equipment. He hoped it still worked. Egon stated the packs should still work since the power cells had a half-life of five thousand years. Ray pointed out there was no time for a bench test and cued everyone to turn on the throwers. Peter turned on the switch on his thrower and in reaction to the sound, sang "Do," Ray followed with his thrower, sang "Ri," Egon turned on his, and sang "Egon!" Peter looked at Egon in disbelief. Egon grinned.

They fired wildly at the Scoleri Brothers and missed. The Scoleri Brothers flew away through the wall behind the judge's bench. Peter yelled. Peter, then Ray, then Egon all laughed. Peter wrangled Nunzio in the gallery. Ray told Egon to bring over the Trap. Egon got the Trap off the exhibit table but Tony Scoleri came through a wall cackling. Egon warned Ray and ducked as he fired. Ray soon wrangled Tony Scoleri. Egon instructed Ray to hold Tony and then told Peter to start bringing Nunzio back. Egon told Ray to hold Tony and to keep pulling to the right. Egon placed the Trap on the floor and signaled Ray and Peter. He pushed the Trap across the floor. Ray encouraged Egon to hit the pedal. Egon waited then stomped the pedal. They all turned away. The Scoleri Brothers were pulled into the Trap. Ray declared, "Two in the box!" Egon followed with, "Ready to go!" Peter started with, "We be fast..." and all three shouted, "...and they be slow!" Peter, Egon, and Ray triumphantly strode out of the courtroom. Ray declared the Ghostbusters were back in business.

The Ghostbusters were inundated with many cases, including one at Record Explosion at 2 Broadway. They exited with Santa hats on and in charcoal jumpsuits. Egon held a smoking Trap. Ray and Egon collected more Psychomagnotheric ectoplasm from a set of stairs of the Church of St. Paul the Apostle at 8-10 Columbus Avenue. Peter and Ray took on a case in Central Park. The Jogger Ghost ran the jogger's route around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis Reservoir in the northern part of the park. Ray, with his Ecto Goggles on, gave Peter the signal. Peter, who sat on a bench reading the newspaper, stomped the pedal. A Trap was buried in the ground just barely visible for it to open. The ghost ran right over it and was trapped. During another case, Ray drove Ecto-1a way too quickly and erratically. Ecto-1a made a hard left turn heading north on Hudson Street, turning west onto Barrow Street near 460 Hudson Street and 93 Barrow Street. He shouted something. Peter and Egon exchanged worried looks. Peter looked at him from the back. A new commercial was filmed and aired. In it, Peter feigned surprise at the offer of a half-price service plan. Ray added that was not all. He cued Egon who presented the limited time offer of a Ghostbusters Mug and Balloon for children. The Ghostbusters were called to Orrefors on 58 East 57th Street. Polarity Rectification Tripods were triggered and restored the fine crystal to normal but they came crashing to the ground and cases below and shattered. Ray and Egon collected more Psychomagnotheric ectoplasm from the phone of a phone booth on West 59th Street across from the 910 9th Avenue side of Coliseum Park Apartments a block over from the Church of St. Paul. Egon held up the phone and slime dripped down into a clear jar held by Ray. The Ghostbusters returned to Ecto-1a at East 57th Street and Park Avenue. Winston and Peter held a Trap each. Ray and Egon still had their throwers drawn. Egon and Ray conducted research on the Psychomagnotheric slime between cases. They discovered it could be positively charged, too.

Egon and Ray presented their findings to Winston and Peter. Peter jokingly asked if he should get spoons. Egon told him not to bother and cued Ray to demonstrate their discovery. Ray angrily shouted at the ectoplasm and insulted it, calling it a "worthless piece of slime" and "ignorant, disgusting blob." The Psychomagnotheric ectoplasm bubbled in reaction to Ray's shouting. Egon joined in, calling it "nothing but an unstable, short-chain molecule." Ray called it a "foul, obnoxious muck." Egon derided its weak electrochemical bond! Winston stopped Ray mid-insult. Egon flashed his hands to stop. Peter asked them if this is what they did with their spare time. Ray pointed out it was an incredible breakthrough, the discovery of a psychoreactive substance. He explained it reacted to human emotional states. Winston got that it feeds on bad vibes. Ray confirmed it was like a cop in a doughnut factory. Egon revealed they were running tests to see if they could get an equally strong positive reaction. Peter inquired what kind of tests they performed. Ray carefully replied they sang to it and told it supportive, nurturing things. Peter got to the point and wanted to know they were not sleeping with it. There was an awkward silence and sense of uneasiness from Ray and Egon. Peter and Winston teased them. Winston remarked it was always the quiet ones. Peter called Ray a hound. Egon suggested a demonstration of the kinetic test. He took a toaster from the kitchen counter and stated it was an ordinary household one. Peter quipped he was taking him for his word on that.

Ray placed some of the ectoplasm into the toaster with a spoon. Egon placed the toaster on the billiards table. Ray explained the ectoplasm responded to music so they tried easy listening, middle-of-the-road type stuff like Paul Young and "Dust In The Wind." Peter joked it worked for him. Egon revealed it loved Jackie Wilson. Jackie Wilson's "(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher" was played. Peter kept joking and asked them if this was what they did that night when he was not around the Firehouse. Soon, The toaster hopped up. Peter realized it danced, too. The toaster moved around like it was dancing. The guys smiled. Ray played along. The toaster ejected toast. Egon caught them and the music was turned off. Peter hugged the toaster and happily declared it was his number one Christmas boutique gift item. Winston was suspicious it would eat someone's hand the minute someone got mad. Peter stated they would put a warning label on it for liability reasons then recoiled in pain. Egon quickly took the toaster away. It was just a prank. Peter gestured like he poked Egon's eyes and relished how easily they fell for it. Ray screamed as they tussled playfully.

In the evening, Peter called the Firehouse and informed Ray about the Slime in Bathtub Attack. Ray asked if he was serious then got excited then backpedaled to say what happened was terrible but great for their research. Peter cut him off. Ray promised they would get right on it and hung up. He told Egon about the major slime-related psychokinetic event. Egon made some adjustments to a blower gun and asked what happened. Ray relayed what Peter told him. Egon asked if they were all right. Ray confirmed she got out of there and went over to Peter's apartment. Egon remembered something and placed the blower gun down. He brought up the Vigo painting Peter mentioned to him and revealed he ran the name 'Vigo the Carpathian' through the Occult Reference Net. Egon typed and presented a search result from Leon Zundinger's "Magicians, Martyrs And Madmen" Chapter 6, pages 128-145. Ray called it a "nice ugly history" and deduced there was a connection between Vigo and the ectoplasm. Egon asked him the atomic weight of cobalt 58.9. He nodded. They left to to check out the bathtub in Dana's apartment. Egon proposed they go to the Manhattan Museum of Art in the morning and get a look at that painting. The next morning, Egon and Ray briefed Peter about Vigo then the Ghostbusters went into the Manhattan Museum of Art. Ray revealed there was only some Psychomagnotheric Slime residue around the bathtub and there was a prophecy, just before Vigo's head died. Vigo's last words were: "Death is but a door, time is but a window. I'll be back!"

Janosz Poha, the head of restorations, immediately told them to leave. Ray asked Peter who that was. Peter sicced Ray on him. Ray engaged Janosz politely, introducing himself, complimenting the work space, and stating they were doing a routine spook check. While Peter took photographs of Vigo, Ray stood on the step ladder and took readings with the Globuscope. He looked at Vigo's eyes and became transfixed. The eyes turned red, then blue again. Ray stared in a daze. His arm became limp. Winston called out to Ray but got no response. He patted Ray. Ray snapped out of it. Winston asked him if he was finished. Ray confirmed he was. Winston asked him if he was all right. Ray was confused by the question and walked away with Winston. Ray assured him he was fine. Ray and Egon processed Peter's photographs on a photo lab set up somewhere in the Firehouse. Ray pinned one on the line. Egon used a magnifying lens. Egon confirmed Ray was right and there were multi-planar Kirlian emanations present. Ray joked about Vigo being next month's cover of GQ. He believed there definitely was a living presence. Egon proposed taking a deeper look. Ray suggested putting the wider shot through the Spectral analyzer. Egon agreed and tried turning up the Roentgens. Ray fed a photograph into the Spectral analyzer, which looked like a copy machine. Egon pressed some buttons on a pad. Ray changed the subject to dinner. He pitched Chinese. Egon countered with Thai. Ray found it too spicy and suggested Greek. Egon asked about Mexican. Ray suggested Pizza. Egon asked if they should get thin or thick. Ray wanted Chicago. A photograph came out of the analyzer. Egon hung it up. The photograph was of the floating head of Vigo and the River of Slime. Egon was shocked and picked up the magnifying lens. The lab door's deadbolt moved on its own and locked the door. Ray instantly recognized the image. Egon inquired where he saw it. Ray informed him it was the River of Slime he saw under First Avenue. Suddenly, the photographs ignited. They ran to the door and realized it was locked. Ray started thinking of what to grab like a blanket or hose. Egon chose the simple solution, get out of the room. Ray realized the door was locked. Egon and Ray called out to Winston. Ray suggested going in another direction. Egon sarcastically asked if they were going to stick their heads in the toilet. Winston broke through the door and used a fire extinguisher on the photographs.

Ray, Egon, and Winston pulled up to Peter's apartment and came out wearing yellow rubber jackets. Ray announced they had incredible news. Peter joked it was all-you-can-eat barbecue rib night at the Sizzler. Egon briefed him on the photograph analysis and the connection to the river. Ray added they were going underground into the subway and sewer system to see if they could trace the source of the flow. Egon told Peter to change. Winston revealed Egon theorized there might even be a tremendous breeding surge in the cockroach population. Dana stepped out and greeted the guys. Peter told her what the guys were going to do and asked if she wanted to blow off dinner and go with them. Dana smiled, walked to the edge of the sidewalk, and called out for a taxi. Egon, Ray, and Winston walked down some abandoned train tracks. Ray tripped and yelped. Winston told him to be careful. Ray cited the entrance to the pneumatic railroad was nearby according to the old transit map he had. Egon was not getting any readings. Winston conceded at least it was too dark to see the cockroaches. Ray informed him it was the subway rats he had to be worried about because they were as big as beavers. Egon stated the rats got to be as big as four to five kilos. Winston was getting annoyed. Ray claimed to hear them behind the walls scratching and guessed there were thousands of them. Winston told him to shut up about the rats. Ray shouted "Hello" and heard the echo. Egon tried next with "Hey" and heard the echo. Winston started to relax and shouted "Hello!" There was no echo. A Disembodied Voice replied, "Wiiiiiinstooooon..." Winston stated he was leaving.

Suddenly, they were surrounded by many severed heads impaled on stakes. Ray, Egon, and Winston screamed. Just as quickly, the heads vanished. Winston was confused about what just happened. Egon suggested they get their Proton Packs before they went any further. Winston agreed. A rumbling sound made them pause. Winston determined it sounded like a train. The rumbling continued. Ray disagreed because the tracks were abandoned for 50 years. The rumbling came closer. Egon surmised it was coming from one of the tunnels above them. It sounded a lot closer to Winston. A light appeared and a train whistle sounded off. A Ghost Train came down the tunnel towards them. Ray and Egon jumped out of the way. Winston froze and just stood there. The ghost train was intangible and passed right through him. Ray found the entrance. He found Egon and Winston but spooked them. Ray apologized then revealed he found a hole leading to the river. Egon followed Ray. Winston tried to remind them about getting the Proton Packs.

Egon, Ray, and Winston cleared some debris aside and walked into the Van Horne Pneumatic Station, the exact place where Ray was lowered down into. They stared at the River of Slime. Egon was amazed. Ray pointed out he was not lying about what he saw. Egon was astounded by the amount of negative energy required to generate such a flow. Winston quipped, "New York, what a town." Egon wanted to get a sounding and determine how deep it was. Winston used his sounding line and measured 6 feet then suddenly 12 feet. He realized something was pulling the line. Ray yelled. Winston asked for a hand. Egon went over behind Winston. Ray shouted to get his belt off. Winston lost his hold and was pulled into the river. The current carried him away, screaming. Ray and Egon looked at each other then jumped in after him screaming. Ray and Winston emerged from a manhole drenched in the slime and started arguing. Winston was clearly irritated and asked Ray if he was trying to drown him. A homeless person with a shopping cart passed by them on the sidewalk taken back by their appearance. Ray was equally angered about being blamed and countered he was too stupid to not to drop the plumb line. Winston took offense and warned him to watch his mouth or he was going to punch his lights out. Ray invited him to try any time. They tussled. Egon looked at his gloves and shouted at them to stop and take their clothes off. Egon stripped off his clothing until he was only in his long underwear. Ray and Winston stopped quarreling and followed suit. They returned to their normal dispositions. Winston was shocked at what happened and confessed he was ready to kill Ray. Ray realized the ectoplasm was like pure, concentrated evil. Egon pointed out they found the endpoint of the slime flow. They realized they were in front of the Manhattan Museum of Art.

They went to Armand's Restaurant still in their slimed long underwear, Ray promised the Maître D' they would take a minute, and went inside to Dana and Peter's table. They rambled about what happened to them. Ray exclaimed it was absolutely incredible. The Maître D' yelled they could not come inside. Ray claimed it was the greatest tangible evidence of psychic energy in years. The Maître D' asked them leave because they were disturbing his guests. Ray told him to wait just a second. Peter talked at the top of his voice to get their undivided attention. He pointed out they were scaring the straights and asked if it could wait until tomorrow. Egon stated it could not wait because things were hot and ready to pop. Ray agreed and the slime was all over and under the city. Winston added there were rivers full of it. Egon revealed it was all flowing right to the museum. Ray exclaimed and threw out his arm to point towards the museum and ectoplasm was tossed around. Some landed on a woman's dress. She was disgusted and asked what it was. Ray spoke in a normal tone and apologized. Dana was concerned they were talking about the Manhattan Museum of Art. Peter confessed he was going to tell her between the dessert and the cheese course. The Maitre D' returned to Peter and Dana's table with two police officers. Ray explained the slime was a psychomagnotheric plasm. Egon added it affected behavior. Ray talked about why they were fighting. Winston stated he held Ray by the throat. The officers attempted to get their attention. Ray declared they had seen the mayor. They left with them whilst the Maitre D', the slimed restaurant patron, and the Slimed Patron's Date followed them. Peter and Dana got up from their table and left. The officers drove the Ghostbusters to Gracie Mansion. The Mayor's Doorman opened the passenger door then showed them the way and opened the front door for them then asked if he could get a Proton Pack for his little brother. Egon stated the pack was not a toy. Ray turned to the doorman in the doorway and conceded Egon was right.

Mayor Lenny gave them two minutes to talk to him. Ray informed him a psychomagnotheric slime flow of immense proportions was building up beneath the city. Mayor Lenny had no idea what he said. Ray stated it was a great pleasure to see him again, and almost 50% of them voted for him in the last election. Mayor Lenny appreciated it. Peter apologized they always had to meet under these circumstances. Ray informed him a psychomagnotheric slime flow of immense proportions was building up beneath the city. Mayor Lenny had no idea what he said. Egon repeated "psychomagnotheric." Peter quipped it was a big word. Egon explained negative human emotions were materializing in the form of a viscous, psychoreactive plasm with explosive supernormal potential. Mayor asked if anybody spoke English. Winston volunteered and told him all the bad feelings, all the hate, the anger and vibes of the city was turning into the sludge. Winston admitted he did not believe it at first either, but they just went for a swim in it and ended up almost killing each other. Ray emphasized they had to do something fast or the whole place was going to blow like a frog on a hot plate. Mayor Lenny asked them what he was supposed to do and balked at the notion of going on television and telling ten million people they had to be nice to each other. He stated being miserable and treating other people like dirt was every New Yorker's God-given right. He declared their two minutes were up and bid them good night. Peter called it a very newsworthy mistake. He mused the Times was going be interested and the polls were going to go down. Jack became alarmed. Winston pitched the headline, "Mayor Hides Slime." Ray suggested, "Times Square Slime". Egon thought of "Slime Square". Ray liked Slime Square. Jack asked them if they would consider telling some of their people downtown about the slime. They seemed amiable. Peter was told it had to be done right away. The Ghostbusters were committed to Parkview Psychiatric Hospital and put in straitjackets. Ray shouted they just wanted to help save the city, state, and world from danger. An orderly warned him.

The Ghostbusters spoke to the Psychiatric Doctor ad nauseam about Vigo and the slime. They were exhausted from trying to explain the situation to the doctor over and over. Ray repeated they believed the spirit of a 17th century Moldavian tyrant was alive and well in a painting at the Manhattan Museum of Art. The doctor was not convinced and asked them if there were any other paintings in the museum with bad spirits in them. Egon insisted he was wasting valuable time because Vigo was drawing strength from a Psychomagnotheric slime flow that had been collecting under the city. The doctor wanted them to tell him about the slime. Winston noted it was very potent stuff and they even made a toaster dance with it. The doctor thought he heard Winston say toaster. Winston also told him a bathtub tried to eat Peter's friend's baby. The doctor turned to Peter. Peter stated he thought Egon, Ray, and Winston were completely nuts. Paranormal activity increased exponentially as the new year came closer and Mayor Lenny finally capitulated that the Ghostbusters were needed. After their discharge, Louis briefed them about what was going on as they suited up and made their way to Ecto-1a outside in the parking lot. Ray saw all the connections fit. He concluded Vigo was going to use Oscar as a human host then take over the world. Winston presumed they were the only ones who could do anything about it.

The Ghostbusters arrived at the Manhattan Museum of Art. Ray likened the shell to a giant Jell-O mold. Egon told everyone to adjust to full neutronas. They opened fire on the slime shell around the museum but it became apparent they were shooting in vain. Egon stated slime mold was pulsing with evil and it would take a tremendous amount of positive energy to crack that shell. He seriously doubted there was enough goodwill left in New York to do it. Ray planted his face on Ecto-1a's hood in frustration then stood back up. He refused to believe there was no way back. He admitted the city was dirty, crowded, polluted, noisy, and full of people who would step on your face but there had to be a few sparks of sweet humanity left, they just had to figure out a way to mobilize it. Egon agreed and added they needed something that everyone could get around. He paused when he saw the Statue of Liberty on the license plate and proposed a symbol. They all started looking downwards. Ray understood, he continued it needed to be something that appealed to the best in each and every person. Egon squatted down and stated it had to be something good. Winston remarked it had to be something decent. Peter suggested it had to be something pure.

The Ghostbusters went to Liberty Island and outfitted the interior of the Statue of Liberty with assorted equipment. Egon confirmed the speakers were ready then asked Ray if the Slime Blowers were ready. Ray stated internal audio and electric were set. Egon cued Peter and handed him a microphone. Peter tested the microphone then asked aloud how many people in the audience saw a national monument. He "greeted" the Statue of Liberty. He and Egon went up to the crown. Ray and Winston used Slime Blowers and coated the interior with positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime. Ray remarked it was beautiful while he kept a cigar in his mouth. Some time later, the Ghostbusters gathered up in the crown. A modified NES Advantage Controller was readied. Ray confirmed the pilot controls were ready. Egon checked his wrist watch and noted it was almost midnight. He cued Peter. Peter pretended to be a radio DJ and affirmed they were going to squeeze some "New Year's juice" from New York with a song off of the request line. Jackie Wilson's "(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher" was played off a Sony WM-A39 Walkman. All of the Psychomagnotheric Slime reacted and the Statue marched to the Museum. Ray was excited to see how people would react to the animated statue and predicted it would really get the city's positive energy flowing.

After the Statue walked past Trump Tower at 725 Fifth Avenue, Egon noted they were running out of time. Winston asked Ray if he could speed up the Statue. Ray conceded the vibrations would shake her to pieces and confessed they should have padded her feet. Egon was confident there was not a pair of Nikes in her size. Peter was not worried and proclaimed she was a harbor chick. The Statue breached the Museum's dome with its torch and the Ghostbusters rappelled down. Ray and Winston doused Janosz with positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime and he passed out on the floor. Dana asked if Janosz was dead. Ray informed her their slime was positively charged and Janosz was going to wake up feeling like a million bucks. The atmosphere in the room shifted. Egon checked his Sound Level Meter A fixture suddenly crashed behind Egon and a black hose wrapped around Dana. Ray wanted to get a knife and cut her out but Vigo fully manifested in the room. Egon saw him first. Ray issued an ultimatum to Vigo but it was ignored. Peter and Egon fired at him. Vigo snarled, threw out his arms, broke the streams, and unleashed a pulse of energy. The Ghostbusters fell to the ground and were immobilized. Egon asked Ray if he could move. Ray confirmed he could not then asked Egon if he could. Egon stated he could not then asked Peter how he was. Peter joked he was fine. Vigo proceeded to continue with his plan to be reborn in Oscar's body but Peter heckled him to buy time. Vigo fired energy rays from his mouth at the Ghostbusters. They were covered in the rays and convulsed in pain.

Luckily, the crowds of people gathered outside started singing as the new year approached. Egon observed Vigo was weakening because the positivity of the singing was neutralizing the slime. They regained their mobility. Vigo was forcibly propelled back into the painting but he entranced Ray. Egon told Ray they would like to shoot Vigo and asked him to move. He got no response. Peter called out to Ray. Nothing. Winston called out. Nothing. All three yelled at Ray. Ray turned around to reveal he was possessed by Vigo and transmogrified to resemble his true ghost form. Vigo proclaimed he shall rule the earth and told the Ghostbusters to be gone, calling them pitiful half-men. Peter cued Egon and Winston. Peter and Egon fired at the painting. Winston slimed Ray and exorcised Vigo out of him. Ray fell to the floor. All three continued to fire on Vigo. He was sent spiraling further into the painting until there was an explosion and a bright white light enveloped the canvas. The slime shell disintegrated and shot up into the sky.

Egon and Winston took the Slime Blower off Ray and helped him up. Winston asked Ray if he was all right. Egon implored him to get up. Winston guided Ray. Ray replied he felt groovy. Ray told Egon and Winston he loved them. Egon told him "great." Ray continued and stated he loved Peter and was enamored with their real friendship. Winston asked Egon if they had to live this. They checked on Janosz next. Egon asked him if he was all right. Janosz asked why he was dripping with goo. Egon explained he had a violent prolonged transformative psychic episode. Janosz had no idea what Egon just said. Ray "translated" for Egon and told him they had to hose him down because he was kind of out of control. Ray then told Janosz he loved him. Janosz reciprocated and they hugged. Winston took a look at the painting and called everyone over. Ray was amazed by the new image on it. The painting now portrayed Peter, Ray, Winston, and Egon in classic robes standing around a cherub that looked like Oscar. They went outside to the cheering crowd. The crowd chanted "Ghostbusters" over and over. A short time later, the Statue of Liberty was returned to its rightful place and a ceremony was held on the Liberty Island in recognition of the Ghostbusters. They accepted a Key to the City from Mayor Lenny.

Between Ghostbusters II and Ghostbusters: Afterlife[]

In the 1990's, Ray quit smoking. Peter was proud of him for kicking the habit. Egon began to investigate potential world-ending events to the point that he started to neglect his ghostbusting duties. He was consumed by the investigation to the point that Ray had stated that Egon's attitude towards ghostbusting was that it had become insignificant compared to the potential end of the world. Ray thought Egon got spooky and it freaked him out. Compounding matters was the shrinking amount of cases the Ghostbusters would receive due to dwindling ghost activity. Convinced that his colleagues did not believe him, Egon stole Ecto-1, his Proton Pack, all the Traps, and sixteen ounces of fuel isotope. This action crippled the Ghostbusters and they were forced to cease operations entirely. The final nail in the coffin was when an actor bought up Tribeca and they lost the Firehouse. Ray went back to running Ray's Occult. Winston went into finance and became rich. He covered the rent for Ray's Occult. Ten years after relocating, Egon attempted to contact Ray to inform him of his discovery in Summerville, Oklahoma and attempt reconciliation, but was met with disbelief from him.[4] Egon chose to continue his plan alone. At some point, Ray got a quote of Revelations 6:12 tattooed on his left arm.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife[]

In June 2021, one evening, Ray sat at the register in Ray's Occult after closing. He brushed a crystal. The red phone at the register rang. After a few rings, he stopped and picked up the receiver. He answered and stated the store was closed. Phoebe asked him to wait because she got one phone call on account of being in prison. Ray was intrigued. He recounted the time he was in jail and stated he was not a lawyer but he was listening. She asked him if he was "Ray Stantz, the Ghostbuster." Ray saw that as a cue to hang up. She pleaded with him to hang on because she was calling about Egon Spengler. Ray paused then told her Egon Spengler could rot in hell. Phoebe was silent then informed him Egon died last week. Ray's expression changed and he let out a soft exhale. She thought they were friends. Ray told her that was a long time ago. She asked what happened between them. Ray sighed. He admitted when they started the business, busting ghosts was a gas and it helped, the economy was good, thanks to the Reagan years, and that people believed in them. He revealed business got slow and hauntings got thin. He recalled Peter thought they did their job too well, they could barely keep up their mortgage, and some actor bought up most of Tribeca, and they lost the firehouse. He revealed it was now a Starbucks. Ray switched the receiver from his right to left ear.

Phoebe asked if they all just walked away after that. Ray switched the receiver back to his right ear. He revealed Peter was a professor emeritus at SUNY Cortland and was teaching advertising and promotion, Winston went into finance and made a fortune, while he continued his bookstore. She asked about Egon. Ray noted his actions did not help prevent the end of the business. He told her they went from ten calls a week to one if they were lucky and Egon started to tell people that their ghost problems were irrelevant because the world was coming to an end. Ray admitted Egon scared him. He moved the receiver back to his left ear and recounted how he went to the Firehouse one morning and Egon had left with Ecto-1 and the majority of the equipment. Phoebe pointed out he had to have had a reason for doing that. Ray told her Egon called him up about 10 years later from some small town in Oklahoma rambling an about "the rising storm" and "the huge psychic tornado that was gonna "consume humanity in darkness forever." Ray wanted to believe him but could not. Phoebe tried to explain there was a mountain with ancient carvings but he informed her there were a lot of mountains out there with ancient carvings out there. He advised her against chasing ghosts. She revealed to him Egon was her grandfather. Sheriff Domingo pushed the switch hook's button to hang up and announced her time was up. Ray tried to get her back on then put the phone down and thought about what just happened.

Ray, Peter, and Winston reunited and went to Summerville. The next night, they joined the battle at Egon's Farmhouse. They made their presence known just as Gozer was about to blast Callie and Phoebe. They were in their flight suits and had their Proton Packs. Ray addressed Gozer and stated in the name of the county of Summerville, state of Oklahoma, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, all the members of Ducks Unlimited, and the Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons, he commanded it under the National Invasive Species Act to depart Earth immediately. Peter made a face. Winston side-eyed Peter. Peter applauded Ray. Winston was mused Gozer remembered them. Gozer asked Ray if he was a god. Ray was speechless. Winston and Peter were beside themselves. Ray answered "Yes." Peter declared they were all gods and they were all pretty dang special. Gozer gestured the Terror Dogs to stand down as they snarled. Winston cut to the chase. They got out their throwers. They marveled at the sound of it turning on. Peter instructed them to shoot on the count of three but go on "two." They fired and hit Gozer then crossed their streams. Gozer clutched at the streams. Callie cheered. The Ghostbusters knew it was not over. Gozer uncrossed the streams then whipped them. The momentum launched the Ghostbusters into the air. They bounced hard off the side of Ecto-1. Ray groaned he did not remember the job being so painful. Winston disagreed.

Peter began to stall and talked. Winston aimed his thrower. Gozer zapped Winston's hand. Peter complimented Winston on the attempt and stated to Gozer they were finished. Gozer was shot in the back and head. It turned its head. Phoebe has the Proton Pack on. They fired at each other. The streams of energy collided. Egon's ghost fully manifested and came to Phoebe's aide. Ray, Peter, and Winston blasted Gozer, too. Phoebe and Egon inched their way to the Ghostbusters. They all gawked at Egon. Trevor, Phoebe's older brother, fired at the silo capacitors and fired at them instead of Gozer. The Traps buried in the dirt field hummed on. Callie noticed the Traps and ran up to the porch and stomped the pedal. The Traps all opened and captured the ghosts wisps and disturbance above them, Gozer, Zuul, and Vinz. Winston was still speechless at the sight of Egon. Peter and Ray turned to Egon. Peter dryly joked he thought Egon might turn up. Egon turned to them. Ray apologized for not believing him. Egon nodded. Winston admitted he should have called and told Egon he missed him. Egon nodded.

Podcast, Phoebe's friend, stepped out of Ecto-1 covered in marshmallow residue from his battle with the Mini-Pufts. Ray asked him if he was all right and declared he just singlehandedly defeated a manifestation of Gozer. Podcast invited him on his podcast. Ray agreed and asked what the name of it was. Podcast revealed it was named "Mystical Tales of the Unknown Universe." Ray recognized the name and was surprised he was behind it. Podcast realized Ray was his one subscriber. Ray thought the podcast found its voice in the 46th episode. They all watched as Egon formally met Trevor and Phoebe then reconciled with Callie. Egon peacefully dispersed upwards and they all looked up into the sky.

After Ghostbusters: Afterlife[]

Ray smuggled some Mini-Pufts back from Summerville and kept them in the basement of Ray's Occult.

Ghostbusters: Back in Town[]

In 2023, Ray stepped out of the shop one night and saw the beginning of troubling paranormal activity in the city. The next day, Phoebe visited Ray's Occult Books. He came up from the basement and informed her that Podcast was up to 14 subscribers. Phoebe believed it was 15 if the Youtube dog in the reaction videos for each of his episodes counted. Ray had no idea what that meant but was happy for Podcast. He realized she should be in school. Phoebe told him a ghost attacked the family in the Firehouse the night before and described it as "every animal ever thrown into a sewer rolled into a pile of snot." Ray asked if the slime was neon pink to her confusion. She replied it was green and glowing then presented a jar of it. Ray admitted he was afraid history would repeat itself. Phoebe inquired what he meant. Ray told her about the Psychomagnotheric Slime, Vigo, how they used positively charged slime to animate the Statue of Liberty and smash a giant slime shell around the Manhattan Museum of Art. Phoebe presumed they defeated Vigo and saved the world. Ray credited the inner goodness of humanity coming together in song instead of himself and the other Ghostbusters. Phoebe found that implausible. Ray retorted they were in the business of implausible.

Phoebe asked what happened to the slime after Vigo was taken out. Ray revealed it all disappeared along with all the supernatural activity with it. He revealed a jar of the last of the slime and recalled the city had been quiet for decades. Phoebe speculated it came back as a green super slime. Ray found it unlikely. Phoebe countered it was any more unlikely than an ambulatory, battle-ready Statue of Liberty. Ray conceded and decided to run tests on her sample. He emphasized school came first though. Phoebe asked how he knew she was not out sick. Ray knew she looked curious, not sick. Phoebe asked hypothetically where one would look first if one was curious if both slime strains were related. Ray revealed the original steam started in the abandoned Beach pneumatic transit system tunnels under First Avenue but added the slime flowed all over the city. He stressed he was not suggested she go into the sewers and she should finish her homework before doing any ghostbusting. Phoebe revealed her school did not believe in homework. Ray found that implausible.

Before Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire[]

Podcast was determined to drag Ray into the modern age. In 2024, he lied to his family he was going to space camp for the summer, and instead went to New York City and rented the basement of Ray's Occult Books on before any Norwegian ghost hunting groups could. Podcast became Ray's producer/intern and they made an online show called "Repossessed" where everyday objects are judged on whether they are haunted or just ordinary household items. If they were the latter, the item was destroyed by Podcast's Hammer of Truth. Podcast always reminded Ray to tell viewers to like and subscribe. All haunted items were bought by Ray then donated to the Paranormal Research Center for extraction.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire[]

For another episode of "Repossessed", Ray's first guest was an elderly woman named Ms. Mikowski who presented her late husband Harold's wrist watch. She told him Harold wore it everyday and now when she walked in a room, it would beep. Ray noted if an object was exposed to a deep emotional experience, it could bind a spirit to it. Ray used a P.K.E. Meter but detected no readings. It was deemed a regular wrist watch with no ghost in it. Per the premise of the show, Podcast smashed it to pieces. While Podcast was cleaning up, Ray read his copy of "Strange But True - The World's Weirdest Newspaper Stories." Phoebe entered Ray's Occult with Ray's requested jar of Psychomagnotheric Slime. Nadeem Razmaadi arrived with a box and asked if he was the weird old guy who bought strange things. Ray confirmed he was on both counts. Nadeem explained the box was full of stuff passed down to his recently deceased grandmother. Ray asked if she was a believer. Nadeem recalled she believed a lot of demented superstitious stuff and wanted $30 for the whole lot. Ray keyed on the Orb of Garraka and studied the glyphs on it. Nadeem wanted $50 then 60. Ray noted brass objects were used to trap evil spirits and asked if he could take a P.K.E. reading. Nadeem thanked him for asking and gave his permission. The store rumbled and the P.K.E. Meter broke. The counter froze and the display glass shattered. Ray was amazed by the display of off-the-chart telekinetic activity and full board convective spatter then immediately offered cash. Nadeem told him he had no change and left.

The next day, Ray and Podcast delivered the Orb of Garraka to the Paranormal Research Center while Winston was presenting the new Containment Unit to the new team. Ray remarked it could spin the equivalent of 50 million cubic hectares of plasmic confinement, a space equal to the American West. He and Gary Grooberson did a riff on "Home, Home on the Range". Ray handed the plastic bag holding the orb to Lucky Domingo and wished her luck on extracting the spirit. The next day, Ray and Podcast returned to the Paranormal Research Center and learned about Lars Pinfield's findings regarding the orb. Ray was amazed by the Zero Kelvin temperature, extreme thermodynamic excurions, and thought transference. The Possessor escaped its enclosure without being detected and hid in Podcast's audiovisual gear. Later that day, Phoebe informed Ray she found a rotting carrot on a shelf. Ray revealed it was a human pinkie recovered from the old state hospital for the criminally insane in Pennsylvania before any ghostbusting equipment was built. Phoebe asked him if he ever wondered what it would be like to be a ghost. Ray lit up and revealed he thought about it every day like how he would materialize or would it be a visual manifestation. Podcast discovered audio on his phone recording of the orb and showed it to Ray. Ray knew it was a dead language and hinted he knew a guy but he paused. Podcast asked if they should investigate. Ray recalled Phoebe was benched. Phoebe recalled Ray was retired. Ray was smitten.

They departed for the New York Public Library in Ecto-C. Roger Delacorte stepped outside the library to remind Ray Stantz he was still forbidden from coming within 50 feet of the library. Ray greeted him with "been a long time" and proceeded inside. They replayed the recording to Hubert. He thought it was a prank at first and suspected it was Dr. Jahangiri's doing. Podcast stopped him from calling Jahangiri and joked he was already dead. Hubert was shocked but they cleared things up then showed him a photo of the Orb of Garraka. Hubert took them down to the old library and told them the story of Garraka as recorded in Explorations To The Indus Valley. Ray recognized the description of Garraka's weapon as the Death Chill. Hubert then played a wax cylinder recording of the chant that could free Garraka. Possessor made its move and stole the cylinder then took off in a possessed trash bag. They chased after it. Ray paused upon passing the Library ghost shushing them. He looked again and it charged in its transmogrified form. He ran off. Outside the library, Hubert spotted the garbage bag and cylinder at Patience the Lion's feet. Hubert boosted Ray up so he could reach the cylinder but learned Possessor had possessed the Patience the Lion statue. It roared and leaped down. Ray instructed to them to push "the button" on Ecto-C. Ray fell on his back and was face to face with Patience. Podcast eventually unlocked a Particle Thrower from the sidecar. Phoebe destroyed the statue and the cylinder but was arrested by the police along with Ray and Podcast. At the police station, Ray was pleased when Phoebe stood up to the gloating Mayor Peck and reminded him what happened the last time he tried to shut down the Ghostbusters, he created a cross-rip into another dimension. In a stairwell, Ray excitedly briefed Winston on the Orb of Garraka but the latter was angry. Winston told Ray to shut up and pointed out he could have gotten himself and the kids hurt. He implored Ray to take a vacation and enjoy his golden years. Ray stated he already was enjoying his golden years doing what he loved. Winston pleaded with to find a new way to do things he loved before it got him killed.

Ray confronted Nadeem in the basement about his connection to the Fire Masters. He cited his Dadi was the guardian of the Orb and the last line of defense but it was now his turn and she either never told him about the Fire Masters or he was not listening. Ray pointed out he tried to sell his heritage for $50 but it was time to claim his destiny. Nadeem was taken to the second floor and coached by Ray and Podcast into guiding the flame from a lighter into an unlit candle. Nadeem thought that was impossible but Ray recalled he stopped believing in that word a long time ago. Nadeem pointed out he went to senior prom as the back-up for someone's brother. Ray cited a history of people doing the impossible like the strength of Samson and speed of Achilles. Podcast cited the perfect pitch and sick dance moves. Nadeem was still skeptical and was shocked to see the flame move to the motion of his hand. Ray mentioned the Burning Bush, the flame brought by the Djinn from the Seven Earths, and that which flowed from the hair of Sambō-Kōjin, the Japanese god of the hearth. Podcast inched the candle a little closer since it would be Nadeem's first try. Nadeem still believed they were all going to die.

The next day, Gary and Callie returned with Phoebe. Callie deflected questions about how Garraka got free. Nadeem demonstrated his pyrokinetic ability and made a flame leap on a candle. Lars and Lucky unloaded Ecto-Z of newly modified Proton Packs as well as Traps and Compact Throwers. Phoebe approached Ray about using copper to improve the Proton Streams but Janine revealed vagrants stripped all the copper out of the Firehouse in the 1990s. Phoebe thought of brass. Ray keyed on it as the Orb used to imprison Garraka was brass and noted brass that was psychically charged would be especially useful. They looked at a fire pole. Ray admired the improvements to the packs just as Winston arrived. He noted Lars was able to manage a faster decay of split time and narrowed the stream intensification. Winston, Ray, and Janine guarded the front door. They slowly opened it after there was a knocking. It was only Peter. Lucky spotted a tricycle pedaling itself to the Firehouse and then radioed Winston. Ray knew it was Possessor. Possessor possessed the front doors and tore them off the hinges then made its way into Ecto-1. Winston, Ray, Janine, and Peter ran as it backed up towards them and they took cover in the office.

Everyone opened fire but the Proton Streams had no effect on Garraka like Lucky claimed. He froze the streams. Nadeem came down a fire pole in the Fire Master armor but he was unable to spark his lighter. Trevor realized he used up all the fluid practicing. No one had a spare lighter or matches. Ray stammered he quit smoking in the '90s. Peter reaffirmed he was still proud of him for quitting. Garraka plucked the lighter away, froze it, and blew the pieces away then proceeded to freeze everyone and summon the his ghost army from the Containment Unit. Nadeem took the flame from the match lit by Melody and attacked Garraka. The fire spread and thawed everyone out. Phoebe resumed blasting Garraka. Callie, Gary, and Trevor helped stabilize Phoebe from the power of the stream. Podcast deployed the Drone Trap but Garraka struck it out of the air. Peter remarked they were going to need a bigger Trap. Ray realized they had one, noted Garraka released all the spirits in the Contaiment Unit and asked Peter if he knew what that meant. Peter implored him to pretend he didn't. Ray, Peter, Winston, and Janine ran down to the basement. Ray tried to quickly explain that if he could neutralize the mass energy density to reduce criticality, it would then force the unit to re-prime itself and reverse the polarity but Peter cut him off and yelled to just do it because they trusted him. Ray pushed the three buttons in reverse order but struggled to pull the handle down. Everyone helped. Icicles shot out towards them. Ray and Winston both recalled "Golden years" from a prior conversation. The Containment Unit pulled Garraka in and the tear sealed up. The light above the unit turned green. Everyone celebrated. A large crowd of citizens gathered outside and cheered the Ghostbusters on as they walked outside. Ray gave some high-fives and signed some items.

Secondary Canon History[]

Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions)[]

In Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Ray is one of the senior 'busters. He is voiced by none other than Dan Aykroyd and thus is similar to his movie counterpart. He is still the wide-eyed enthusiast and is still more than eager to expand his knowledge in regards to researching the paranormal. More than once he asks the Rookie to collect samples and take readings for later research. Ray is also the most vocally supportive of the Rookie.

It is mentioned that the mortgage for the Firehouse is in his name.[5] His selection for the Stay Puft form of Gozer's "Destructor Form" was mentioned in a quote "It wasn't me this time, I swear it!" when the 'busters see that Stay Puft is, once again, terrorizing New York. Ray is the most visibly shaken to see Mr. Stay Puft again.

Ray is shown to possess skill in operating nautical vessels (i.e.: migrant sponge observation, mentioned earlier) as he's the primary navigator on Marine Ecto-8.

IDW Comic Series[]

In the 1970s, Peter, Ray, and Egon attended Columbia University. Peter and Ray both took Professor Tonick's Esoteric Literature course in their freshman year. One topic in the course was Atlantis.[6] A few years later, they all heard about Columbia's Parapsychology pilot doctorate program. One winter day, Ray ran out of the Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library and called out to Peter to tell him about the program. Peter was already told about it by Egon but he realized he should introduce the two of them to each other because of their shared interests and thinking a connection would be good.[7] Ray asked Egon how he met Peter and he relayed the story of being mistakenly assigned to a Women's Studies course. Peter put his arms around their shoulders and assured them the pilot program was their meal ticket. He believed no one was doing anything with the field and if they got the degrees, they would have the inside track to tenured positions, and no one would care about results as long as they kept the experiments going since there was no precedent. Ray recalled MKUltra and MKOften. Peter reminded him all those files were destroyed. He then struck up a conversation with two women while Ray and Egon talked amongst themselves. Ray asked Egon what his interest in Parapsychology was. Egon replied "all-consuming" and revealed he was working on a device to track and measure alternate forms of sentient energy. Ray inquired if he was alluding to psychokinetic energy, to Egon's surprise. Ray wanted to know his opinion about something but Peter interrupted and informed them he was going out for pizza with the Women's Fencing team.

One day in the mid to late '70s, Ray and two other researchers took a dive in a deep sea submersible vehicle. They witnessed sponges moving literal inches at a time. They tracked and recorded it.[8][9] Ray's sister was concerned about her son, who wore his heart on his sleeve and seemed angry all the time, and asked Peter to talk to him. Peter ended up with a black eye.[10] Ray attained a PhD in Parapsychology and became well-learned in various other disciplines.[11][12] He and Egon co-invented the P.K.E. Meter first while they were in graduate school.[13]

Egon and Ray often requested esoteric books from the New York City Public Library's expanded collection, enough to gain the notice of Roger Delacorte, an administrator. Egon and Ray went to the library after Roger Delacorte called them about an incident and deferred to their expertise. Egon tested his P.K.E. Meter for the first time in the Reading Room and picked up the Library ghost's P.K.E. reading. Egon wanted to follow the signal to its source but Ray wanted to have a visual record of the investigation and to have Peter present to see it. He told Egon he would be back in one hour. He hurried back to Columbia University and returned to Peter with audio visual equipment. Ray observed Peter's interest and was piqued when he interviewed the victim, Alice Sherman. They went downstairs and encountered the Library ghost. Ray thought of at least a dozen theories that were confirmed in that moment. Peter attempted contact but was shushed by the ghost. In the spur of the moment, Ray decided to see if they could get an emotional response and yelled, "Get Her!" The ghost transmogrified and screamed at them. They promptly ran back to Columbia.

After the Ghostbusters left the Sedgewick, Ray was still over the moon. He blurted out - he still couldn't believe everything worked like a dream. Peter invited him to say that last part a little louder because someone might not have heard him. After they returned to the Firehouse, Ray overheard Peter and Janine talking and was open to a couple hot dogs himself. Egon pointed out he literally just ate. Ray reminded him their dinner was interrupted by the call then asked him if he was hungry. Egon stated he was too excited to eat because they were on the verge of a clean sweep of functional equipment. He declared they were close to fully realizing a new branch of scientific endeavor, moved fully from theoretical to the practical. Ray thought he was tingling. Egon told him there was cream upstairs then realized what he meant. He recalled the Ecto Goggles weren't sterilized then pulled out the Containment Unit's hatch. They deposited Slimer but the unit made an odd noise. The red alert activated and they were knocked on their backs. Egon speculated the field was not properly neutronized. Suddenly, a P.K.E. Meter lit up. They ran up the stairs and saw Slimer by the lockers with the prototype Proton Grenade. Ray and Egon put on their packs and chased after it. Ray was livid that he would keep a prototype in his locker. Egon believed the bigger problem was stopping Slimer from causing any major damage to the Tribeca neighborhood. Ray spotted Slimer terrorizing some citizens. Stantz believed he had a shot but Egon ordered him to stand down. Egon warned blasting the prototype was effectively crossing the streams. Ray got an idea, ran off, and shouted to Egon, stall Slimer. Ray went dumpster diving at the Square Diner for bait.

As the Ghostbusters made their way through The Rose, Peter heard some music and tried to identify it. Ray stated he only knew the Blues. Egon told them it was Prince then stated he didn't like the P.K.E. readings he was picking up. Ray insisted it was never a bad idea to exercise some caution. Ray abruptly stopped and pointed out the dance floor. Everyone was dancing in mid-air above it. Ray spotted at least 11 distinctive dance styles representing a wide range of popular dance, including The Twist, The Fly, The Bird, The Swim, The Jerk, The Boogaloo, The Bump, The Hustle. The ghost took notice of Ray's display of knowledge and added him to the dancers by force. Egon suspected he and Peter were practically non-entities to the ghost. Peter urged Egon to dance. Ray yelled at them to do something because he was doing dance moves he shouldn't be physically capable of. Egon complied and did the Moonwalk. On impulse, the ghost zipped past Egon and fully manifested. Ray yelled at them to hurry because he was exhausted. Peter teased he looked great up there. Ray wasn't having it. Peter teased he needed the exercise. Egon and Peter wrangled the ghost and trapped him. To the Ghostbusters' surprise, the people cheered and wanted to keep on dancing. A woman asked them if they wanted to join in. Egon was surprised and reiterated they all just experienced a supernaturally induced traumatic event. She didn't get what he said and asserted they were going to dance anyway. Ray noted they were off-shift. They started dancing.

Ray took Winston up to the roof for a brief tutorial on using the Proton Pack. In 15 minutes, he shot three pumpkins each on the first try. Winston believed people down on the street below wouldn't like pumpkin guts raining down on them. Ray assured him it was just another quirky part of the city they loved. A citizen shouted up at them to stop it. Ray yelled back it was for science. The citizen told him to eat his science. Ray replied he did so every Thanksgiving for dessert then turned back to Winston and told him he really picked up on the nuances of the pack even faster than he'd hoped and concluded he was ready for field work. Winston was bewildered and didn't think he had enough training with the weapon. Ray corrected him it was a tool. Winston was not confident he had enough training to be safe with it. Ray assured him of his control of the Proton Stream, great aim - then leveled with him. They were going to get even busier soon and needed him to hit the ground running. After the Gozer incident, Peter and Ray went on the talk show circuit.[14]

Ray and Peter went out on a bust at the Consulate General of Canada of New York. They got stonewalled by the consulate about full payment because they needed to get approval from the government back in Ottawa first. Back at the Firehouse, Ray told Janine the bad news then vaguely recognized Roger Delacorte. Roger apologized for the intrusion then informed him the situation with the Library ghost had gotten worse. Peter changed out of his flightsuit and told Roger to make an appointment because preferential treatment was beneath them. Ray scolded him. Peter insisted something had to be. Roger told Ray the ghost was actively harassing the patrons. Peter finally remembered he was from the public library and admitted he would love another crack. He told Ray to make him deal and considered 18 or 20 percent. Roger was crestfallen and admitted their budgetary discretion was limited. Ray recalled he was a big help to them early on in their studies and promised they would finish what they started if he could get them into the library after hours. That night, the four Ghostbusters began in the Reading Room. Peter griped, Ray didn't even negotiate with Roger. Ray teased him, alluding to the deal he made with Manhattan City Bank. Egon advised Winston it was usually better not to know what they were quarreling about. He got a reading on the ghost and they headed to the stacks. The ghost zipped around the corner and was gone. Ray got an idea. Peter recalled he said that before. Ray explained she was a librarian and didn't like noise so he yelled. They got ready. But nothing happened. Peter called it 0 for 2. Many books levitated around them and attacked. Peter opened fire but Egon warned him to stop because the books were irreplaceable. Peter pointed out the books now have teeth. They ran for it. Ray came up with a new plan and grabbed one of the flying books. He addressed the ghost by name, Eleanor Twitty, to Winston's surprise - and threatened to destroy Ptolomy's Cosmographia unless she materialized. The lie worked and the ghost appeared in her transmogrified form. Peter and Winston captured her. Luckily, they avoided damaging the stacks in the bust. Roger was so happy the ghost was gone, Ray talked him into selling him some of the library's occult collection for a good deal.

Rebecca met with Ray at the American Society for Psychical Research for an interview for her book about them. Ray told her at great length about the Mass Sponge Migration. She only wanted to talk about the world of the supernatural and all things connected to it. She asked him how he, Egon, and Peter met. Ray opened up for her. He told her parapsychology was a calling they'd heard back in their college days at Columbia University then implied some of them heard the call louder than others. As they walked inside, Ray told her about the day he met Egon. Once Ray got to the part where Egon told him he was working on what would later be known as the P.K.E. Meter, Rebecca remembered she read about it and the other equipment in an issue of Popular Science. She noted the article glossed over how they got the nuclear material for the Proton Packs. Ray paused on the stairs and told her it was left over material from a previously approved experiment. Ray credited Egon with designing much of the P.K.E. Meter but he did make suggestions during graduate school. He recalled when they finally saw it work for the first time outside of a laboratory setting at the New York City Public Library. As he entered the library upstairs, Ray recalled, it was also when he ran the fastest he ever did. Rebecca asked about Egon. He remembered how he quickly concluded from the Library ghost's readings that they could capture and hold a ghost indefinitely. Ray believed he changed their lives with that statement. He remembered Peter's candy bar.

Rebecca inquired if that was when he was let go from Columbia. Ray added they then went into business for themselves shortly thereafter and got their first official call from the Sedgewick Hotel. Rebecca asked him to wait because she wanted to go back. She understood they ran because they didn't have all their equipment at the time but wanted to know if they ever went back. Ray paused and told her they went back several months after the first encounter with the Library ghost and how they finally captured her. Rebecca was shocked he threatened to destroy a rare book to get her to manifest. Ray clarified the rare books were in another part of the library and he was lying. It was luck it panned out. Rebecca was relieved but thought the bluff sounded routine. Ray touted how well the equipment was built then admitted he was more worried about extensive damage being done to the stacks which was thankfully avoided. Ray added Roger Delacorte was so happy they trapped the ghost, he was able to talk him into selling him some of the library's occult collection for a discount. Ray admitted he was thinking about opening an occult reference library someday. As Rebecca stepped outside the building, she suggested a bookstore. Ray liked that idea and told her she thought like Peter. Rebecca asked if that was a compliment. Ray replied it was, sometimes.

When Koza'Rai attacked the Ghostbusters, Ray Stantz was displaced to Arthurian England where he fought Flame Dragon Ghosts with a steam-powered Proton Pack. The now bearded warrior became an esteemed ally and friend of King Arthur. Tasked with saving the people of Camelot, Ray discovered a weakness in the Castle of the Damned, where they were imprisoned, and formulated a strategy with a better than 33% rate of success, based on Gundershnitz' "Elements of Surprise in Asymmetrical Warfare." Ray was interrupted by the arrival of Peter Venkman and Rachel Unglighter. After defeating Morgan Le Fay, the trio searched for Egon but found themselves on a colonized Mars. Based on the sights, Ray believed they were in the year 2060 and cited Dr. Slausow's "Quantum Futuristics" as proof. Ray was eager to study Martian society and quickly shaved his beard off. However, the trio was arrested and taken to see the Great Defender who turned out to be Egon. Unfortunately, Egon was suffering from a form of cognitive dissidence and Ray had to render him unconscious twice as the team made their escape. Once Koza'Rai was defeated, the Ghostbusters set out to find Janine Melnitz. They traced her to 1780 but Ray accidentally ported them right into the lair of a Level Six Slime Entity.

On Christmas Eve, the team decided to pursue a very lucrative assignment for Woodrow Wainwright Fraser III. It appeared the Ghosts of Christmas were haunting him. The Ghost of Christmas Past teleported everyone to Camp Waconda where Ray was entranced by the sight of his parents and his younger self roasting Stay Puft Marshmallows. Even after the ghost was trapped, Ray remained behind in the past. The Ghosts explained what was really going on while Peter deduced the truth on his own and wrangled the Ghost of Christmas Present from Fraser's body. During a Valentine's Day holiday, Stantz elected to conduct research for the case involving Tiyah Clarke. He narrowed his results to identify the entity haunting her, Ballard Wright, and the apartment itself had a history on the Occult Reference Net. After Wright dispersed, Egon and Ray spent their Valentine's Day doing a debrief on the unsuccessful field test of the Arm Mounted Proton Pack and attempted to find a way to make it a useful addition to the team's arsenal.

On a Fourth of July, it was Ray's turn to select a place for the team to spend their vacation. Ray chose the Independence Day Con out of state. He wanted to attend the tribute panel for the recently deceased Frank Bancroft. After the panel, Ray had a brief war of words with a fan of Karl Miller, a contemporary of Bancroft's. However, the festivities were interrupted by the arrival of a demon named D'Orka. Ray and many convention attendees were placed under a state of hypnosis and forced to worship D'Orka. Luckily, Egon managed to get help from the ghost of Bancroft and disperse D'Orka. Ray missed Bancroft but was left a memento, a sketch of Ray in his Ghostbuster gear. After the team turned down a $50,000 job by the cutthroat producer Artie Lester, Ray discovered the connection between Lester, Tobin's Mansion, and an old partner named Sam Hain. Just at that moment, Egon answered a call from Lester detailing Janine's solo unsanctioned bust. They arrived at the mansion and Ray captured Hain's ghost in a confinement stream. At Janine's behest, Sam Hain was released and allowed to return to the Nether realm. Shortly after, on Thanksgiving, the team investigated the kitchen of a Mr. Fairless. After Egon made a positive sighting on a possessed turkey, Ray charged alone and was knocked back. Ray was ecstatic but reported the Proton Streams had no effect on it. The team quickly realized the stuffing was the object possessed, and the turkey was being used as a suit of armor.

During another bust, Ray's calculations almost sank Coney Island. Not much is known but Peter felt it best to keep reminding Ray not to do anymore calculations. When New York City was menaced by Poltergeists and Zombies, Ray devised a Ghost Gun but it lacked the heft to damage an escapee from the Containment Unit, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. During a dream, Ray experienced a precognitive episode. He encountered a spirit guide who warned him he would be targeted by the Third. The next day, Jim Silver attempted to take Ray with him by threatening a lawsuit over the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Winston and Peter intervened. As Idulnas communed with Gozer, it appeared Ray was "The Selector" needed in a rite of change. Idulnas animated a nearby bear statue to draw him back to Manhattan. In anticipation of the return of Stay Puft, Ray spent two days completing the Megatrap.

After the Terror Bear was defeated, Ray was kidnapped by Idulnas and taken to roof of 55 Central Park West. Idulnas revealed he was technically created by Ray. Since Ray was open to the beyond, he was the chosen Selector for Gozer's Destructor Form. But Gozer's defeat and subsequent ones after led to the creation of Idulnas. Idulnas was tasked with bringing about re-selection so Gozer could complete its task of destruction. Idulnas then punched him so Ray's mind would be easier to influence towards choosing a "better" form for Gozer. Luckily, the spirit guide got to Ray first and instructed him to keep thinking about the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Ray did so and Gozer remained stuck as Stay Puft. After Idulnas left the physical plane, Ray reunited with the guys. While they opened fire on Stay Puft, Ray took the Megatrap with him down to Room 2206. He held the trap out the window and captured enough of Gozer's essence to discorporate Stay Puft.

After Walter Peck revoked the Ghostbusters' permits, Ray spent more time at Ray's Occult Store and worked alongside the manager, Kylie Griffin. He tried to convince Kylie to help look for loopholes in the city contract but she refused to get involved. Following the Fantastic Land case, Ray gave Janine a Bruce the Fantastic Chimp doll to give to Peter as a get-well-gift while he recovered in the hospital. Suffice to say, Peter didn't like it very much.

Ray was excited about a road trip and felt it was the Ghostbusters' responsibility to help any and everyone along the way. At the Fort Wayne job, Ray approached the front gate alone and posed as a 'Colonel John Hall' and declared he was there to conduct a surprise inspection. The controlling entity Major-General Anthony Wayne suspected Ray was a Canadian spy and sympathizer. Wayne ordered his men to make an example of Ray. The other Ghostbusters trapped the ghosts. Before Wayne could get away, Ray confined him in a Proton Stream. Winston fired another stream and convinced Wayne to surrender and allow himself to be trapped. When Peter ruined the moment, Ray reminded Winston of the time Peter trapped Gandhi before Ray could learn the meaning of life then offered the first round of drinks on him.

During the fall, Ray was once again visited by the spirit guide. He assumed the form of his romantic interest and warned him about the dimensional shifting. When Ray voiced little concern, the spirit guide elaborated ghosts were the equivalent of insulation for the walls between dimensions and things could be escaping. He also advised Ray to start dating a real woman, such as the one at the doughnut shop. During the coordinated assault on the Megaspook, Ray hit it off with Jenny Moran and she accompanied him on his Ecto-Gyro.

Months later, in February, Ray was taken by a yellow demon while he was out on a bust. He awoke in another dimension with the other Ghostbusters. After using a controlled explosion to get back home, the Ghostbusters went after the possessed Janosz who summoned the Collectors in the first place. Since then, Ray and Egon began to heavily research extradimensional theory and went over exhausting amounts of data. Ray was still a little traumatized by his experience in limbo and met up with Jenny for coffee at a Pequod's. Ray welcomed the diversion and Jenny was keen on a dinner date in the near future. Later in the summer, Winston took on a bust in Las Vegas. He consulted with Ray on the nature of the haunt. Ray assured him the threat was minor. A few days later, Ray took a pre-trip look at the Marine Ecto-8 and determined it was seaworthy. One hour or so later, Ecto-8 approached the John Milton just as Ray finished barfing overboard from seasickness. Ray instantly recognized the boat and recited the story of its shipwreck.

Surrounded by the Crew of John Milton, Ray cautioned simply opening several Traps wouldn't work due to the large amount of spectral energy present. Kylie improvised and shot the floor below them based on earlier readings. The trio found themselves in a sprawling ice cavern. Even Ray was amazed by the massive extradimensional expansion. The controlling entity Francis Harding appeared to them and demanded they leave. Unable to comply, Peter was concerned trapping Harding would take the boat away. Ray advised they should try to separate him from the ship construct first then realized the Ghostbusters' escape from the Collectors' Limbo earlier in the summer sent out ripples in the dimensional fabric that appeared to give Harding more P.K.E. to work with. Peter, Kylie, and Ray opened fire and dissipated the giant body Harding created. Kylie wrangled him and Ray trapped him before Peter could stop him. Luckily, Harding's hold was so strong that the boat construct still remained. After escaping, Peter and Ray took a flight to Vineyard Haven and reunited Harding with his father at the Captain's grave. Ray called up Kylie to get an update on the John Milton, which flew into the sky.

During Halloween, Ray donned a Slime Blower for a call to Central Park concerning a Ghost Fire Wall. Ray punched a hole through the wall with the positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime. Once Stingy Jack was captured and The Devil returned to Hell, the wall of fire remained. Since Ray was the only one with a Slime Blower, he was left behind to dissipate the wall. A couple weeks into the Tiamat incident, Ray Stantz began to suffer spontaneous mental episodes, where he conversed with the latent spirit of Gozer, while the Ghostbusters headed to Hart Island to face Vigo. Ray refused to capitulate to Gozer and ordered him out of his mind. Gozer was amused. Ray slipped out of an episode and was partially lit on fire. Jenny Moran grabbed his Slime Blower and put the flame out. Amid the battle against Vigo, Stantz entered another trance right when the others needed him most. Gozer demanded to be freed so he could continue to destroy worlds, dimensions, and go after his sister Tiamat.

Still in a trance state, Ray now found himself bound on a giant spider web and Gozer was now in the form of the Spider Witch. Ray learned Tiamat's arrival sparked Gozer's resurgence and was resolved to fulfill his purpose. Ray regained consciousness on the Marine Ecto-8, where he hurled overboard. Winston informed him what happened on Hart Island but Ray couldn't believe what transpired with Vigo. Peter, Melanie and Ray observed Vigo was back in his painting at the Firehouse. Ray was concerned with the appearance of Vigo and the Scoleri Brothers, whether they were the real deal or facsimiles, and the implication of more similar manifestations. Melanie interjected and countered the bigger problem was Ray's lapses in the field. Ray headed upstairs to use the Aura Video-Analyzer. However, he soon displayed signs of possession. The equipment overheated and severed as Ray levitated into the air, eyes red, and muttering.

Ray continued to refuse to submit to Gozer's will but Tiamat crossed over into his mind. Ray could only watch as the two gods did battle. To make matters worse, the other Ghostbusters' attempts to free Ray with the Arm Mounted Proton Packs, Compact Pack and Proton Packs failed. Due to Tiamat's manipulations, Ray temporarily forgot the Containment Unit could be opened if one of the Ghostbusters were compromised by possession. This gave Gozer a glimmer of hope. Tiamat took pleasure in her brother's latest defeat then banished him into another dimension. Ray remained possessed by Tiamat and further transmogrified as the others confronted them in the basement. The possessed Ray banged on the Containment Unit with his super strength and threatened to rupture it until Winston stepped forward and offered his life as a sacrifice.

Ray came to, with short term memory loss, and could only remember getting a call about Hart Island. Peter quickly apprised him of the current situation and pointed him to the containment grid. Ray quickly grabbed a monkey wrench and went to work on manually venting the unit. Around September 14, Ray informed Special Agent Ortiz about the mythology behind Hedylogos, the entity she helped capture in St. Louis, Missouri. At some point, Ray and Egon constructed a Dimensional Inverter to detect and warn of fallout from a dimensional breach.[15][16] After trapping a particularly aggressive Class 5 ghost, the Ghostbusters were routed to Emmanuel Baptist Church to investigate the arrival of a potential Class 7 entity. Locked out, they opted to blow a hole. Ray used his Ecto Goggles' new thermal imaging feature to make sure there weren't any civilians on the other side of the wall first.

While shooting at Chi-You and the anthropomorphic constructs, Ray noticed the Turtles were rather heavy for constructs. After Winston called for a cease fire, April O'Neil yelled at Peter. She mentioned Chi-You and Ray recognized the name from Chinese history. Ray was enthusiastic with helping the Turtles and reveled in using the situation as a learning experience. He examined Donatello with his Ecto Goggles and began asking questions, namely how they arrived, if there were more of them, where they came from, were they from Earth, and were they aliens. Donatello revealed they were mutants and were testing an Interspatial Teleportation Unit. Ray immediately realized they landed in the correct space but a fraction of a decimal point away from the proper dimensional wavelength. Donatello was happy to meet people who understood him. He showed Ray and Egon the teleportation unit schematics. Ray was impressed and believed there were sufficient parts at the Firehouse to juryrig such a device. After Egon and Donatello got into a quibble about ghosts and aliens, Ray tried to reason with Donatello. He led the Turtle down to the basement and showed him the Containment Unit. At Ray's behest, Donatello examined the unit's power source and verified they could use it to power the teleportation unit. News of an incident at the Madison Square Garden prompted Ray to outfit Donatello with his spare Proton Pack. Ray contributed to initial work on the Interspatial Teleportation Unit then later split off with April O'Neil to build an electromagnetic pulse emitter designed to take out all Thralls of Chi-You at once.

Ray was impressed with April's knack for engineering and urged her to change her major. Once the Electromagnetic Pulse Emitter was properly calibrated, Ray had April reconnect the power. However, Chi-You arrived in the laboratory and attacked the trio. Luckily, Casey activated the pulse emitter. Chi-You continued to resist and threatened to peel the flesh off him. Peter and Winston arrived and confined Chi-You but it wasn't enough. Chi-You possessed Winston. Ray reached for the Miniature Slime Blower and fired. Chi-You ducked the Psychomagnotheric Slime and kicked Ray in the face. As the battle continued into the main section of the second floor, April found Ray unconscious. Kylie brought out a first aid kit and bandaged his head. A short while later, Ray was conscious again. He helped finish connecting the Interspatial Teleportation Unit and invited the Turtles back the next time they found themselves stranded.

The Ghostbusters returned to the Firehouse from a case and discovered parallel versions of themselves let Slimer loose by accident but retrapped him. They talked. Ray agreed with his counterpart in thinking the situation was awesome. He was excited to learn from the other Ghostbusters. After Egon suggested a full battery of tests, Ray agreed more information would help them get back home. The parallel Ray talked about the possessed Atlas statue blasting them. Ray was amazed with the ectenic force that was probably present.

Ray stayed at the Firehouse with Egon to take biometric data from the parallel Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore. He explained the data would help isolate the specific frequency of their home dimension. Then Kylie informed him he forgot to carry the two again. A couple hours later, after the others returned from a bust at the Bronx Zoo, Ray noticed the readings coming off parallel Ray were similar to the time he was possessed by Gozer and Tiamat. He deduced they were attacked by a primordial god in their home dimension. Ray proposed retrieving fresh readings from the parallel Ghostbusters' dimension then both teams could consult their supernatural reference materials to identify the god. Ray revealed an opportunity to expand their knowledge base on interdimensional physics, sampling some data firsthand.

Ray put on the Ecto-Suit and Winston held onto the suit's tether so it would keep the Interspatial Teleportation Unit's portal in flux and open indefinitely. He went through to another universe and arrived in the other Ghostbusters' Firehouse sleeping quarters. He was amazed by the similarities and different smells. Ray checked his P.K.E. Meter and was starstruck by the readings. Ray hid from the alternate Janine as she went into Egon's laboratory to analyze the audio Slimer recorded inside the Containment Unit with Slimer's Recorder Pack. While awed by the notion, Ray heard the name "Proteus" and the location of a potential dimensional nexus in Midtown Manhattan. Happy to get some leads, Ray turned and encountered the alternate Slimer. Ray tried to greet it but Slimer panicked and flew away, sliming the Ecto-Suit in the process. Ray quickly ran back to the portal before Janine saw him. To his annoyance, Ray returned only to be teased by Peter quoting Janosz Poha. Ray mused he could shower for a month. Egon told him to burn the Ecto-Suit.

The Ghostbusters tailored their research to focus on Proteus. Some time later, Ray found an entry about Proteus, its dislike of being captured, and ability to glimpse the future if captured. Shifting to the P.K.E. readings, Ray observed they indicated Proteus had a potential susceptibility to quantum interruption. Egon presented a Proton Grenade. The Egons and Rays went to work on the grenades and packs. The alternate Ray was amazed at how wide of an energy spectrum the Proton Packs had. Ray revealed it was a snap once they upgraded the Ramis Boards from a six-pin to an eight. The Ghostbusters soon received a visit from the Cerberus Manifestation. Kylie activated the Wall-Trap and preoccupied it while everyone ran back downstairs. Ray made a side bet with Kylie on how long it would take for it to come down. It arrived five seconds ahead of Ray's guess. He had to give Kylie two weeks off with pay. After Kylie trapped its essence with the Megatrap, Ray mused it was time to send the alternate team back home but it was too late. Proteus had arrived.

During an investigation in Staten Island, the Ghostbusters encountered the Sandman. He was forced into a dream state. Ray was the first to notice something was wrong. He was troubled with how Peter's shot made the Sandman blow up and spray the house with blue ectoplasm. As they left, Ray thought he saw something different about the door frame, ivory. Ray was trapped in a dream where he was performing maintenance on Peter's Particle Thrower in the Firehouse. All he could find was some sand. "Winston" was troubled that Ray didn't know what was wrong and shoved everything off his work table. Peter later did the same thing. Ray was troubled by a sense of deja vu. He was visited by his spirit guide. He soon realized they never left the house. The guide stated all he could do was reconnect Ray with the others. It was up to Ray to snap them out of their dream states. Ray then asked how to deal with the Sandman. The guide assured him he would figure it out then threw Ray into the mirror. Ray suddenly appeared in possessed Dana's place in Peter's dream. Ray quickly explained what happened. Once Peter asked how to get out of the dream, Ray threw him out the window. They arrived in Winston's dream, about his wedding to Tiyah at the Loeb Boathouse. Winston became irate since the dream was the only place he didn't have to deal with them. The trio went through a door and found Egon in his dream. Once the Sandman revealed himself, the Ghostbusters visualized their equipment and attacked. Ray conjured a Proton Pack. Winston, Ray, and Peter were able to break down his barrier and destroyed his hourglass totem before he extracted one of Egon's eyes. Sandman dispersed and the Ghostbusters regained consciousness. Ray did some research and identified the entity as the Sandman.

After Staten Island, things returned to "normal" so Ray went to get a reading from Jennifer at the Village Psychic in East Village to see if there was anything interesting on the horizon. The first Tarot she drew was the Death Card. Ray interpreted it as a form of change but he relented to expand on her concern of any change connected to the Ghostbusters as something to be worried about. The session was interrupted when Ray got a call about a bust at the United Nations Building. Things got interesting when international businessman Erland Vinter stepped in to pay for the capture and a future consultation -- with a blank check. Winston had a background check run on him but found nothing bad. Ray was elated with the mystery and intrigue. A few days later, Vinter revealed he wanted to buy the Ghostbusters. Ray immediately stated the Ghostbusters weren't for sale. Peter was more open to hearing the offer amount. When Vinter wrote down a number, the trio stared in shock. However, Peck intervened and brought up the current municipal contract that made New York City to be seen first, due to the high volume of ghost activity. Instead, he made a deal to loan the Ghostbuters for up to two weeks in a month. Later that day, Ray met with Jenny for a late lunch at the All Night Deli in the Lower East Side. She was jealous they got to go to Italy. Ray invited her to join them but she didn't want her first trip there to involve ghost hunting or Peter. Despite Ray's protest, Jenny left to continue work on clearing customs for their equipment. She asked him to bring her a souvenir.

The next week, while in Venice, Ray attempted to establish a baseline of psychokinetic activity with a Giga meter but he buried the needle to his surprise. They would be going in blind to the case site, Poveglia. Peter guessed Ray was actually in a mood because Jenny didn't come along, to which he denied. Back at the hotel, Peter told Ray and Winston about his encounter with a Venetian Shop Ghost. Ray insisted he said most of the ghosts in the city were the quiet type. Peter teased him about Jenny again. Ray tried to cover himself but Winston revealed everyone knew they were seeing each other. Ray took another shot to the ego when Winston revealed Janine bet Kylie $20 that Ray didn't have a personal life.

Ray fine tuned the meter to compensate for and sift through the heavy concentration of psychokinetic energy. The modification came in handy in tracking the Plague Doctor Ghost on Poveglia. As Ray told the others about the paranormal history of the defunct asylum, the Plague Doctor grabbed Ray and swung him around. It said, "Devi Andare" then proceeded to slam Ray into the ground. Ray managed to use his thrower to blow a hole in the floor. He landed in a basement and found a hidden Poveglian Artifact in a wall. Amazed by its huge P.K.E. signature, Ray failed to notice the Plague Doctor behind him. Peter and Winston arrived and confined the ghost then Ray trapped it. Ray quickly took photos of the artifact intent on emailing them to Egon for a translation. He then tossed it into the back up Trap to contain the P.K.E. it was drenched in. In County Clare, Ray, Winston, and Peck battled a Banshee for almost an hour. Peck almost shot them twice.

Ray saw video footage from Egon's Apartment and immediately guessed he went through accelerated cellular dispersal but after Peter interjected, Ray speculated Egon could have been sent to an unexplored parallel dimension or sub-quantum pocket realm. After Kaia arrived with new demands, Ray became testy and told her they kept copious notes and a photographic record of the destroyed Poveglian Artifact. Peter tasked Ray, Kylie, and parallel Egon with sort out, where they were going - in order to find the key and map to the Rauoskinna. Ray went on the flight to Chiloe Island and relished in all the entities they could encounter like the phantom ship El Caleuche or Millalobo, a demonic half-man, half-seal. The team entered a cave and fought an Imbunche then a Brujo. Ray got an idea and had Melanie rile up the Brujo with insults. Melanie indicated the Egon from another dimension was going to eat his soul. The plan worked like a charm. The Brujo was distracted with choking Egon. Ray took out a green pouch from his front pocket and threw salt on the Brujo. While the Brujo recoiled in fear, it was trapped. Ray searched behind a boulder, where the lone P.K.E. reading resided, and found the key to Bishop Gottskalk Nikulausson's secret tomb.

After the Ghostbusters procured the Rauoskinna, Ray and Kylie spent the next day and a half quickly going through it and tearing out relevant pages to sort as soon as possible. Ray hoped he would find something that could let them zero in on whatever dimensional sub-pocket Egon might be stored in by Loftur. He suspected the physical book was the real key to the spells much like a magic wand. Jenny nearly cast one of the more dangerous spells but Kylie stopped her. Kevin Tanaka called the lab phone and told Ray there was a call from Loftur. Kevin put him through. Before Ray could read him the riot act, Loftur told him he wanted to meet with the Ghostbusters in Central Park near Umpire Rock at midnight. Ray and Jenny rushed over to Renaissance Pizzaria and informed Peter, Janine, and Melanie.

Ray held a lighter to the Rauoskinna and demanded Egon's return but Loftur didn't care anymore. He blasted the lighter out of Ray's hand. Melanie opened fire on Loftur but he easily blocked it. Jenny read a spell from the Rauoskinna and was consumed in flames. Ray tried to run to Jenny but the others stopped him. They were all transported to Hell. Ray and Janine helped up Jenny. Rather than giving Loftur the book to facilitate their escape, Ray believed they should think of a better solution. They watched as Hell's Demons attacked Loftur and reduced him to a corpse. Ray took advantage of the situation to douse the demons in positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime to see what would happen. After the Devil collected Loftur's soul, Janine asked what their next move was. Ray suggested they could juryrig a calculated protonic reversal to tear a hole in the fabric of the universe to escape, but Peter didn't like the idea of creating a direct route from Hell to New York. Kylie recalled Ray referencing "Dante's Inferno" earlier and believed they just had to retrace Dante's journey to the endpoint of the River Styx then climb down an ice cavern.

Aibell sensed the Rauoskinna's power and teleported everyone to Craig Liath. She called in the favor Peter owed her and wanted the book. Jenny thought it was too dangerous and destroyed it. Aibell was furious. Ray didn't see Jenny get vaporized. After Peter caught Aibell on a technicality, she sent them back to Central Park. Ray couldn't wait to celebrate but noticed Jenny was missing. He declared they were going back. Jenny manifested as a ghost. She promised she wasn't going anywhere. She kissed and hugged Ray. The next day, the Ghostbusters got a call from the Bronx. Ray took the wheel and noticed Egon was smiling. He inquired if he should be worried. Egon admitted it was good to be back. Ecto-1 departed.

Melanie asked the New York branch for Ray and Kylie to help her on a case in Roarke's Junction, Iowa. Peter came in his place and claimed Ray was wrapped up in something. In the fall, Janine told Peter and Ray to check up on her niece Cait Banner in Bay Ridge after she realized some equipment was missing. They observed Cait trap a ghost without a Proton Pack. He admired her drive as well as her friends', Zoe Zawadzki and Evan Torres, and offered to teach them if they were interested. Peter instructed them to apologize to Janine first to see if any of them survived. They took him up on his offer. Cait, Zoe, and Evan asked what Slimer was a ghost of. Egon and Kylie shared their theories. Ray found a passage about the Cult of Gozer and the Sedgewick in Funder's Cults of the Northeast. He believed the semi-corporeal ghost they conjured was in fact Slimer and he was simply a representational force of gluttony, never human. After Ray shared his findings, they were amazed to see and hear Slimer talk to them for the first time and state he was once a king. Ray, Egon, and Kylie rushed around to document the development. Cait, Zoe, and Evan found Peter hiding in the sleeping quarters and asked if they did all right. Peter thought of something else and spoke into his walkie talkie. No one noticed the other walkie talkie he hid behind the containment tank. Slimer 'spoke' again and revealed Ray gave him Egon's stash of snack cakes to see if it would digest differently. Egon wasn't pleased to hear it.

As punishment for stealing the equipment, Janine made Cait, Zoe, and Evan take up Ray on his offer. During an incident on Coney Island, Egon and Ray searched the sewers for the true source of the disturbance while Peter and Winston dealt with a Class 3 ghost on the surface. Ray and Egon discovered a pool of Psychomagnotheric Slime. Upon further inspection, Ray realized it was positively charged. Ray concluded it would be best to neutralize it before it did something worse than influence a ghost. He suggested negative emotions then Egon punched him in the face. Ray clarified to directly apply it to the slime. Egon cited how he was recently atomized by Loftur as the reason for misunderstanding. Ray wasn't having any of it and recalled he used the same excuse when he ate his Lo Mein. Ray asked for a Proton Grenade. They underestimated the slime's reaction to the grenade. It erupted all over Coney. A week later, Ray lectured Cait, Zoe, and Evan on the 7-level classification system. After an hour and a half, Ray got to the difference between a Class 3 and a Class 4 and emphasized identity was a powerful tool and weapon. Kylie interrupted the lecture and informed Ray he was being summoned for a meeting downstairs. Ray insisted he was getting to the good part but Kylie pointed out Peck was present and twitchy. Ray suspended the lecture and joined the meeting. Ray declared it was practically Christmas after Winston pointed out the irony of Peck griping about a jerk from the EPA. On August 14, Ray was contracted by Melanie to help with a case in Las Vegas. Ray's research led him to believe the inciting entity was the ghost of stage magician Ethan Kaine. However, Ray was suspicious of Kaine having the power to transform buildings and act as a beacon to attract ghosts to the city. On Ray's hunch, he and Melanie searched the network of tunnels under Vegas and discovered a River of Slime. Ray wired a Slime Spritzer canister of positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime to a Proton Grenade and threw it into the River. Kaine lost his connection to the River and was trapped by Lou and Dani.

A couple weeks after the teleporter incident, Jenny and Ray supervised a cube session with a 101 cadet named Ms. Zeigler. Ray was called to the book store to authenticate a collector's item. Some time later, Janine called up Jenny looking for Ray. While Jenny called him, Janine alerted the others about the appearance of twin Statues of Liberty in New York Harbor. Peter, Winston, and Ray investigated and took readings. Back at the Firehouse, an alternate team of Ghostbusters had arrived. After Abby noticed Egon scanning her dimensional frequency, Ray explained it was part and parcel of one of their current projects. The discussion moved downstairs to the basement. After Jillian Holtzmann then Peter joked at his expense, Ray noted the readings of the Statues of Liberty matched the readings taken when the 101 pilot team used the teleportation unit. Ray invited Holtzmann to interact with the portal but her hand emerged well above her arm. Egon noted the frequency fluctuation proved their dimensions were overlapping. Ray stated to talk about how their first encounter with Gozer led to crossing the streams and they may have seeded the subconscious of the Multiverse with the concept of Ghostbusters in the brief second they connected to all of reality via Gozer's portal. He added their observations of other dimensions lent more credibility to the theory but admitted it wasn't strictly 1 to 1. Ray noticed their Proton Pack was more compact in design, had a whole different configuration and even had a Faraday Cage - something he never thought of. As they walked back to the first floor, Ray requested the "usual samples" from them. Holtzmann didn't believe that line possibly worked.

Ray helmed Marine Ecto-8 for the trip to Ellis Island. After Patty Tolan realized Winston looked like a younger version of her Uncle Bill, Ray revealed they came across familiar people and faces during their investigations of other dimensions. He recalled there was one dimension they visited where someone who looked exactly like Peter, who blew up a golf course. Erin Gilbert started to panic and recognized Ray as the Cabbie she met during the Rowan North incident. Ray checked his P.K.E. Meter and declared they had arrived. Patty noticed a rip in the sky. Ray explained it was due to the overlap in dimensions. Jillian Holtzmann started dispersing Pirate Ghosts. Ray grabbed her right arm and told her to stop. He cited the First Law of Thermodynamics and informed her the P.K.E. would reform, and at an even faster rate because of the presence of the tear. Holtzmann thought he was worrying too much. The energy reformed into a single powerful entity and attacked them. Erin got an idea to use an explosion and asked Ray to come back to Marine Ecto-8 with her. She explained her team once sealed a breach with a concentrated explosion and believed they could do the same with a Trap. Ray caught on and got out the Megatrap but he wasn't confident it had enough power to fully discoporate the entity. Erin agreed and grabbed the Proton Bazooka. Ray rigged the Megatrap to explode then towed it back to the bust on Ecto-4. He hailed Peter and Winston on comms and asked that they do their best to restrain the entity. Erin weakened the entity with the bazooka, then Ray opened the Megatrap, then swung it into the tear. The explosion successfully sealed the breach. However, Ray lost control of Ecto-4 and was forced to jump into a bush. Several of the surrounding building's caught on fire. After Holtzmann threw a fit about not getting to use the bazooka and not being told about a mini-helicopter, Ray got a call from Kevin Beckman. Beckman informed him he tagged everything so no one would be confused about what belonged to whom. Janine took the phone away and informed Ray that Melanie was on her way from the west coast and Abby and Egon were out collecting data. Ray confirmed the threat was neutralized but asked Janine to call the Fire Department on the special line as soon as possible.

Ray took part in scanning the 101 pilot team for any trace of the ghost that attacked them. He was at a loss for words when Erin asked why the teleportation unit wasn't secured. Egon chimed in and said the security measures they used for the Containment Unit was incompatible and there were only so many hours in the day. Egon, Ray, and Kylie started to make progress and concluded the problem was three-fold. They had to sever the ghost's connection from the Ley Lines it was drawing power from, draw it fully into their dimension, and seal the breach behind it. Abby returned to the lab and suggested they re-purpose their Containment Unit. They all began working on a prototype dubbed the Ultimate Mobile Trap. Ray promised to personally rebuild their Containment Unit once everything was settled. Holtzmann returned with the others and freaked out. She asked Ray what the rest of the plan was; questioning if they also had enough of the slime to cover miles of Ley Lines. Ray recalled Coney Island and believed they had just enough.

Ray supervised a group of 101 Cadets at Washington Square Arch and instructed them to follow the maps and douse the marked streets with positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime in an effort to neutralize Manhattan's Ley Lines so the Ghostbusters could capture a ghost causing the dimensions to overlap then restore things to normal. Ray was picked up by Peter and they joined some of the others at their standby positions above Times Square, as suggested by Kylie, in the likelihood they had to help "guide" the ghost into the Ultimate Mobile Trap. Winston hailed Ray on comms and double-checked they were in pack range. Ray was relatively sure and reminded everyone to keep an eye out for the ghost to manifest. Peter added to warn the other team to watch out for birds. Ray refused to relay that when the fate of the worlds were hanging in the balance. Winston sighed and confirmed, he copied. The Ghostbusters opened fire on the ghost and completely pulled it through then ran for it as it struck at them. The ghost was soon trapped but the breach it came through remained open.

Winston asked Ray if he had another helicopter in his pocket or a jet hidden under the street. Ray admitted zoning got in his way in terms of the latter. Erin suggested they cross the streams to seal the breach and catalyze the separation of dimensions on the molecular level. Ray objected and stated it was a terrible idea. Egon agreed but there was little other choice. The Ghostbusters crossed the streams and succeeded but got close to a full protonic reversal. Two weeks later, Ray visited the other dimension to rebuild the Containment Unit as promised. Peter tagged along. He got it online soon enough and revealed he added a few tweaks. Holtzmann suggested he make them a teleportation unit next. She realized the schematics were in her head as well as Ray's memory of kissing a ghost. Ray informed her Egon thought there would be residual memories then asked about her doctorate. Holtzmann asked him to pretend they never talked about it. Ray Stantz came to the aid of a businesswoman accosted by a H2 Ghost on Lexington Avenue. He blasted both the woman and ghost with positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime from his Slime Blower to prevent a forced possession. The ghost attempted to fly away but it was wrangled by Peter, and trapped by Winston. The woman tried to buy slime but Ray turned her down. Back at Ecto-1, Winston admitted he was burnt out from the extra workload. Ray agreed and wished for another big adventure like when they were manipulated by Loftur. Peter stated he needed professional help and offered his services with a discount. Ray passed. As they drove to Murray Hill for the next call, Ray reminded them again how uncoupling the two dimensions allowed some ghosts to pop through to their plane and cause a busier than usual period. Despite Peter's warning, Winston wondered aloud if the insulation between dimensions was Purgatory. Ray got wound up and got excited at the prospect of finding out. Much later in the day, Ray and Egon attempted to recalibrate the sensor array set-up on the Dimensional Inverter. Ray asked for the needle nose pliers and sarcastically commented finding a working security measure for the Interspatial Teleportation Unit was easier. Egon felt the level of difficulty was comparable. As soon as Ray finished, the Inverter sensed an extra-dimensional incursion and the alarm sounded. They were surprised to see Donatello cross over. Donatello quickly explained he and his brothers were attacked by strange entities. Ray was surprised Donatello memorized their specific dimensional coordinates to which Egon admitted they kept in touch. Donatello's description reminded Ray of something familiar. The strange entities, The Collectors, crossed over and grabbed Donatello. Without thinking, Ray grabbed a thrower and fired at them to no avail. They warned the Ghostbusters not to interfere or they would be taken, too.

Winston and Peter were called up for a meeting to figure out the next course of action. Despite the individuals involved, Ray found it practically absurd someone sent the Collectors after the Turtles. Peter blamed it all on Ray for wanting another adventure. He soon hinted he already had an idea of what needed to be done. Over the next three weeks, Egon and Ray invented Remote Portal Access Bands and modified two Experimental Mental Communications Devices. Ray, Peter, and Winston suited up and headed through the Interspatial Teleportation Unit's portal to the Collectors' Limbo and reunited with the Turtles. Ray instructed Donatello to put on the second Mental Communications Device then go through the portal where Egon would fill him in, then told the others to hold off in following, in order to slow down the Collectors, and buy time. Each Ghostbuster paired up with a Turtle and went about tracking - making random hops to various dimensions. Ray and Raphael paired up. Ray activated his band. They emerged from the portal in a new dimension near a cave.

Ray and Raphael soon found themselves on the run from a free-standing albino ape. Raphael yelled at Ray to activate the Remote Portal Access Band. Ray stated they still had to wait for it to recharge. It completed just in time and they jumped into a portal. After crossing more dimensions, Ray and Raphael landed in a snowy forest setting after fighting a monster. They took another pause in order for the Access Band to recharge again. Raphael got a bad feeling about their surroundings and had Ray check his P.K.E. Meter. Ray overreacted and speculated his senses were so amazingly well-tuned to his surroundings that he could self-detect changes in the psychokinetic spectrum. Raphael threatened to punch him if he was about to ask for a brain sample. A flock of ghosts manifested, having been attracted to the access band's open portal. Ray used a higher setting on his Particle Thrower to atomize the ghosts rather than lug around Traps. He estimated they would reform in a few days and noted they were in the middle of nowhere anyway. Raphael didn't care. One flew into the back of Raphael's head and slimed him. Ray kept talking about the side-effects of their portal technology while he wrung out his bandana. After finishing clearing out the ghosts, Ray noticed Raphael was the type to wear his heart on his sleeve. Realizing a similarity, he told Raphael an anecdote about his nephew and Peter. An invisible Gjenganger picked up Ray and shoved him into a tree. Ray instructed Raphael to jump up and reach for his thrower. Raphael got the Proton Pack on then demanded the ghost to show himself and stated he wasn't in the mood for games. The Gjeganger didn't care, revealed himself, and knocked Raphael out.

Ray and Raphael's bodies were possessed by two Gjenganger and they underwent a forced out-of-body experience. Their consciousness' levitated nearby. Ray observed the Gjenganger and determined they stumbled upon an afterlife and their bodies were hijacked so the Gjenganger could experience the sensation of physical combat again. Eventually, Raphael regained lucidity and asked what was going on. Ray got an idea and believed a show of bravado would get the ghosts to abandon their bodies since they were Vikings. Ray got the Gjenganger's attention. He apologized for intruding on this dimension but asked, in the usual long winded manner, for the bodies back. The Gjenganger laughed. Raphael opted for a direct approach and rushed their bodies but he bounced off a shield. Ray instructed Ray's body to push all the fight he had into the forefront of his conscious mind and use it like a battering ram. Together, they forced a Gjenganger named Nils out of Ray's body and occupied it. Ray became distracted by Raphael's memories and feelings of loneliness. The other possessor swung his axe. Luckily, Raphael noticed and raised their shield. Raphael refused to let Ray shoot his body to liberate it and took control. He hoped Ray's joints weren't as old as he looked.

Raphael was confident since the Gjenganger had no sense of misdirection but his body was too tough to beat with Ray's. He asked Ray if he ate anything besides junk food. Ray pointed out he ate pizza. Raphael countered he worked out at least. He got mad and complained he was going to be stuck in Ray's body forever. Ray told him he was so negative then got an idea. He instructed Raphael to use the Slime Spritzer on the right hand side of his belt and spray both his and Raphael's body at the same time. Ray gambled the slime would interact with Raphael the same way it would with a possessor since he was so angry. The Gjenganger was ejected from Raphael's body and Raphael was ejected from Ray's body back into his own. Raphael wondered how that worked but the Gjengagner swarmed them. The Remote Portal Access Band was charged and Ray opened a portal. They jumped through in time and none were able to follow them to the Garden Dimension. Raphael demanded an explanation. Ray shared his theory then noted how sore his body was. Raphael recommended yoga then admitted he grew up alone and still had a lot of issues about that. He noticed he felt lighter and if it was because a piece of Ray came with him he was grateful. Before he could thank Ray, Michelangelo came through another portal and crashed into him. Raphael got angry again and yelled at him to get off. Soon the three pairs were reunited. Donatello came through with his Proton Weapon ready. Ray assumed there was an equipment malfunction that sent them to the same place. Tang Shen spoke up and revealed it was her doing.

Winston informed Ray about the neural confusion caused by the Communications Device but Ray only found it neat. He was almost totally sure Winston would be fine. Ray was more interested in Tang Shen and attempted to scan her with his P.K.E. Meter but Winston swatted it away. Peter chimed in and scolded Ray about the blatant data chasing. Tang Shen turned her attention to the Ghostbusters and was about to thank them, but Ray interrupted and speculated her spectral senses may have misinterpreted a connection formed by the Experimental Mental Communications Device then tried to explain it. He stopped talking after Tang Shen gave him a look. Peter was amused and offered her the job full-time. She continued on and later thanked the Ghostbusters for being loyal friends and worthy examples of character to her children when they needed it the most. Peter told her she was welcome and complimented her "whole Mikado thing" but got a look from her, too. Ray teased Peter back. After Tang Shen warned them the enemy was closing in then disappeared, Peter opened a breach back to the Firehouse with his access band. Egon and Ray fine-tuned the Trap-Gate to the Collectors' unique P.K.E. signature while the Turtles, Peter, and Winston fought them. It was a success and they were transported into the Containment Unit. Ray reassured Raphael they couldn't escape.

The Ghostbusters were called to investigate City Water Tunnel No. 3. Based on Murdock the Miner's account of opening a box from a side cavern, Egon didn't think they were dealing with a typical ghost of an accident like Ray suggested. The strong readings confirmed as much. They headed into the cavern and found the box. Egon got an extraordinarily high P.K.E. signature off of it and wanted to run tests and find out where it came from. Peter pointed to an entity hovering above them. Ray attempted to communicate but it simply warned him against giving away his name so freely then disappeared. They were slimed by a swarm of Bat Spectral Constructs. Egon noticed the readings dropped but advised the miners to wait at least a day to resume work and promised to have a P.K.E. alarm installed for their safety. He believed the entity's Irish accent, unique appearance, and the box were enough clues to start researching. Jenny started research on the entity. She pointed out to Ray that he could have showered at home. Ray contended the Firehouse had better water pressure. Going on the fact the ghost had a head shaped like a pumpkin and an Irish accent, Jenny focused on a ghost that manifested during the festival of Samhain. Once Ray came out of the shower, she presented a page from "A Book of Pagan Rituals" to him that had an old drawing that resembled the ghost. She felt his head looked more like a turnip. Ray consulted "The Old Book of Magic" and learned the ghost wasn't seen in centuries and was believed to have been banished by a druid that learned its real name. Ray remembered the druids didn't have a tradition of writing so the ghost's real name was lost and hoped their modern arsenal was comparable. Jenny warned him to be careful.

Ron interrupted them and suggested putting her into the Containment Unit for safekeeping. Jenny was surprised and asked why he was paying them a visit. Ron joked about her going easy with the cold shoulder because it was bringing down the room temperature and it was bad for the skin then pointed out Ray wasn't wearing any pants and only had a towel on. Jenny was flustered and went through the wall and cabinets. Ray stated she was still sensitive about her condition then asked why he came. He pointed out Ron wasn't due for another week for proton equipment recertification. Ron insisted he had a life, and coming a week early was more convenient for him. Ray reminded him it was a condition of his pardon and he didn't have a say in it. The alarm sounded off. Since Peter and Winston weren't answering, Ron came along as the fourth with Ray, Egon, and Kylie. Ray joked his presence may also be a curse and Egon was going to look into it. Ron just wanted to get the bust over with, get his paperwork, and leave. He added he wanted to get a look at the schematics for the teleportation unit. Egon refused on the grounds the Chicago branch had no need for a dimensional portal since they took no part in research, which was what it was almost exclusively used for. Ron claimed he did research. Ray pinched his cheeks and mocked him for thinking what he did was research. Ron called bull and believed they just didn't want to share.

After they arrived at Grand Central Station, Egon stated they explore alternate realities to answer the questions they never knew they had, the kind of research they got into parapsychology for. Ray added they didn't want to share with Ron. Ron vowed the conversation wasn't over. Kylie initiated PCOC, the city's evacuation protocol, Code Dan, and cleared the station. Connla recognized Egon and Ray from a previous encounter in City Tunnel No. 3. He dodged Kylie's proton stream and asked them if they were druids. Ray denied it and referred to him as "Sammy" since it was believed he was an entity that manifested during Samhain. Ron called him out for mispronouncing the name and pointed out Halloween was still weeks away. Connla confirmed it wasn't his usual time to manifest but the veil to the other side was so thin, he couldn't resist the opportunity to widen it permanently. Then he punched Ron. Ray reckoned he couldn't be that bad. Egon agreed then threw a Proton Grenade. The explosion blew off Connla's head and the ectoplasm splashed onto Ron, to his chagrin. Ray clarified he was joking and punching Ron wasn't a metric for goodness. Egon argued it was one for basic sentience. Kylie captured Connla in a stream then Ron trapped him. Connla was insulted from being attacked from behind then entrapped. He escaped the Trap in an enraged state and grabbed Kylie by the throat. He pointed out they tried to trap him without even knowing his real name. Connla's head reformed along with his eyes and ribs ignited. Kylie noticed a ring on his right middle finger. With little other choice, Ron dispersed Connla with an atomizing stream. Kylie was enraged and pointed out he was going to reconstitute in a few days, having absorbed a ton of ambient psychokinetic energy in the process. Egon suggested they make the most of the time Ron bought them by coming up with a permanent solution. Ray asked who was going to call Peck about the mess. They noticed ectoplasm was now all over the station. Kylie quickly excused herself from contention with a "not it."

As a result of being in direct contact during the dispersal, a latent mental link was forged. In the few days before Connla's reconstitution, Kylie had a precognitive dream about her and the four original Ghostbusters encountering Connla's Army. She awoke and went to the Firehouse to share details of the dream with the others. She realized something and ran off to double check her theory. After a few subway stops, Kylie returned to Ray's Occult and confirmed her theory the ghost was Connla. He had a real sticking point with his name, was quick to fight, and wore a ring. She called up Ray's cell phone and informed him of the good news. Ray, Winston, and Ron had just finished up a bust. Ray was validated that section at the store would come in handy and told Kylie they estimated Connla would return no later than midnight, Wednesday. But he didn't have all the factors and the ghost returned earlier on Friday. As Connla was trapped, he ordered his army to destroy the Ghostbusters then free him. More and more ghosts manifested. Lacking enough Traps, Kylie regretted sending Egon's friend away in his helicopter. Egon assured her it was fine and used his access band to teleport away. Ron was infuriated and thought he ran away. Ray ordered everyone to keep the ghosts at bay until Egon returned. Egon returned soon after and opened six portals. Proton Streams shot out at the ghosts and teams of Ghostbusters from different dimensions emerged. The rest of the Chicago Ghostbusters, the Real Ghostbusters of Dimension 68-R, the Extreme Ghostbusters of Dimension 68-E, the Ghostbusters of Dimension 50-S, the Ghostbusters of Dimension 80-C, and Mike the Golem joined the fight. Egon of 68-R, Roland Jackson of 68-E, and Abby of 80-C checked their respective P.K.E. Meters and confirmed all the ghosts were captured.

Ray was excited and a little nervous to finally conduct an experiment aimed at observing the interior of the Containment Unit. He hoped it tapped into a pocket dimension like the unit of their counterparts in Dimension 68-R, the Real Ghostbusters. He felt they could learn so much from observing the entities roaming around inside the unit. Egon turned a valve and insisted they still needed to be very careful. He didn't care to speculate how many days they were without incident. Ray emphasized it was a lot and stipulated as long as there was no direct connection to the Containment Unit when they fired up the dimensional portal, everything would stay perfectly copacetic. Ray left the interdimensional transport array on since it was running a diagnostic to sync up the monitoring equipment. He felt it was okay as long as no one activated the portal and Containment Unit at the same time. Ray left a note just to be safe then they left to eat. Ray was thinking of orange duck. Peter later tried to deposit the captured Phyllis Hasskamp but unbeknownst to him and the others, Ron and Holtzmann built their own Remote Access Teleportation Unit that piggybacked off the original teleportation unit in the basement and tested it. Before Peter could turn it off, the basement was enveloped in a white flash.

Ron and Holtzmann were reprimanded, for their part in the explosion, by Egon, Ray, and Winston on the third floor. Ray admitted he understood their drive but they stole and reverse-engineered the technology then failed to check if their experiment would be compromised by any number of outside factors. Ron tried to claim he was forced to take matters into his own hands because Ray and Egon were never going to share the dimensional technology, pinning the blame on them. They went down to the basement. Ray pointed out how the improbable timing of the teleportation unit diagnostic, the remotely accessed portal, and Peter depositing a Trap led to an overload. He only found a blown capacitor but Egon discovered several major entities were missing and thus, the structural integrity was compromised. Gareth Dibello was suddenly released. He took control of a Proton Pack and fired at Holtzmann while the others took cover. The teleportation unit activated and several miniature portals were generated. Dibello flew through one with Holtzmann but she got stuck halfway. Egon and Ray pulled Holtzmann back into the basement, with part of Dibello's arm, just in time before the portal closed. Egon looked at the logs and realized all the missing entities used similar portals to go to other dimensions. Ray came to the same conclusion. Once Peter regained consciousness in the hospital, he quoted the Wizard of Oz, prompting Ray to ask if he was the Scarecrow. To contain the situation, Ray and Egon moved the teleportation unit to the Warehouse. Two days later, teams of Ghostbusters, from both the prime dimension and beyond, gathered at the Warehouse.

Ray was about to go over the equipment but Gabriel Sitter spoke up. Samuel Hazer asked why they didn't just use the teleportation unit to go back in time and prevent the entire incident from happening. Ray tried to explain it wasn't a time machine but Kylie Griffin and Eduardo Rivera, of the Extreme Ghostbusters, pointed out they were trained by Egon Spengler, an older version of the Egon from The Real Ghostbusters, who was perplexed. Roland Jackson believed that was proof of an element of time travel. Alan Crendall pointed out his team was from the prime team's future and didn't get why the Ray he knew didn't warn them beforehand. Janine heard enough and whistled. She yelled at everyone to listen, shut up, and pay attention. Egon reiterated the teleportation unit could not time travel but time was a dimension they could access in so far as they went to parallel realities that could be further ahead or further behind what they knew as the present but no action they took had an effect on their timeline. Ray summarized none of them were from even remotely the same timelines and time travel wouldn't solve their problem. Before Ray could continue, Melanie triggered the alarm. She was alerted about a P.K.E. spike at the George Washington Bridge and took Winston, Holtzmann, Rookie, Lou, and Dani.

A field team consisting of Ray, Samuel Hazer of Dimension 50-S, Peter Venkman of Dimension 68-R, Kylie Griffin of Dimension 68-E, Erin Gilbert of Dimension 80-C, and Kylie Griffin arrived in Dimension 00-D. Kylie noticed they were in a rather gloomy forest. Samuel thought the Kylies would feel right at home. They didn't and messed with him. Ray asked them to stop, pointing out they had a lot to do in a short amount of time. Erin asked if anyone was going to freak out about the team being shuffled around. Ray stated they were all highly intelligent people and it was obvious some molecules got crossed then admitted it was bound to happen sooner or later but asserted they were fine. Erin wasn't placated and soon asked if they had any indication of what they were after, recalling her team was assigned to a mid-level Class 3. Samuel was excited about what it could be and proposed a betting pool. Kylie informed Ray that's what he sounded like all the time. Ray denied he would ever start a pool. Erin noticed the sound of hoofbeats. The Headless Horseman arrived, grabbed Peter 68-R by the hair, and rode off. Ray recalled his team captured it four or five years prior outside of Tarrytown. Kylie suggested they save Peter 68-R first before he continued with the story. The others ran after them. After following glowing hoof prints for half an hour, the Ghostbusters found a broken Trap-Gate. Ray declared they must have passed through but he was oblivious to Kylie 68-E's sarcastic comment and confirmed he was a Boy Scout. Peter 68-R, possessed by the Horseman, charged towards them. Kylie recalled from Tobin's Spirit Guide that the longer the Horseman was in possession of his victim, the more the host's soul would be gnawed upon. Ray apologized to Peter 68-R in advance then directed everyone to switch to low-power streams and blast him in an alternating burst pattern. Possessed Peter 68-R was knocked off the horse.

They surrounded the Horseman but it attacked with its pumpkin constructs. Erin kicked herself for not bringing the De-Possessor. Ray recalled he wanted to check that out since Holtzmann couldn't tell him how it was calibrated not to harm the body's native spirit. Kylie got him back on track to the task at hand. Ray asked Erin to widen her Proton Stream then he threw his vial of Psychomagnotheric Slime at it. The "skin" of the horse began to dissolve after the slime made contact and the Horseman was bucked. Samuel called out to Peter 68-R. The Horseman was still in control and leaped at him but found itself paralyzed in mid-air. The Ghostbusters Beyond of 00-D, namely a splinter of the divine half of Rachel Unglighter and Louis Tully of Dimension 00-D had intervened. Rachel concentrated and used her magic to safely draw out the Horseman out of Peter 68-R and into a Trap Orb. Ray was naturally shocked to see Rachel. She remarked that was a name she hadn't heard in quite some time. Louis chuckled. Rachel was annoyed he thought she was making a Star Wars reference. Rachel concentrated and used her magic to safely draw out the Horseman out of Peter 68-R and into a Trap Orb. Ray thanked Rachel but assumed she was that dimension's doppelganger but she in fact confirmed she was a splinter from the divine half of the Rachel he knew in the prime dimension years ago. She never encountered the 00-D version Ray yet either. The Ghostbusters tried to persuade them to hand over the Horseman but Louis insisted a trapped ghost stayed trapped. Erin listed off everything that happened to them. Rachel read Ray's memories and realized how bad the situation was. She became weak from the ordeal and Louis held her up. She told Louis to give them the Horseman as soon as they had their Trap-Gate ready. She then warned Ray she sensed her family's magic had a hand in what was happening to them. As a precaution should they encounter any of her relatives, she gave Ray a Trap Orb and warned him there was always a price to pay for dealing with gods.

The field teams were whisked away by Tiamat to the Collectors' Limbo. Rather than serve her, they fought back. Kylie signaled Ray to use the Trap Orb but he recalled the price to using it. She contended Rachel said there was a price to dealing with gods and that ship had already sailed. Kylie added they failed to stop Tiamat last time by crossing a dozen Proton Streams on her. Ray couldn't argue with that and hurled the orb at Tiamat. Tiamat was at a loss for words and was caught in the explosion. Winston came up with an ad hoc plan to utilize the remaining Trap-Gates to strip Tiamat's P.K.E. and send it to random dimensions then trap her. Janine was one of the seven to use a Trap-Gate on her. Peter, Egon, and Ray invited Winston to be the one to trap her. She cursed them all as she was pulled in.

As the field teams returned to the prime dimension, Peter emerged from the portal first and declared the conquering heroes had returned. He noticed Egon 68-E was wearing their merchandise and hoped he already paid for it. Ray asked how long they were gone. Egon 68-E told him it was about six days since their last communication. Ray was satisfied and declared they pulled off a miracle. Kevin Beckman answered the phone and handed it off to Ray. Despite the ghosts recaptured and the ghosts captured by the fill-in teams, the Containment Unit was still on the verge of total meltdown. She asked him if there were any filled Traps laying around. Ray checked the remote monitor and it showed the Containment Unit was back to where it needed to be. Ray couldn't make sense of the situation and wanted her to wait until he got back to the Firehouse. She estimated one more ghost was needed and the unit was about to blow up. With no other choice and no time left, Jenny told him they would meet again one way or another. Ray pleaded with her not to do it and suggested using Slimer. Jenny sacrificed herself and went into the unit to stabilize it. Ray lost Jenny at 5:31 pm. He remembered Tiamat's final threat cursing them and Rachel's warning there was always a price for dealing with gods. Winston told him it was going to be okay and asked him if they could fix it. Overcome with anger, Ray shot the teleportation unit. Holtzmann objected but Peter asked if she heard what just happened then reckoned Egon could fix it in a couple of hours. Egon claimed less. Holtzmann rescinded her panic then reminded Ray about the Containment TV Monitor he and Egon were working on.

After a day's worth of work, Egon, Ray, Egon 68-R, and Holtzmann of 80-C finished work on the Containment TV Monitor. Once the grid was stable and the monitor was ready, it was turned on. It worked and Ray inputted Jenny's P.K.E. signature. Jenny was found but a Mail Fraud Ghost charged her. Ray was aghast but Holtzmann told him to slow down. Jenny punched out the ghost. Holtzmann declared they were locked in there with her. Ray was relieved and hugged everyone at once. Ray vowed to make sure Jenny's promise they would see each other again would come true. Before Holtzmann left, Egon asked for her thoughts on a new application to old research of his. Holtzmann read his strip of paper but it made no sense. Ray inquired what that was. In reality, it was Egon's subliminal messaging code. He reworked it to interrupt any memory of the transdimensional technology. Ray asked if there were any side effects. Holtzmann was confused why the Chicken Dance was suddenly stuck in her head. Egon didn't think there were any side effects as far as he knew and planned to show it to Ron next. Ray was satisfied and added they should limit their dimensional travel for the time being. He didn't think he could handle anymore change for awhile.

On November 13, Ray went to Portland, Maine with Melanie and Peter in response to a mass trance initiated by Saint Pippy. Ray never heard of Pippy and consulted with Kylie over the phone. She could find no mention of the entity in the Ghostbusters' collection of research. This excited Ray even more. After about an hour from its manifestation, Saint Pippy was thoroughly amused and disappeared. Ray went to work on a paper on the event once he finished analyzing Pippy's P.K.E. readings.

One morning, Peter and Ray went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and served a court order to a recently hired appraiser named Dr. Abner Polk, telling him to grant them custody of a tablet relic from a shipment that arrived from the Mediterranean. Polk didn't understand what was going on nor the terminology in the court order. Ray informed him he had a potentially powerful psychokinetically charged artifact on the premises. They went into another room. Ray followed the P.KE. Meter's readings and saw the tablet. He confirmed it was what they were looking for. Polk insisted they couldn't have it and it wasn't even documented yet. Ray tried to explain what was going on, they had to make sure there wasn't any god-like being planning on using the tablet as a gateway to their plane of existence. Peter warned Polk that Ray was only going to talk faster and he didn't need that. Two days later, Ray and Egon hit a dead-end in trying to identify it. There was no mention of it in Tobin's Spirit Guide, Spates Catalog, nor any of the dozens of books they amassed for research. Ray reminded him they were dealing with a time bomb. They couldn't make out the etchings on the tablet either, initially thinking they were Greek. Peter carried in more books that just arrived, tipping Egon's water bottle in the process. The water oddly flowed in a circle around the tablet. An Atlantean Priest Ghost manifested and spoke in an unknown language. Ray guessed it was Italian. Egon had no idea. The ghost suddenly possessed Egon and asked what happened with the cataclysm of Atlas' Land. Peter deferred to Ray. The ghost decided to see for himself and flew through the window into the city.

Peter was undaunted. Ray went on his knees and looked for the book. Peter thought the more urgent concern was to track the ghost. Ray told him that would be easy - processing what the ghost said. He was referring to Atlantis. Ray filtered out the signal of the ghost and tracked it to Penn Station. Ray couldn't believe Peter pulled a fire alarm to clear the station. Peter assumed there would be a fire soon anyway. Ray led them downstairs to the tracks, where electrical interference caused a power outage. They sighted Egon, in a transmogrified state. Ray addressed the ghost and warned it to leave Egon's body or face swift and terrible consequences. The ghost ignored him and bemoaned how the world was not better since the fall of Atlantis. He noted how men still lived hungry on the streets, the laws were not respected, and even the very air burned in one's chest. He revealed that was exactly why priests begged Ennosigaios for help. Ray explained it was another name for Poseidon. Ray fired his Slime Blower and doused Egon's body with positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime. The ghost was ejected from Egon. In his native language, he called them fools and declared the "Earth-Shaker" would come again and seal the fate of Manhattan. Egon understood the context of his threat. Peter tried to make himself feel better and asked if Poseidon was real. Ray pointed out Gozer was real.

They trapped the ghost at Battery Park. Ray picked up the tablet and confirmed the negative P.K.E. readings were almost completely discharged in the manifestation of the ghost and with it trapped, the tablet was a completely average artifact. He failed to see a column of water rise up behind him. Ray continued on thinking a deeper study of it would allow them to locate the remains of Atlantis and turn history on its head. Egon tried to stop him. Ray kept talking. They yelled at him. Ray wondered why it got cloudy all of a sudden and turned his head. Poseidon stood behind the column. He reached forward with an open hand. Winston deduced he wanted the tablet. Ray wasn't so sure. Peter asked him if he thought Poseidon wanted a tip and ordered him to throw the tablet. Ray was confident they could figure out a way to get rid of Poseidon. The ground rumbled. Egon pointed out Poseidon was also the god of earthquakes and he was clearly sending them a warning. Ray still insisted. Egon yelled his name. Ray sighed and threw the tablet to Poseidon. He caught it and vanished. The column of water and fish washed over them. Peter conceded they may have lost a chance at a bonus but he thought Egon and Ray could make some money from writing a book on Atlantis using pictures of the tablet. Ray admitted everything happened so fast, he forgot to document anything.

The Ghostbusters exited Ecto-1 with their gear and climbed out of the sinkhole outside Prospect Park. Winston asked if everyone was alright as Ray helped him up. Ray sighed at Ecto-1's predicament. Egon wiped his glasses and told Ray it wasn't a loss since they could have it hoisted and make improvements. Peter reminded everyone they had a ghost to blast first. They went into the park in search of it. The Ghostbusters engaged the ghost at the shore of the Prospect Lake. Winston admitted he was tired and just wanted to go home and catch up on the Dodgers. Peter was taken aback by Winston's loyalties. Ray went on a tangent about lacrosse and the Iroquois. Egon suggested it was time to capture the ghost. Ray threw out a Trap and caught the ghost. He was about to continue about lacrosse but Egon cut him off and suggested take another look at Ecto-1 and call in assistance. They returned and were perplexed with the presence of two Ecto-1 cars. Ray checked and confirmed it was still in the sinkhole. Winston pointed out Starscream. Starscream ordered them to leave him alone because he only meant to speak to the "Autobot." They quickly wrangled and trapped him. Egon became concerned with the skewed readings. Ray believed it would be as easy as drawing a sample from the Trap and running some tests. Winston was curious what an Autobot was. Ectronymous Diamatron transformed into his robot form and revealed himself to the Ghostbusters.

Ectronymous introduced himself and stated he meant no harm. He was surprised they weren't intimidated then explained he came to Earth in search of a signal native to his home planet Cybertron and the Trap was interfering with it so he requested it to be de-powered. Ray speculated a ghost was animating Ecto-1. Egon disagreed and staked Ray's reputation on it. Ectronymous repeated he wanted the Trap turned off. Ray introduced himself and explained their occupation was the capture and detainment of disruptive spectral entities including the one in the Trap who displayed an aggressive tone and questionable P.K.E. profile. They were at an impasse. Ectronymous activated a miniature blaster on his right wrist and shot the Trap. Starscream was released and shot at them in a rage. Ectronymous was shocked Starscream was the signal and admitted he thought it was only going to be a holographic transmission. Ray looked forward to talking to him about ghosts. The Ghostbusters opened fire and wrangled Starscream again. Starscream noticed Ectronymous' Autobot signal, called for a truce, and returned to his blue hue. Ectronymous told Ray he heard Starscream can't be trusted as far as he could throw himself. Starscream overheard and called it a filthy lie. Peter cautioned him. Starscream promised he just wanted to talk to Ectronymous. They released Starscream and he pointed out he wanted a new body, then told them about how Cybertron was destroyed by Gozer.

Ray was surprised to hear Gozer visited Cybertron. Egon pointed out they still had no accurate account of how many worlds it visited before 1984. Ectronymous asked Starscream if Gozer was who made him a ghost. Starscream continued with his story and revealed a being named Kremzeek appeared to them and made a deal: escape Gozer's wrath but become his slaves. Starscream claimed he escaped Kremzeek's sway and searched the universe for a new body. Ray wondered if it was their place to interfere. Peter replied not without a paycheck. Egon picked up another reading. Lightning struck and a Kremzeek Sprite emerged from the crater. Starscream became irate and told them to kill it immediately. Peter captured it but the Trap blew up. Starscream wondered how humans ever climbed out of the muck and told them to destroy the sprite with their Particle Throwers before it summoned Kremzeek. Ray turned to Egon. Egon stated he didn't like dispelling ghosts but noted the sprite was made of electricity as much as it was made of P.K.E. then theorized they could ground it while they dispelled its negative energy. Ray asked how they would ground it. Egon smirked. Minutes later, they wrangled the sprite. Egon instructed Ectronymous to do his part. Ectronymous thought it was madness, agreeing nonetheless. Ectronymous sighed and poked the sprite with a finger. The sprite was successfully dispelled. Starscream feigned excitement and brought up the topic of his new body again. Ectronymous asserted the best he could do was report to Optimus Prime and await his decision. He realized his communicator was damaged from blowing up the sprite and admitted he had no back-up devices. Ray offered to help him with spare parts if he acted as their ride back to the Firehouse. Ectronymous accepted.

After Ectronymous, renamed Ectotron, conversed with Janine, he took a knee and asked Ray if she was how all of humanity was: open-minded and unfazed by those who are different. Ray told him Janine was a special case. Egon and Ray finished fixing Ectotron's damaged communicator. Ectotron asked them not to mention to Optimus Prime it was just a loose connection. He successfully contacted The Ark and briefed Optimus about the current situation. The Ghostbusters headed out on a new case in Brooklyn. Egon immediately detected a reading similar to the Kremzeek Sprite they encountered earlier. Erring on the side of caution, Egon suggested they modify a Trap just in case the entity also emitted an electrostatic discharge. Ray wondered if they should bypass the Cobbler Switch on the Trap. Egon thought that would be bad. Ectotron asked if he could take a look and got an idea. Half an hour later, Peter and Winston retreated outside and informed the others that two Proton Streams weren't enough to hold the ghost. The Electric Ghost burst through the roof. Ectotron recalled helping ground the Kremzeek Sprite and stated he wasn't sticking his finger into that. Ray assured him it wouldn't come to that. Peter promised they won't judge him if it came to that. Ray remarked it was a wild one and realized it was getting stronger. Egon agreed and noted they were in trouble if it was tapped into the city's power grid. Ectotron scanned around and verified there was a definite increase in the energy flow to the Colchamiro's building from a utility pole. He rammed the pole down with an elbow. The ghost had a definite reaction to losing the connection. Ray threw out the modified Trap and successfully captured the ghost. Ray was surprised. Egon thought he could see the past. Winston told him that was called hindsight. Peter asked Egon where he left his phone. Ray and Ectotron did a fist bump.

The Ghostbusters took a rest then relocated to the Warehouse and started scanning for Starscream. Ray and Egon disassembled and analyzed the Trap Starscream escaped from. Ray was amazed by the scorch marks and speculated there was a power surge. Egon noticed traces of a second P.K.E. signature was being detected, too. Ray wondered if that meant a jailbreak, but remembered there were safeguards to prevent that. Peter joked Ray was already dreaming of an Ecto-Semi of his own then asked Winston how things were coming along. Winston wasn't having any of it and continued welding. He suggested things would go faster if Peter pitched in. Peter quipped it wasn't even Tuesday but still couldn't believe Ray thought they would work. Ray startled Peter from behind and claimed they would work. Winston finished and both Ectotron and Optimus had their own Proton Packs. Ray invited them to test them. Ectotron went first and accidentally blew up the Ecto-Gyro. Egon revealed he got a firm fix on Starscream's P.K.E. signature. They departed for the Grosbeak Generating Station. Starscream's master Kremzeek arrived and went into a rant about his plan to become a god. Ray wondered when they started making so many speeches. Optimus thought it was normal since Decepticons used to do it all the time. Peter addressed Kremzeek and told him his name was ridiculous then told the others to power up. Ray continued and told him they didn't care too much for wannabe gods coming to their fair city and throwing their weight around, let alone a Class 5 with delusions of grandeur. Winston pointed out they blew up Gozer all over Central Park West. Egon gave the cue to fire. Kremzeek was wrangled but he managed to break the streams and knocked them off their feet.

Ectotron became concerned for Optimus' well being and implored the Ghostbusters to find some kind of setting on the Proton Pack to knock Kremzeek away. Ray admitted that even if they thought to bring something like a Boson Caster, Kremzeek had an electrical component to deal with. Egon theorized shutting down Grosbeak would take away Kremzeek's power source and give them time to modify a Trap. Ray checked his P.K.E. Meter and reckoned one Trap would not be enough to hold Kremzeek. He believed shorting him out then dispersing him temporarily until they built something more effective was a better idea. He wished they had the Electric Ghost they trapped the previous night. Ectotron revealed they left that Trap inside him among some regular Traps, a canister of Psychomagnotheric Slime, and crumbs inside him. He found the four of them disgusting. Egon insisted he was just focused. Ray was elated. Peter was eager to blow something up but promised to blame Ray if half the city went dark. Winston suggested using the ectoplasm, but Ray elected to keep it in reserve. He believed the Electric Ghost would be drawn to Kremzeek and physical contact would fry and disperse both of them. Kremzeek focused his energy into a giant sphere. Optimus yelled at Ray to just do it. Ray was surprised Optimus could hear him. Ectotron pointed out he was fighting hand-to-hand against a being of living electricity, so hearing Ray, was in the realm of possibility. Ray quipped they did impossible things, too, and released the ghost. As Ray thought, the ghost sensed Kremzeek as a more potent energy source. It was overcome with curiosity about what alien energy tasted like and charged Kremzeek. They siphoned out and dispersed in a violent explosion. Ray cheered and lauded Coulomb's Law. Egon countered that wasn't how it worked. Ray suggested it could, with electroplasmic entities in the mix. In any case, the dispersal freed the ghost of Megatron, Shockwave, Soundwave, and Starscream.

Soundwave was wrangled and he created subservient manifestations based on Ravage, Laserbeak, and Buzzsaw, Mini-Cassette Decepticons that formerly served him in life. Ray threw a Proton Grenade at Ravage and yelled out his theory about taking out Soundwave to make the manifestations dissipate. Laserbeak descended onto Ray, at the same time, Winston trapped Soundwave and it dissipated. Ray was drenched in green ectoplasm and naturally complained. Winston yelled at him to get back to work. After Megatron possessed Ectotron, Winston implored the others to think of a solution and stated he wasn't blowing anyone up. Egon agreed on account of Ectotron being a living being but admitted the autopsy could be fascinating. Ray reminded Egon he was part of the team and didn't think Egon would try to kill most of them. Peter thanked Ray for the stirring defense then pointed to the canister of Psychomagnotheric Slime. Egon pointed out a small canister of it wouldn't be effective applied topically to the surface of such a large metal form. Ray countered they got the Statue of Liberty moving with it. Winston pointed out they used gallons of the ectoplasm. Egon believed they had to disperse it inside Ectotron. Peter voted himself out of trying to find his gas cap. Ray suggested force feeding it. Winston pointed out he was 20 feet tall. Egon noted they had one Trap left and it wasn't enough to force spectral expulsion. Peter elected to use the ectoplasm and yelled at Optimus to try to get Ectotron on his back. Ray instructed Optimus to hold Ectotron down. Optimus suggested he hurry as Ectotron seemed stronger. Ray joked he was fighting for two then climbed atop Ectotron's chest and poured the Psychomagnotheric Slime down his mouth.

It worked but Megatron tried to possess Optimus Prime. Ectotron wrangled him at the last second. He paused and asked Ray for a Trap. Ray was surprised and thought he was giving a speech. Ectotron informed him he wasn't, but coming up with a catchphrase on the fly was harder to do in the moment than he thought. Megatron was trapped. Peter asked if he wanted them to deposit the traps in their Containment Unit or something else. Optimus decided to take the three Traps with him, get them new bodies, and attempt rehabilitation. Peter was skeptical. Ray noted freedom was the right of all sentient beings. Optimus felt deja vu and speculated they could learn a lot from the Decepticons and help all be one again. Ray asked Ectotron if he was really leaving. Ectotron was unsure if Ray was asking him to stay and revealed he wanted to explore space and look for more Cybertronian ghosts that could be saved. Ray liked the notion of ghosts in space. Peter and Winston shot down any aspirations since they had enough trouble on Earth to deal with but Egon found the thought intriguing, too.

Dimension 50-S[]

The Sanctum of Slime Ghostbusters were gone over a week while they were aiding the Ghostbusters of the prime dimension with recapturing entities that escaped their Containment Unit. Upon returning to their home dimension, they asked for time off. Peter was aghast. Alan explained they just got through chasing ghosts in other dimensions, fighting Tiamat in the Collectors' Limbo, and saving the multiverse. Gabriel felt they deserved a day off. Peter wasn't impressed and reminded them his team also saved the multiverse before. Ray added they did so at least a dozen times. Peter recalled they also got paid for it each time. He assigned them to a new case.

Tertiary Canon History[]

In "The Real Ghostbusters" he and the other Ghostbusters fixed up the Firehouse after it was severely damaged by the escaping ghosts, thanks to Walter Peck. Upon the completion of the Firehouse, the Ghostbusters adopted the green ghost who Ray named as Slimer, which was named after the first movie scene with Peter and Slimer in the hall. Ray is seen as the most childlike of the Ghostbusters in the cartoon series as he loves cartoons, toys, and over reacts to a new case with enthusiasm. He also returned in "Extreme Ghostbusters" as a guest character for the "Back In The Saddle" two parter; the series was a following up to the previous series.

  • For more information on the animated version of Ray Stantz go to the animated article.

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime[]

A few weeks after another increase in supernatural activity, Ray suggested to the team that it was time to hire some rookies again, much to Peter's dismay. Three weeks later, Ray returned to the Firehouse with takeout and went over Egon's latest analysis. With a predictable migratory progression at hand, Ray agreed with Egon's suggestion and asked Janine to summon the rookies for their first solo mission.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed[]

Ray finally tracked down the first edition of Tobin's Spirit Guide and paid a great deal of Winston's money to some questionable individuals who scoured the farthest reaches and risked countless perils to find it in all places, Tobin's coffin. He had the book overnighted. It reached him in a week. Ray kept in touch with Phoebe. She told him a new joke, "Why did the dentist go bungee jumping?" "To have a brush with death." It cracked Ray up. The next day, Ray met the newest Ghostbusters trainee and got nostalgic about the good old days when the original Ghostbusters were heroes and pioneers in the field of the supernatural. Ray admitted there was a huge misunderstanding and a fallout that led to the end of the Ghostbusters for a long time, and some mornings he did not bother getting out of bed. He then told the trainee about how the Firehouse got turned into an overpriced java joint but it was now back to running and firing on all 16 cylinders and up to the codes they were aware of. He loved the energy coursing through the air and loved being back. Ray told the new trainee the old guard had to hold down the fort but if he could, he would still be in the field, but it was time for the new generation to carry on the legacy. He admitted he was approached by some very interested parties about a tell all book about the Ghostbusters. Catt noticed the latest trainee was fifteen minutes late to the orientation and deduced Ray was the reason. She hailed him on the radio and reminded him of the procedure. Ray welcomed the trainee to the team and promised to be in touch. Some time later, Ray showed the trainee the newly acquired first edition of Tobin's Spirit Guide. As a keepsake, Ray gave the book's leather strap to the trainee as a momento. Ray noticed the trainee, they looked as though they saw a ghost. He surmised there was more to first edition than meets the eye.

An old Trap sent to the Firehouse by Peter could not be properly deposited. The entity in the Trap, Nameless, possessed Winston. Catt cut him off on the first floor armed with a Proton Pack. Ray joined and switched his P.K.E. Meter to taser mode. Nameless was forced to surrender and agreed to release Winston but soon learned he was stuck and needed help. Ray admitted he could not remember ever trapping Nameless. Ray tried a softer approach with Nameless after Catt's threats did little to convince Nameless to comply. Catt suggested Ray check his library for a lead. Ray agreed and noted Nameless was very different from the possessor ghosts they typically encounter, the way he spoke implied he crossed over, was unaware of his own true power. While Eddy used the Kinetic Endothermic Actuator on Nameless, it made the lights in the Firehouse and Ray's Occult flicker. Ray hailed Eddy on the radio and told him not to untether Winston from Namelss. Ray deduced Eddy's attempt to exorcise Winston did not go as planned and Nameless opened a Rift. He began to look for a solution to closing it. Ray called the recruit to the book store. He revealed he was cross-referencing Egon's old research with Tobin's Spirit Guide and came across an almost identical set of findings related to Metaphysically Imbued Relics. Ray was intrigued and continued digging. He also told the trainee to keep up the good work. Over the radio, Ray informed Eddy the leather strap was a Binding Relic and he needed to use it with the Actuator. Eddy went to work on integrating it. The Actuator was used once more and it successfully removed Nameless from Winston. Ray told Winston it was good to have him back. Winston suggested going out for pizza after the trainee was made an official Ghostbuster but a new call came up. Ray remarked that was the job.

Ray asked one of the rookie Ghostbusters to watch Ray's Occult for him. When Ray returned, he was alarmed to find Tobin's Spirit Guide was opened to the entry on Samhain and left to brief everyone on the situation. After Samhain was captured, he revealed to everyone he was getting a summer intern.

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord[]

Ray called Gabriela Sparks to congraulate her on defeating the Ghost Lord but also passed along a warning about the Apocalypse Avoidance Super Surge. The San Francisco Ghostbusters returned to Hookfaber Mansion and encountered Slimer, who inexplicably manifested in San Francisco, in the underground laboratory. Ray speculated it was the result of crossing a spectral boundary, reprojection, or quantum mechanics.[17] The team chased Slimer around the lab then took the elevator back up and battled Slimer in the foyer. He hid in objects and animated them. The Ghostbusters eventually trapped him and Ray mused a way to send the Trap back to New York would have to be figured out later.

During a June blizzard, Ray summoned the San Francisco Ghostbusters to the Firehouse and asked them for their help in dealing with Garraka. He made a mental note to have Janine update the records then tried to remember where he placed the Heat Beam attachments. He came out into the office, found them, and explained the Heat Beams was a new adaption made by Lars Pinfield that concentrates UV waveforms for targeted ice melting. He then asked the team to help in look for a brass Swedish chocolate box with their P.K.E. Meters. They returned from upstairs with the box. Ray told them the story about how Gustav Hookfaber came to them in the 80s with the box claiming it briefly contained the spirit of his dead sister and at the time thought he was scamming them for funding. He believed Hookfaber's research might help them extract and contain Garraka. Gabriela arrived but was frozen by a Googly. The Heat Beam thawed here out while Ray and the others trapped the ghost. Ray instructed the team to head back to San Francisco and search Alcatraz for Hookfaber's secret office and locate his diary. He offered Gabriela a shiny blanket and she also asked for a stiff drink while she thawed out. While the team worked in San Francisco, Garraka escaped the orb. Ray and Gabriela speculated the Ghost Lord Hookfaber served was really Garraka. The team headed to Chinatown to restore a Harvester in order to collect ectoplasm from five icy ghosts.

The team returned to New York to deliver the canisters just as Garraka emptied the Containment Unit of the captured ghosts in it. On the roof, they encountered Garraka who stole the canisters. As they attacked with Heat Beams, Garraka dropped the canisters. As vents overheated, they placed the canisters on them. Ray reported the canisters flooded the Containment Unit and acted like coolant. They reversed the entropy on it and used the Containment Unit to trap Garraka.


Ray's devotion to the company was obvious when he mortgaged the house his parents had left to him to provide the capital to begin Ghostbusters Inc. Ray was also a handy man and largely responsible for the repair and modification of the Ecto-1. He wasn't particularly religious, but did seem to believe in a spiritual realm of sorts.

Ray is regarded by Peter as the "heart of the Ghostbusters." Indeed, Ray displays a level of ebullience when it comes to Ghostbusting and paranormal science in general unmatched by any of his colleagues (One example is were Peter was slimed by Slimer is where he exclaims "That's great! ACTUAL physical contact!"). His mention of an undersea, unexplained mass sponge migration shows he's more than eager to go anywhere it takes to study the strange and unusual.

Ray is generally the most positive of the group in outlook, however bits of cynicism will surface on occasion ("yuppie larvae").


  • "Personally, I liked the university. They gave us money and facilities. We didn't have to produce anything! You've never been out of college. You don't know what it's like out there. I've worked in the private sector. They expect results."
  • "Ungrateful little yuppie larva. After everything we did for this city."
  • "Let's see if he wants s'more? Get it! I'm funny too, you know!"


Ghostbusters (1984) Trivia[]

  • Ray was portrayed by Dan Aykroyd, who is admittedly interested in the paranormal and occult, which may explain why Ray seemed to be the most motivated of the Ghostbusters..."busting heads-in a spiritual sense," of course.
  • Harold Ramis noted how Ray Stantz and Dan Aykroyd were both 'honest, straight-ahead, enthusiastic'.[18]
  • Dan Aykroyd contributed to the design of the Proton Pack, Trap, and other ghostbusting equipment
  • Even though Ray seemed skeptical about the existence of God, he DID seem to have a working familiarity with Biblical folklore. And even described (with Venkman) to Mayor Lenny that NYC's takeover had Biblical, "wrath-of-God" proportions.
  • In the novelization:
    • It was revealed Ray was raised on Long Island by his doctor father and housewife mother. Ray's relatives were listed as a bisexual sister with a daughter, and a macho brother with two boys in the Boy Scouts.[19]
    • Ray has an older brother named Carl. He was an Air Force officer in the Middle East, is married, is Republican, has two sons and both are in the Boy Scouts, is an alcoholic, and is a Sustaining Member of the National Rifle Association.[20] Carl hates communism, homosexuality, parapsychology and Dr. Venkman. Peter disliked Carl, as well. Carl's family flew from South Carolina.[21]
    • Ray has a younger sister named Jean. She is a journalist in San Francisco,[22] California, is divorced, is a Democrat, has a daughter who attends ballet school, and is a feminist with two lovers of both genders.[23] Jean's first husband is a classic scholar and part-time beet farmer.[24]
    • Neither Carl nor Jean speak to each other nor do they speak to Ray.[25]
    • Ray's father willed him the house not because he felt Ray was more worthy, but that after Peter had come with him to a family dinner once and seduced Ray's sister, he figured Ray was going to need all the help he could get. They met three years ago from the library case, at a Stantz family reunion held at the ancestral home in Islip, a small town in Long Island.[26]
    • Also in the novelization, 18 months after the Stantz reunion, a Boeing 727 carrying Ray's parents goes down on a flight to Puerto Rico. Egon kept insisting to Ray that they might still be alive in the Bermuda Triangle, until Ray finally punched him.[27]
  • At around the 16:45 mark of the Preview Cut, included first in the 2022 Ghostbusters Ultimate Edition, after Peter tells Ray and Egon they will become rich beyond their wildest dreams, Ray is concerned people will be too afraid to report a ghost. Peter quips no one ever advertised before.
  • At around the 45:51 mark of the Preview Cut, during the first montage, Ray pushes buttons on a machine in the Firehouse work area then drinks a beer.
  • The "dream sequence" where Ray is seduced by a lovely female ghost was actually originally filmed as an actual mission, as explained by Ivan Reitman and Harold Ramis in the commentary on the Ghostbusters Special Edition DVD. Ray and Winston were sent out to Fort Detmerring. On a lark, Ray had decided to try on a Napoleonic era uniform and was asleep on a replica bed when she appears. This scene was later re-edited into the movie as a dream. A picture of Ray and Winston exiting Ecto-1 in front of the fort can be found in a storybook based on the film, although it wasn't referred to in the story anywhere. In real life, Aykroyd was filmed driving the hearse off of private premises, before authorities arrived on scene.
  • In the July 6, 1983 draft of the first movie, part of the ending included Ray paying another visit to Fort Detmerring.[28]
  • In the August 5, 1983 draft of the first movie, on page 5, Ray is described as Peter's oldest friend.[29]

Ghostbusters II Trivia[]

  • Possibly for being the most open-minded of the group, his body and will were possessed by Vigo the Carpathian.
  • In the Ghostbusters II August 5, 1988 draft:
    • On pages 3-5, Winston is stated to be thinking of quitting the party business. Ray says someone has to do it and jokes, 'who else are they going to call? Bozo?'
    • On page 5, Ray retells the final battle from the first movie. He alludes to 550 Central Park West and mentions the two Terror Dogs. After the story, the Brownstone Boy #2 tells Ray his father thinks they were full of crap. Ray tries to change the subject with science and asks the children if any of them ever saw a hard-boiled egg get sucked through the mouth of a Coke bottle.
    • Ray refused to help Peter at first.[30]
    • Ray lost everything after the events of the first movie. He rebuilt his life with Ray's Occult Books. [31][32]
    • It is Ray who uses the jackhammer to make a very big hole.[33]
    • It is Ray who traps the Scoleri Brothers.[34]
  • In the August 5, 1988 and February 27, 1989 versions of the Ghostbusters II script, during the set up to the final battle and the epilogue scene respectively, Ray reveals his great-grandparents were Swiss.[35] [36]
  • In the Ghostbusters II September 29, 1988 draft:
    • On page 13, Egon calls up Ray and tells him he has something that sounds psychomagnetheric and he agrees to help, too.
    • During the baby examination, Peter refers to Ray as Sherlock Holmes on page 18.
    • On page 25, Peter quickly nominates Ray to go down the hole. Egon seconds it. Peter and Egon both say "aye."
    • On page 28, Ray is hauled up but they stop the winch after the First Cop returns with a Con Edison Supervisor and talks to Peter. They don't fall for his phone lines story and Peter suggests a gas leak. They slap handcuffs on Peter and Egon. Suddenly there is a bright flash from down the hole then there is a blackout. Ray utters a "sorry" in the darkness.
    • On page 39, Ray points them doing something about the Scoleri Brothers will expose themselves whereas in the movie, Louis points that out.
    • On page 42, Ray traps the Scoleri Brothers.
    • On page 44, Ray thinks the damage to the Firehouse is only superficial.
    • On page 57, Ray likens the slime to a baby on mother's milk.
    • On page 58, Ray informs them all the psychomagnetheric energy collected would turn New York into applesauce.
    • On page 80, Ray takes out a street map. Lane points out the slime flows right around the museum.
    • On page 86, Ray likens the threat to be on par to the Fall of Rome, the Hundred Year War, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and two World Wars.
    • On page 105, aboard the Statue of Liberty, Ray thinks they should keep to the middle of the channel, they're okay to 59th, and they should take First Avenue to 79th.
      • In the deleted scene Driving Miss Liberty, Ray wanted to stay right of the channel, come ashore at Battery Park, go up the west side highway to 57, fly up 9 across the park at 65.
    • On page 111, Peter notes Ray's great grandparents were Swiss and came to America allegedly seeking 'other kinds of cheeses.'
  • In the Ghostbusters II November 27, 1988 draft:
    • On page 6, Ray is kicked in the leg by the Brownstone Boy, who asks about He-Man in the movie, then Ray grabs him by the shirtfront and tells him, "I'm watching you."
    • On page 8, after Ray remarks 'what a ride,' he continues with "You can't make a hamburger without chopping up a cow." Ecto-1 finally starts but dies. Ray bangs his head on the steering wheel.
    • On page 19, Ray suggests checking the ASPR, volume 6, number 3, 1968-1969, Renzacker and Buell, and the Duke University mean averaging study on controlled psychokinetics.
    • On page 29, Ray and Peter talk as they leave the coffee shop. They agree they have to keep the investigation low key.
    • On page 30, Ray tells the First Cop the jackhammer is cutting fine.
    • On page 32, after Ray voted to go down the hole, he sarcastically replies, "Thanks, boys."
    • On page 38, Ray calls the Judge an open minded guy.
    • On page 59, Ray sits on a bench across from Peter in Central Park. After the trapping, Peter notes the Jogger Ghost ran his last lap in under six minutes. Ray thinks he could have been an Olympic prospect.
    • On page 63 to 64, a case takes place in a Steuben Glass Store. Ray and Peter talk to the manager while Egon and Winston set up an array. Ray tells the manager the case is a straight polarity reversal and some kind of P.K.E. storm had blown through and affected the silicon molecules in the glass. After the crystals crash on the floor, Ray asks the manager if he will pay by cash or check.
    • On page 66, only Ray yells at the Psychomagnotheric Slime. Ray and Egon sing "Cumbaya" to the slime. Egon plays the guitar.
    • On page 67, Ray likens it to giving someone a live hand grenade. After Winston realizes it feeds on bad vibes, Ray confirms it would be like a goat on garbage.
    • On page 73, Ray notes Vigo is also a bad monkey and he dabbled in all the Black Arts.
    • On page 74, Rudy the Museum Guard tells the Ghostbusters that Janosz said not to let them in anymore. Ray tells him the museum has an Ecto-paritic subfusionary flux in the building. Rudy is scared and follows his instructions to take cover.
    • On page 75, Ray uses the Giga Meter.
    • On page 76, Winston's "That's one ugly dude" line jolts Ray out of his trance.
    • On pages 77 to 80, Ray is possessed and drives recklessly and angrily. Winston clocks him and stomps the brake. They skid into a tree but are uninjured. Ray exits to and is shocked.
      • This becomes a deleted scene but some shots are used in the first montage of the movie.
    • On page 89, Ray measures the River of Slime. They realize the river is rising over the edge of the platform.
    • On page 99, Ray predicts "Shitstorm 2000" is about to begin.
    • On page 110, Ray mentions the Vienna Choir Boys.
    • On page 114-115, Ray compares Vigo to Stalin and warns what will happen would be like the French Reign of Terror.
    • On page 122, Ray muses there aren't Reeboks in the Statue's size.
    • On page 125, Ray taunts Vigo with the "Vigi Vigi, you've been a bad monkey" line (whereas Peter has the line in the movie). Vigo grabs Ray. Winston hoses them both with slime.
    • On page 127, Ray tells Janosz he had a violent prolonged transformative psychic episode and offers coffee.
  • In the Ghostbusters II February 27, 1989 draft:
    • On page 6, Ray is now kicked in the leg by Brownstone Boy #2 then he grabs the boy by the shirtfront and tells him, "I'm watching you." The story about 550 Central Park West is no longer present.
      • An aspect of this scene survives into the final version of the movie. When Ray says "Song," Ray is turning from Jason as the boy sits down clutching his shirtfront before he joins in with the other children.
    • On page 80, Ray takes the tupperware of slime out of the microwave.
  • In Ghostbusters II, Ray and Winston dance to and sing the "Ghostbusters" song as it plays during the birthday party.
  • In Ghostbusters II, Chapter 04: Ray's Occult Books, at Ray's Occult Books:
    • Ray refers to early parapsychological research conducted by J. B. Rhine at Duke University in the 1930s. One such psychokinesis test was to influence the outcome of tossed dice.
    • Ray uses reading glasses. This is the only time he is seen using them.
    • Peter pulled Ray's ears to get him to reveal he and Egon are doing research for Dana at the start of Ghostbusters II. He previously pulled Ray by the ear when they encountered the Library ghost in the first movie.
  • In the Ghostbusters II deleted scene We Should Get a Deeper Reading, it is shown bacon doesn't agree with Ray's digestive system.[37]
  • A follow up from the first movie, instead of Peter like in the New York City Public Library, in Chapter 3: "Get Her!", Ray is silently voted as the volunteer after he asks who will go down the shaft.
  • The part where Ray realizes he was voted to go down the hole took at least 8 takes.[38]
  • Ray calls Egon "Spengie" when he tells him to get the Trap in the Scoleri Brothers battle.
  • Ray mentions English singer-songwriter Paul Young and the song "Dust in the Wind" from American progressive band Kansas during the toaster kinetic test.
  • Ray carries a JVC GR-S77U SVHC Super VHS-C Camcorder around when the Ghostbusters check out the museum.
  • Ray jokes Vigo is the next cover of the magazine Gentleman's Quarterly.
  • Ray's favorite foods seem to be Chinese, Greek, and Chicago-style pizza. He finds Thai food too spicy.
  • In at least the concept phase, Egon and Ray would have entered a car full of the ghosts of subway passengers during their underground search for the River of Slime.[39] There was rotting commuters.[40]
  • 11 takes were done of Egon, Ray, and Winston climbing from the sewers. Due to a camera motor running off speed, the scene had to be filmed again. At first, the actors thought it was a joke. The scene was re-filmed the next night.[41]
  • In the Deleted Scene: Peter's Concern, Ray tells Mayor Lenny that New York will get sucked into the tenth level of hell at midnight. In the actual movie, Mayor Lenny has the line.
  • Due to a scheduling conflict, Dan Aykroyd couldn't play the scenes where Ray was possessed by Vigo. Howie Weed volunteered because he was about the same size and he was there, saving time from bringing in another actor for fittings.[42][43]

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trivia[]

  • The entrance to the Farmhouse property bears the quote of Revelations 6:12 used by Ray in the first movie, Chapter 20: Keymaster, when he is talking to Winston in Ecto-1.
  • When Phoebe slides down the fire pole to the underground laboratory, re-recording mixer Will Files reused the sound of when Ray Stantz slides down the fire pole in the original movie, Chapter 5: Fixer-Upper.[44]
  • Ray has a tattoo on his left arm of the Revelations 6:12 quote.
  • Ray is wearing a Ray's Occult Books T-shirt in his first scene in the movie.[45]
  • Dan Aykroyd contributed to the dialogue in the scene where Phoebe calls the Ghostbusters' phone number and speaks to Ray.[46]
  • Ray's monologue in the Ray's Occult scene was originally way longer.[47]
  • Ray recalls he was in the slammer once, a reference to when the Ghostbusters were imprisoned briefly after the containment grid was shut down in Chapter 22: Holding Cell.
  • Ray mentioned some actor bought up most of Tribeca and they lost the firehouse. In 1989, Robert De Niro founded TriBeCa Productions with Jane Rosenthal. They opened Tribeca Grill in '90, organize the annual Tribeca Film Festival, and had stakes in the Greenwich Hotel.
  • Ray addresses Gozer to stop in a similar way he did in the first movie, Chapter 26: Gozer.
  • Ray mentions:
    • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    • Ducks Unlimited
    • The Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons
    • The National Invasive Species Act, made effective October 26, 1996
  • As a callback to the first movie, Chapter 26: Gozer, Gozer asks the Ghostbusters if they're gods.
  • Jason Reitman advised Dan Aykroyd to have Ray join in and insult Gozer's godly aspects. However, Ray's Pele line was not used in the theatrical version.[48]
  • Podcast emerges from Ecto-1 covered in marshmallow residue much like three of the Ghostbusters at the end of the first movie, Chapter 28: Crossing Streams.
  • Ray reveals he is one person who subscribes to Podcast's "Mystical Tales of the Unknown Universe" podcast. Like Podcast, Ray also thinks the podcast found its voice in the 46th episode.[49][50]

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Trivia[]

  • When Phoebe delivers the mood slime to Ray's Occult, Ray is reading "Strange But True - The World's Weirdest Newspaper Stories". It is a real book first printed in 1983.
  • Atop one of the bookcases near Podcast is Ray's hard hat from the First Avenue excavation in Ghostbusters II.
  • Costume designer Alexis Forte fitted Dan Aykroyd for a denim jacket similar to the one he wore in the first movie then aged it, stained it, and sanded down the corduroy. Gil Kenan was impressed by the final product.[51]
  • Ray and Gary sing a rendition of two lines from "Home, Home on the Range". Instead of "Home, home on the range" and "Where the deer and the antelope play," they say "Home of the strange" and "Where the specters and entities play."
  • Ray implies to Phoebe they found the rotting human pinkie at the Farview State Hospital, Pennsylvania's only institution for the criminal insane from 1912 to 1995.
  • Ray reveals he quit smoking in the 1990s and Peter was proud of him for it.

Ghostbusters: Back in Town Trivia[]

The Real Ghostbusters Trivia[]

  • Ray's character design in The Real Ghostbusters differs the most from his live action counterpart. His animated version is more chubby and roundfaced than his live action counterpart.

Ghostbusters III: Hellbent Trivia[]

  • In the February 1997 story treatment, one of the new Ghostbusters was named Frank Stantz. He was Ray's nephew and a problematic employee. Dan Aykroyd envisioned Chris Farley for the role.[52]
  • The 1997 treatment also introduced Ray and Egon's mentor Professor Wyance.[53]
  • In a limited revision done in summer 2006, Peter is revealed to have died from slipping during an industrial accident involving the making of a love potion. Ray blamed himself.[54][55][56]

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Trivia[]

  • In the February 11, 2008 draft revision:
    • During the Panic in Times Square level, in the office building, Ray admits he and Egon were talking about making minions so they could get more work done in the lab and they would be domesticated like Slimer.[57]
    • During the Thanksgiving Day Parade level, Ray reveals he owns all Blinkers episodes on Betamax tape, had the whole set of Parade Float Figures trading cards, and didn't like baseball until he was 18.[58][59]
    • Ray kept the "Fettuccine" painting from the end of Ghostbusters II inside of Ray's Occult.[60]
  • Ray's description of Black Slime implies he believes in the concept of a soul.
  • Ray mentions playing a game called Ghosts and Gargoyles while he was in a seminary, establishing the fact he was religious at one time.[61]
  • In Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions), one of the messages left on the recorder at the Firehouse after the Checking Out the Library Level level, is for Ray from the New York City Public Library. He has several overdue books and owes a fine of $417.42.[62]

Ghostbusters: Alive Again Trivia[]

  • In the Etan Cohen written Alive Again drafts, one of the new Ghostbusters was named Dean and he was Ray's son. Dean licensed the Ghostbusters name to a theme restaurant. Ray and Egon had cameos as ghosts.[63]

IDW Comics Trivia[]

  • In Ghostbusters: Infestation it is revealed Ray previously made a set of calculations that almost sank Coney Island.[64] He also quotes his grandmother.[65] In the second issue, he admits he built the Ghost Gun because he thought it'd be cool when Peter inquires.[66]
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #14, Ray claims to have seen a car coast uphill by supernatural means. He refers to the event as "Belo Horizonte"[67] Peter insists the car stayed on the road the whole time.
  • Ray gave Tiyah Zeddemore a Ghost Taser for one of her birthdays.[68]
  • In Ghostbusters International #2, on page 5, Jenny and Ray wore outfits that Monica McNeil and Clifford Skridlow respectively wore in the 1983 movie Doctor Detroit.
    • McNeil was portrayed by Donna Dixon whom Jenny is visually based on
    • Skridlow was portrayed by Dan Aykroyd
  • Ray wrote the introduction of Insight Editions' Tobin's Spirit Guide on page 4 to 5.
  • The wraparound jacket band on the red hardcover and credit on the front of the green softcover of Insight Editions' Tobin's Spirit Guide misspells Ray's last name as "Stanz".
  • Egon and Ray were once convinced the Eiffel Tower was engineered to be some kind of primitive Containment Unit.[69][70]
  • In Ghostbusters International #6, page 8, while in Cayey, Puerto Rico, Egon admitted Ray had a better grasp of the local lore in that part of the world.[71]
  • Ray spent a month researching Sluagh but barely scratched the surface.[72]
  • Ray invented a Psychokinetic Defibrillator, worn like a glove, with the specific function of safely exorcising possessors from their human host.[73]
  • On page 20 of Ghostbusters International #9, Ray's outfit is based on an outfit Dan Aykroyd wore on the set of first movie.
  • On page 3 of Ghostbusters: Funko Universe, Ray wears his civies from Ray's Occult Books in Ghostbusters II.
    • In panel 3, Ray has a Ghostbusters Mug from Ghostbusters II.
  • On page 18 of Ghostbusters 101 #5, Ray's blue shirt and khaki slacks civies appears to be based on the civies he wears in Chapter 7 and Chapter 9 of the first movie but the collar is colored blue instead.
  • On page 23 of Ghostbusters 101 #5, it is mentioned Egon and Ray have started working on a condensed version of Tobin's Spirit Guide updated with specific information from the Ghostbusters' cases to attract mainstream audiences. Ray promises copies to participants of Ghostbusters 101. This a nod to Tobin's Spirit Guide (Insight Editions).[74]
  • Ray appears on Cover B and C of Ghostbusters 101 #6.
  • On page 16 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, Ray partially quotes one of King Henry's lines in Act III of Henry V, "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more."
  • On page 18 of Ghostbusters 101 #6:
    • The third image is from Volume 2 Issue #17, page 16 panel 3, during the Hart Island battle against Vigo. Abby appears in place of Ray just before he entered another trance state.
    • The fourth image is from the 2016 movie, Chapter 6, when Abby and Patty dragged Erin from the Seward Street Subway Station tracks while she had the Electrocuted Ghost confined by the Proton Box thrower. Ray appears in place of Erin.
    • The fifth image is from Ghostbusters II, Chapter 8 "Down the Shaft", when Ray is first lowered above the River of Slime. Patty appears in place of Ray.
    • The eighth image is from Ghostbusters II, Chapter 24 "A Harbor Chick", when the team looks out from the head of the Statue of Liberty. Holtzmann, Patty, and Abby appear in place of Peter, Winston, and Ray.
    • The ninth image is from the first movie, Chapter 27 "Stay Puft Man", when they shoot the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Abby appears in place of Ray.
    • The tenth image is from Ghostbusters II, Chapter 28 "World is Safe Again", of the 'cleaned' Vigo portrait. Abby appears in place of Ray.
  • On page 7 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #1, Ray's civies are inspired by an outfit worn by Louis Winthrope III, a character portrayed by Dan Aykroyd in the movie Trading Places, notably during a mug shot.
  • On page 1 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #2, Raphael and Ray are chased by a beast that resembles Mugato from the Star Trek episode "A Private Little War", but it was just a coincidence on Dan Shoening's part.[75]
  • On page 3 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #2:
  • On page 9 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #2, Ray refers to his sister and nephew.
  • On page 17 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #2, Winston mentions Ray is addicted to watching Kung Fu Theater.[76]
  • On page 8 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #4:
    • Danny is chosen to talk to Michelangelo, mirroring when Ray was elected to talk to Gozer in the first Ghostbusters movie.
    • Danny's speech mirrors Ray's speech to Gozer in the first movie, even Peter realizes this.
  • On page 17 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #5, Ray wears his Ray Bans sunglasses from the first montage of Ghostbusters II during the Orrefors case.
  • On page 30 of Ghostbusters Annual 2018, Ron brings up Ray's bad math skills.
  • On Cover B of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #1, Ray pilots Ecto-4.
  • On page 4 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #1, Egon notes Ray talks slower when he's nervous.[77]
  • Of page 18 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #2, Ray wears civies based on those worn by his counterpart in The Real Ghostbuters. He previously wore them in Volume 2 Issue #5.
  • Of page 19 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #2, Ray refers to the Scarecrow character from Oz.
  • Ray is mentioned in Jenny Moran's bio on the 20th Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card, released on April 26, 2018.[78]
  • Ray is mentioned in Samuel Hazer's bio on the 22nd Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card, released on May 3, 2018.[79]
  • Ray is mentioned in Peter Venkman's bio on the 26th Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card, released on May 17, 2018.[80]
  • Ray was mentioned in the 101 Cadets' bio in the 38th Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card, released on June 28, 2018.[81]
  • Ray was mentioned in Kylie Griffin's bio on the 39th Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card, posted on July 3, 2018.[82]
  • Ray was mentioned in the Groovy Doom Dimension bio in the 40th Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card, released on July 5, 2018.[83]
  • On July 10, 2018, Tom Waltz posted Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card #41, Ray Stantz. [84]
  • On page 14 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #5, Ray mentions he used to be a Boy Scout.[85][86]
  • Ray appears in the lower right side of Cover B of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #6.
  • Ray appears on Cover RI of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #6.
  • On Cover RI of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #7, Ray is featured.
  • Ray appears on Cover B of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #8.
  • Ray appears on IDW Convention Variant cover of 35th Anniversary: Ghostbusters.
  • Ray appears on Cover A, Cover B, Cover RI-A, Cover RI-C, Fan Expo Dallas Cover, and SDCC Cover of Transformers/Ghostbusters Issue #1.
  • On page 4 of Transformers/Ghostbusters Issue #1, instead of Ray, it is Megatron who goes up the stairs to address Gozer.
  • On page 6 of Transformers/Ghostbusters Issue #1, Starscream is in Ray's position of having chosen the Destructor Form.
  • On page 12 of Transformers/Ghostbusters Issue #1, Ray's "we have the technology" and Peter's "Better. Stronger. Faster" quip are both nods to The Six Million Dollar Man series' title sequence.
  • On page 15 of Transformers/Ghostbusters Issue #1, Ray mentions the Iroquois and their history with lacrosse.
  • Ray appears on Cover RI of Transformers/Ghostbusters Issue #2.
  • Ray appears on Cover B and RI of Transformers/Ghostbusters Issue #3.
  • Ray appears on Cover B of Transformers/Ghostbusters Issue #4.
  • On page 15 of Transformers/Ghostbusters Issue #4, Peter alludes to the power outage Ray caused in the Ghostbusters II.
  • On page 17 of Transformers/Ghostbusters Issue #4, Ray cites Coulomb's Law which quantifies the amount of force between two stationary electrically charged particles.
  • Ray appears on Cover B and RI of Transformers/Ghostbusters Issue #5.
  • Ray appears on Cover RI of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #1.
  • In the Dramatis Personae of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #1, Ray's biography mentions the act of mortgaging his family home and quickly hiring Winston in the first movie.
  • Peter's biography in the Dramatis Personae in Ghostbusters Year One Issue #1 mentions how he talked Ray and Egon into forming Ghostbusters.[87]
  • On page 11 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #1, Winston is sure Ray wrote the job interview script Janine recited.
  • On page 11 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #1, Ray mentions he has theories about Sasquatch migration in the Pacific Northwest and how it ties into extraterrestrial visitation patterns.[88]
  • Ray is featured on all three covers of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2.
  • On Cover A of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2, there are two scenes from the first movie:
    • Ray in a period costume from Fort Detmerring in a deleted scene.
    • Ray seeing Slimer for the first time in Chapter 12: "He Slimed Me!" but this depiction lacks his cigarette .
  • On Cover B of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2, there is:
    • A photo of Ray in his blue lab coat from the first commercial in Chapter 7: Fried Eggs & Zuul.
    • On Ray's file, his employee I.D. # is listed as 0111952.
    • A Post-It note mentions "Jean," the name of Ray's sister in Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular.
    • A document on the upper right corner mentions Islip. Islip was listed as the location of Ray's family's home on page 45 of Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular.
      • A real world address is listed for Ray's family home, 56 Saint Marks Lane.
    • There is a document under the eye dropper that lists Ray's middle name is "Francis," a nod to when Peter called him Francine in Chapter 3 "Get Her!".
    • The photo on the right is of Ray standing outside the Firehouse, before the exterior was modified, in the civies he wore in Chapter 5: Fixer Upper.
  • On Cover RI of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2:
  • On page 3 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2:
    • In panel 3, Ray's outfit is based on a jogging outfit worn by Dan Aykroyd's character Clifford Skridlow in Doctor Detroit (1983).
    • In panel 4, Ray is wearing a blue suit based on one also worn by Clifford Skridlow in Doctor Detroit when Smooth Walker and his girls take out on the town.
  • On page 4 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2:
    • Ray runs out of Columbia University's Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, located near the Department of Psychology.
    • Ray's hairstyle is based on Dan Aykroyd's character Millbarge in Spies Like Us (1985).
  • On page 5 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2:
    • Ray alludes to MKOFTEN, an off shoot of MKUltra. It was rumored to have consulted with and hired fortune tellers, palm readers, clairvoyants, astrologists, mediums, psychics, voodoo practitioners, witches, magicians, demonologists, satanists, and exorcists in its study of the occult.
    • Ray mentions MKUltra, a CIA mind control project that ran from 1953 to 1973. The project was revealed to the public in Fall 1975 during the Church Committee Senate Hearings.
  • On page 6 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2, Ray reveals he suggested a few tweaks to the P.K.E. Meter during graduate school.[89]
  • On page 8 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2, Ray believes the fastest he ever ran in his life was the first encounter with the Library ghost.
  • On page 10 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2, Ray admits he forgot about the Library ghost after the Ghostbusters took off and they got busy with work.
  • On page 12 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2, Ray alludes to Peter not negotiating very well at Manhattan City Bank in the first movie, Chapter 4: Terminated.
  • On page 20 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2, it is revealed Ray intended to start an occult research library with a collection he bought for a deal from the New York City Public Library, but Rebecca Morales suggested a book store, foreshadowing Ray's Occult Books.[90]
  • On Cover B of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3, there is the mortgage contract from Manhattan City Bank, seen in Chapter 4: Terminated.
    • The contract lists Ray's middle name, Francis. It was used by Peter in Chapter 3: "Get Her!"
    • Islip was listed as the location of Ray's family's home on page 45 of Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular.
  • On page 11 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #3, Ray states he only knows the blues, a nod to Dan Aykroyd and also his role in The Blues Brothers.
  • On page 1 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #4, Ray's outfit is visually based on one also worn by Dan Aykroyd's character Clifford Skridlow in Doctor Detroit when Smooth Walker and his girls take out on the town.
  • Ray appears on the Transformers Generations Ectotron Ecto-1 Cover of Transformers/Ghostbusters Issue #1.

Ghostbusters: The Board Game Trivia[]

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Trivia[]

  • In Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed:
    • Ray is dressed based on his appearance in Ray's Occult Books in Ghostbusters II.
    • In Act 1 Scene 1, Ray alludes to thee psychomagnotheric event from Ghostbusters II.
    • The graffiti under Stay Puft in the alley advertisement quotes Winston's line "What did you do, Ray?" in the first movie in Chapter 27: Stay Puft Man.
    • Hanging on the shelves behind the counter in Ray's Occult is a framed copy of the famous Revelations quote from the first movie in Chapter 20: Keymaster.
    • During a voice recording session, Dan Aykroyd rejected a vodka nod in one of Ray's lines and told the crew Ray is a whiskey drinker.[91]

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord Trivia[]

  • At the end of the first Frozen Empire mission, Ray remarks "Golden years, indeed" – a callback to a conversation between Ray and Winston in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

Miscellaneous Trivia[]

  • Dan Aykroyd made a cameo appearance as Ray Stantz with mustache in the 1995 live-action Casper film. He was defeated by Casper's uncles and ran for his life. This cowardly portrayal angered a number of fans and is generally not considered canonical. However, Ray went alone during the exploit, which breaks one of the rules "never go solo," which could be an explanation as to why he ran.
  • In the Quickbooks "Happy Business: Ghostbusters Payroll Taxes" online spot, released on December 27, 2019, Ray is listed on Janine's payroll and is paid $1,531.96 by direct deposit.
  • In Ghostbusters: The Official Cookbook, on page 30, Ray states an interdimensional cross-rip took place at Northern Niger at the center of the Sahara Desert.[92]
  • In Ghostbusters: The Official Cookbook, on page 87, Ray claims he saw a Wendigo lurking in the woods north of Camp Waconda's lake and the experience is one of the things that started his interest in the paranormal.[93]
  • In Ghostbusters: The Official Cookbook, on page 111, Ray claims he saw the ghost of Henry VIII at the bottom of the Thames River during a senior high school trip. He believed Henry was hiding from the lurking specter of Anne Boleyn.[94]


Primary Canon Appearances[]

Expanded Universe

Secondary Canon Appearances[]

Tertiary Canon Appearances[]


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