Rebecca Gorin[1] (also known as Dr. Rebecca Gorin) was Holtzmann's mentor in the 2016 movie.


Primary Canon

Rebecca Gorin met Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, after the team moved into the Firehouse, while she examined the Containment Unit. Erin tried to get her attention. Holtzmann kicked herself for not introducing Gorin to everyone then proceeded to. Holtzmann noted that Gorin is her mentor. Gorin assessed the Containment Unit's current state as "reckless" and informed Holtzmann that all someone had to do was sneeze too hard and everyone in the Firehouse would disintegrate. Holtzmann admitted it was completely unstable and laughed as she patted Gorin's right shoulder with her green rubber gloves. Gorin asked if they needed a certain safety light. Holtzmann quipped safety lights were for dudes. Gorin was amused. Holtzmann chuckled and high fived Gorin. Gorin shook her head and stated she hated doing that.

Secondary Canon

IDW Comics

During the dimensional bleed incident, Gorin observed the whole city turned into what amounted to a living representation of Escher's Relativity. Two weeks after the two dimensions were separated and returned to normal, Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz paid their world a visit to rebuild their Containment Unit. Peter started to warm up the idea of giving Interspatial Teleportation Units to other Ghostbusters. He reckoned they could have a decent bowling league if they could avoid blowing up the universe. Gorin believed that would be extremely unlikely. Peter immediately noticed she was that dimension's version of Dana Barrett. Holtzmann introduced her. Peter asked her if she was ever turned into a dog. Gorin replied she never experimented with those sorts of pharmaceuticals. Peter and Gorin joked about the 'other kinds.'


Gorin seems to share some of the same mannerisms as Holtzmann but is not animated like her.


  • On September 25, 2015, Paul Feig confirmed Sigourney Weaver would make an appearance in the movie.[2]
  • Weaver's cameo was not originally Gorin. It was changed from something else. A discarded idea was when no one believed the Ghostbusters and they driving around the city, Weaver approached them and told them she believed in them. But either walked away and laid down on the ground or went told someone else the same line.[3][4]
  • On May 12, 2016, it was reported Sigourney Weaver's cameo was removed from a previous edit and was then put back in the final cut. She was initially cut due to the scene not being essential to the story.[5]
  • Gorin hates doing high fives.[6]
  • Gorin has a "Screw U" brooch like Holtzmann.
  • In the extended alternate scene "Rebecca Gorin", Holtzmann informs Erin and Abby that Gorin does not shake hands with people.[7]
  • In the Tor Books Ghostbusters Novelization, on page 207, Holtzmann revealed she impressed Dr. Gorin for the first time when she nearly disintegrated everyone in the classroom.[8]
  • On page 4 of Ghostbusters 101 #3:
    • In panel 1, covered by Holtzmann's "ZZZZ" is a frame of her mentor Rebecca Gorin.
    • In panel 4, Holtzmann's mug as the no logo on "safety lights" - a nod to the end credits teaser in the 2016 movie when Dr. Gorin inspects the Containment Unit.
  • On page 20 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, Gorin mentions having gone to the Bonnaroo Music Festival, a 4 day music festival held in Tennessee that is similar to Woodstock.
  • On page 20 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, Rebecca Gorin relates her experience during the merged dimensions incident as Escher's "Relativity", a famous lithograph first printed in 1953.


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Secondary Canon


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