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Rebecca Morales[1][2] is an independent author.[3]


In 1984, Peter Venkman reportedly sold the exclusive rights to a Ghostbusters book to a small New York publishing house.[4] They recruited Rebecca Morales to write the book. They told her to be as thorough as possible but the book had to something a person could read between John F. Kennedy International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport.[5][6] She went to the Firehouse and interviewed Winston Zeddemore and Janine Melnitz. She told her Peter might sometimes leap before he looks. Winston thought he had the gift of gab. After Gozer was defeated by the Ghostbusters, Rebecca spoke to Louis Tully outside 550 Central Park West. He thought writing a book about the Ghostbusters was a pretty good idea and agreed to talk to her about them. He suggested going out for coffee but she was buying. As a courtesy, he advised her to then keep the receipt and use it as a write-off. Rebecca met with Dana Barrett at a diner. Dana correctly guessed what advice Louis gave her then mused it felt like years, not weeks since the incident. She decided she would answer what she wanted to talk about. Dana recalled Peter told her they technically started out at Columbia University. She admitted she didn't see any of the Ghostbusters as professors, not with students. She stopped herself and asked Rebecca not to put that in the book. Louis met with Rebecca at a diner. The interview turned to Peter. Louis considered him a real straight shooter and revealed they made a deal for free use of the Ghostbusters logo in his yellow pages advertisement in exchange for doing his taxes for the next three years. He rambled on about how the logo gave him the competitive edge for only a few hours of work. Rebecca attempted to interview Walter Peck. They spoke over the phone. Peck only commented that the Ghostbusters used unregulated technology that might prove dangerous and he felt vindicated in that assessment. She still went to the EPA and talked Peck's supervisor into allowing her access to him. Peck stated he didn't appreciate her intrusion, repeated what he told her over the phone, and commented he had nothing more to say on the matter, especially if it glorified Peter in any way. He started to call Peter many things like combative, evasive, and disrespectful but he stopped himself and declined participation no matter what his supervisor said. Peck threatened to sue if anything he said was quoted in the book. She also read his report on the Containment Unit.

Rebecca interviewed the Sedgewick Hotel manager Bennett Davis. Davis emphasized the Sedgewick was the Ghostbusters' first client and while the damages were initially unacceptable, word of Slimer's capture led to an incredible uptick in clients. He revealed the hotel was booked through fall of next year. Bennett also told her Peter had a lot of nerve. She met with the Archbishop, Mike O'Sullivan, in his office. He found the Ghostbusters to be an interesting group, to say the least. He talked about how he watched them talk a room of politicians into fast action and thought it was either the funniest thing he'd ever seen or an honest-to-God miracle. He admitted he caught himself wishing the Church had a little more of that kind of salesmanship in the pulpit. Rebecca went to New York City Hall and spoke to Deputy Mayor Daniel Nash in his office. He repeated what he told her publisher, the official position of the Mayor's Office was that the Ghostbusters were involved in some kind of event and in light of the aftermath of said event, they reserved the right to investigate things more thoroughly before committing to further comment. Nash added he didn't care what the Archbishop said. She interviewed Officer Carlson, the jail guard at the NYPD Lock-Up, for her official book about the Ghostbusters. Officer Carlson told her they were the luckiest bunch he ever saw. He recalled their Firehouse blew up and they had them cold behind bars for the hazard. He noted they didn't seem too concerned about the incident and he thought that made them seem guilty. He remembered one of them was singing a Christmas carol or something but Mayor Lenny pulled them out. Carlson repeated that was luck.

Rebecca met with Winston Zeddemore at his apartment to interview him for her book. Winston was amazed she was so thorough she spoke with the jail guard. As Winston poured her some coffee, he admitted he thought the book was going to be a quick fly-by-night gimmick to capitalize on all the news the Ghostbusters made. Rebecca confirmed it sort of was but her publisher insisted on her being as thorough as possible. Winston thought there was no interest left especially after Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz went on the talk show circuit. He asked her where she wanted to start. Rebecca stated she preferred the beginning and began with "Who is Winston Zeddemore?" Winston revealed he was born in Michigan but Rebecca stopped him and clarified she meant "how did an ex-Marine become a Ghostbuster?" Winston told her there was no such thing as an ex-Marine and he woke up one day and it wasn't his calling anymore so he started over in New York working in construction then left after a few weeks. She noticed the irony that he quit over a safety concern. Rebecca was surprised with Winston's paycheck line during his interview with Janine Melnitz. Winston admitted he was kinda stunned but he still got hired on the spot. She asked how the rest of his training went. Winston called it "brief" then told her about the 15 minute lesson on the Firehouse roof.

Rebecca asked how long it was until his first case and was shocked to learn it was about two days after his hire. She decided to pause the current conversation and asked him if national fame changed the other Ghostbusters. Winston doubted it did and mused they were born into their level of weird. He continued on about his first bust. At the conclusion of his story, Rebecca admitted she thought his first bust was going to be weirder. Winston countered he saw the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe turn into a bunch of birds. Rebecca supposed so then asked if most of the calls we went on were easy. Winston told her they weren't and some were nightmares not fit for public consumption. She found that fair and thanked him for his time. She had one last question, what did he think he would be doing if he hadn't become a Ghostbuster. Winston revealed he wanted to learn more about computers but admitted he wasn't looking any further into the future than tomorrow. They stood up and shook hands.

Rebecca went to Columbia University and interviewed Jennifer Adams and Bob Douglas in a cafeteria. Jennifer told Rebecca how Peter took a great interest in her and her psychic gifts but she was saddened when he left the University. Bob called the Venkman experiment the worst experience he ever had even though he also pledged at Delta Tau Chi. He called Peter a maniac and claimed the electrocutions he suffered left him having weird dreams like one the previous night about a giant painting trying to kidnap a baby. He asked Rebecca if she was still paying him for the interview. Rebecca then met with Dean Yeager in the Low Memorial Library. Yeager confirmed he fired Peter, Ray, and Egon and stood by the decision. He believed Peter remained a poor scientist and a poor influence on better men. He admitted Peter proved to be a shrewd promoter and the Ghostbusters' popularity was responsible for a resurgence of interest in science that had, in turn, increased alumni donations to the program. He remarked it was a no-lose situation for the University. Rebecca went to the New York City Public Library and interviewed Roger Delacorte. Roger recalled Egon and Ray spent a lot of time at the library requesting some very esoteric books from the expanded collection. Roger then stated he was a firm believer in expertise, especially if the subject was out of his understanding, and admitted Egon and Ray were the only ones he could think of to call about the incident with the Library ghost. Rebecca interviewed Alice Sherman outside the assisted facility she relocated to, on a bench under supervision by an employee. Alice considered what happened to her to be a blessing in disguise. The ghost was a sign she needed more peace and quiet in her life. She asked Rebecca if she told her about Saint Jerome yet.

Rebecca met with Ray at the American Society for Psychical Research for his interview. He told her at great length about the Mass Sponge Migration but she only wanted to talk about the world of the supernatural and all things connected to it. She asked him how he, Egon, and Peter met. Ray opened for front door for her. He told her parapsychology was a calling their heard back in their college days at Columbia University then implied some of them heard the call louder than others. As they walked inside, Ray told her about the day Peter introduced him and Egon to each other. Once Ray got to the part where Egon told him he was working on what would later be known as the P.K.E. Meter, Rebecca remembered she read about it and the other equipment in an issue of Popular Science. She noted the article glossed over how they got the nuclear material for the Proton Packs. Ray paused on the stairs and told her it was left over material from a previously approved experiment. Ray credited Egon with designing much of the P.K.E. Meter but he did make suggestions during graduate school. He recalled when they finally saw it work for the first time outside of a laboratory setting at the New York City Public Library and saw a ghost for the first time. As he entered the library upstairs, Ray recalled it was also when he ran the fastest he ever did. Rebecca asked about Egon Spengler. Ray remembered how he quickly concluded from the Library ghost's readings that they could capture and hold a ghost indefinitely. Ray believed he changed their lives with that statement. He remembered Peter gave him a candy bar.

Rebecca inquired if that was when he was let go from Columbia. Ray added they then went into business for themselves shortly thereafter and got their first official call from the Sedgewick Hotel. Rebecca asked him to wait because she wanted to go back. She understood they ran because they didn't have all their equipment at the time but wanted to know if they ever went back. Ray paused and told her they went back several months after the first encounter with the Library ghost and how they finally captured her. Rebecca was shocked he threatened to destroy a rare book to get her to manifest. Ray clarified the rare books were in another part of the library and he was lying. It was luck it panned out. Rebecca was relieved but thought the bust sounded routine. Ray touted how well the equipment was built then admitted he was more worried about extensive damage being done to the stacks which was thankfully avoided. Ray added Roger Delacorte was so happy they trapped the ghost, he was able to talk him into selling him some of the library's occult collection for a good deal. Ray admitted he was thinking about opening an occult reference library someday. As Rebecca stepped outside the building, she suggested a bookstore. Ray liked that idea and told her she thought like Peter. Rebecca asked if that was a compliment. Ray replied it was, sometimes.

Rebecca and Janine also met at the outside dining area of the Empire Diner. She half-joked she couldn't say much due to a non-disclosure agreement. Janine admitted Peter wasn't the worst boss she had. She hinted that was with a job in Yonkers then remembered the terrible commute. She warned Rebecca that Peter was a little cagey when was questioned. Dana met with Rebecca again. She told Dana about Janine's warning that Peter could get cagey when questioned. Dana replied that assessment wasn't wrong and noted his habit of deflecting. She speculated it had to do with Peter studying Psychology to get better at it. She informed Rebecca that Peter joked, tried to anger, or digressed in an odd direction if he didn't like where a conversation was heading. She had no idea why. Rebecca revisited the Thorazine. Dana stated she didn't want that in the book but for the record, she was given a prescription to cure her hiccups. She remembered how Peter reminded her of a game show host. Rebecca asked about Egon Spengler. Janine admitted Egon was not the easiest person to get to know, on a personal level, but he was very generous about sharing what he learned with others. She thought that was very kind of him.

Rebecca went to Columbus Circle then approached a man at the USS Maine National Monument and asked if he was Peter. He replied he was sometimes. She introduced herself. Peter remembered she was writing the book about the Ghostbusters. He joked he was happy to talk to her since the check finally cleared. She noted she talked to everyone except him and Egon. Peter teased he was disappointed she didn't save him for last. They walked into Central Park and continued talking. Rebecca asked about Egon. Peter told her he ran on junk food. He remembered his old prank and told her to ask him about HG Huges. Peter was curious what everyone said about him so far. Rebecca remembered it wasn't very nice things and told him she was interested in how he thought of himself or better, how he viewed his role as a Ghostbuster. Peter waved at two women jogging then told Rebecca ghostbusting was just what he did and just a man who saved the world. They sat on a bench. Rebecca remembered Ray told her he also felt a calling. She asked Peter why Parapsychology interested him. Peter replied nothing was ever really wrong and it depended on the state of mind. He focused on the leeway the field allowed for then asked her if she was hungry because he was. He took her to the Tavern on the Green for lunch and continued the interview there. He recalled his accountant walked his dog there once or something. They got a table outside.

Peter made sure the lunch would be paid by Rebecca's publisher. Rebecca tried to ask him about his career at Columbia University and why he never published any papers on his own. Peter claimed he published more than one about the "effectiveness of the behavioral vs. humanistic approach when dealing with the average skell in the five boroughs" through the Mason-Wolf Journal of Tentative Psychology. She asked if he published outside of Parapsychology. Peter reminded her he had more than one degree and added he was in the middle of a "mostly credible" experiment before he parted ways with academia. She noted Dana told her he liked to deflect. Peter was caught off guard and decided he was definitely ordering dessert. Rebecca continued and told him others said the same thing like Peck. Peter was surprised he was still at the Environmental Protection Agency. Rebecca added Peck told her he was combative. She also revealed she read his report about the Containment Unit. Peter stopped her and wondered how thorough she was trying to be. Rebecca stated she was going to be as thorough as she could be since her name was going on the book. She noted Ray and Winston were cooperative. Peter keyed on her saying Ray was cooperative and asked if he talked about The Rose. She asked if he was talking about the night club. A waiter brought them their meals. Peter teased the national press didn't get the juicy details about that bust. He remarked the steak looked perfect and thanked the waiter. Rebecca suspected he brought it up so he wouldn't have to talk about his academic career. Peter told her about what happened at The Rose.

Rebecca was stunned with Peter's idea to have Egon dance. Peter explained that while some ghosts would talk to you like a person, most were straight Id and worked on impulse so if the right thing was dangled in front of them, they couldn't help but manifest. He continued with the story. Rebecca was surprised that was how the bust really went down. Peter quoted Casey Kasem's report about it. Peter admitted he thought it was shame it happened before Winston got hired because he would loved to see his reaction to Egon's Moonwalk. Rebecca suddenly had more questions but she was handed the bill. Peter bet she did but excused himself for a meeting with his agent about working in television. He asked if she thought the Tonight Show could use a man of his talents. She ran after him outside the Tavern and asked him if the story was true or did he just not want to answer any personal questions. Peter answered life could be a real mystery. He thanked her for lunch.

Winston walked Rebecca to the Firehouse. Rebecca inquired about HG Huges. Winston warned her not to ask Egon about him and revealed that was one of Peter's pranks. He once fell for it and got a two-hour lecture about the theoretical benefits of drilling a hole in your head. Rebecca was glad she asked, although she wasn't sure the escort was necessary. Winston assured her it was. He presented the exterior of the Firehouse, still in disrepair since the explosion. He informed her the police weren't letting just anybody in. Winston talked to Officer Mike and let him know Rebecca was going inside to meet with Egon. Mike wished her good luck with that then shouted to watch their step. Rebecca saw the hole and asked Winston if it was safe inside. Winston reminded her there was an explosion. He looked around and found Egon in the basement scanning around the Containment Unit with the Gamma Rate Meter. Winston told him to be nice to the visitor. Egon deduced it was about the book. Rebecca shook his hand and introduced herself. She joked he was a hard man to get a hold of. Egon told her he was extremely busy and only agreed to the interview because Peter said the fee was contingent on his involvement.

Rebecca was eager to get started. She started her recorder and asked Egon how he got interested in parapsychology and ghosts. Egon told her he didn't believe there are things man wasn't meant to know and ghosts were simply the first thing he was able to conclusively prove. He mused he would follow the trail until it ran cold or until something more interesting presented itself. Rebecca turned to the Containment Unit and asked if that was were the ghosts were stored then asked him if he ever thought that exploding as soon as it lost power was a major design flaw. She pointed out blackouts could happen. Egon asked her where she heard that. Rebecca looked at the hole in the unit and told him she was very thorough then asked why there was no failsafe. Egon was annoyed and stated it was a fully secured system. He explained the unit should have been fine without power for awhile but the massive increase in ambient psychokinetic energy brought on by Gozer's approach and the ghosts in the unit were attracted to it like iron to a magnet. Rebecca asked if that was an admission of fault. Egon denied it and pointed out he was not the one who ordered the power to be turned off. He asserted the scenario would be accounted for when the unit was rebuilt. She asked him if he thought ghosts would continue to be a problem, citing regular sightings diminished after the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man exploded. Egon thought some would continue to be a problem like the first ghost they captured. Winston recalled Ray's story about it escaping the first time they tried to put it in the unit. Rebecca was mock surprised something else escaped from the fully secured system. Egon sarcastically thanked Winston for bringing it up. Winston excused himself to run an errand. Rebecca wanted to hear the story.

Egon and Rebecca retired to the second floor as he recalled Ray abruptly told him to stall Slimer then ran off. Rebecca was surprised Ray left him along since it took the three of them to catch the ghost in the first place. Egon ate some Cheez Its and half joked he was lucky Slimer was driven more by impulse than intelligence like Peter in college. He continued with the confrontation in Tribeca Park. She thought it sounded exhausting and asked him if he looked in the Trap again. Egon replied he did not but the pigeons did. She asked what happened to Ray. Egon recalled he went dumpster diving at the Square Diner for bait. Rebecca asked if that was it. Egon admitted it was an embarrassing but harmless anecdote that ultimately had one benefit -- it proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it was not safe to go solo on busts. Rebecca moved to shake his hand to conclude the session but wanted to schedule a follow-up. She was suddenly taken over by an Unidentified Possessor made a cryptic taunt that his doom was coming and he could not prevent it. Everything went flying and pink ectoplasm was emitted as it left Rebecca's body. Egon assured her it was a minor ghost encounter. Rebecca was infuriated about getting slimed. Peter was at the front door and asked Rebecca if she mentioned HG Huges yet. She shoved him away and stormed out of the Firehouse.




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