Red Ectoplasm is a strain of Ectoplasm that resembles blood.


The ghost of Jean l'Ecorcheur vomited Red Ectoplasm at the Ghostbusters as it tried to evolve with the Poveglian Artifact in the Tuileries Garden. The Chicago Ghostbusters also encountered Red Ectoplasm during a case at The Trask Hotel. Rookie and Dani Shpak ran through a small flood of it on the tenth floor on the way to help Ron Alexander and Lou Kamaka capture the Killer in Black


Red Ectoplasm is a rarer variety. It resembles blood and can be found in places with a history of brutal violence. It deteriorates faster than standard ectoplasm and most of its properties haven't been quantified. [1]


IDW Comics


  1. Ghostbusters 101 Class Notes (2017). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters 101 #3" (2017) (Comic p.24). Ghostbusters 101 Class Notes reads: "Resembling blood, it's probably no surprise that this has been most often sighted in places where brutal violence occurred (murder or otherwise). It deteriorates faster than typical ectoplasm, making its properties harder to quantify."


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