Red Lightning [1] is a form of Psychokinetic Atmospheric Influence that can influence "naughty behavior" in children up to adults in their early 20's.


On October 30, Red Lightning manifested during a cloudless day for a few seconds. Janine Melnitz and Winston Zeddemore felt a chill but Kylie Griffin oddly felt the urge to break something. With little information to go on, Egon Spengler hypothesized the lightning was a hiccup until it was more than an isolated event. On the night of November 2, the Day of the Dead, Red Lightning struck and could be seen from Bushwick. On December 9, Red Lightning struck in Rhinebeck just after Egon chased the Sinterklaas Ghost out of a bedroom.

Egon began to investigate the Red Lightning strikes more seriously. He utilized Polarity Rectification Tripods on the Firehouse roof and used the Aura Video-Analyzer on Kylie to collect data. Egon concluded the readings from the lightning had much in common with strong P.K.E. readings picked up lately. More so, the lightning strikes were becoming more frequent within a 100 mile radius with strikes heaviest in Manhattan and diminishing to their lowest point just past Rhinebeck. Strikes correlated with a sharp rise in pediatric visits to the emergency room with victims citing headaches and violent impulses. Egon was concerned the lightning was more than a by-product of the increasing build-up of child-haunting entities, perhaps even the equivalent of an intentional pheromone release encouraging "naughty behavior" so the Bogeymen could feed. Red Lightning continued to strike into New Year's Eve when Rodefhiri began feeding on victims gathered in Times Square.


IDW Comics


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