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The Remote Trap Vehicle (also known as R.T.V.) is a Trap modified to be remote controlled and mobile during the vehicular pursuit of an ectoplasmic entity.


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In June 2021, while Trevor, Phoebe, and Podcast pursued Muncher through Summerville in Ecto-1, Podcast discovered a new kind a Trap stored in a chest. He set it on a hatch in the rear then he pulled a lever with a black knob. A section of the floor opened up and a ramp descended to the street. The Remote Trap Vehicle rolled out. Podcast manned the remote control controlling it. Trevor swerved out of the way of traffic and struggled to keep Ecto-1 straight. As a result, Podcast had a difficult time getting the Remote Trap Vehicle under Muncher. Podcast was about to trap Muncher but they were about to drive head on into a truck. They screamed and Trevor swerved out of the way. They gathered themselves and took off after Muncher. They caught up to him on the gravel road to the Shandor Mining Company. Phoebe once again wrangled him and Podcast sped up the Remote Trap Vehicle. Once he positioned it under Muncher, Podcast flipped red cover away and pushed the button. The Trap opened and successfully captured Muncher.

The Remote Trap Vehicle, along with the other equipment, and Ecto-1 were confiscated by the sheriffs. Two sheriffs played with the Remote Trap Vehicle briefly then it was stored in evidence in a jail cell secured with an ANSI Class One electromagnetic deadbolt. The next day, Phoebe, Podcast, Trevor, and Lucky sneaked into the Summerville County Sheriff's Department to recover the equipment and Ecto-1 while the sheriffs were out responding to calls related to the ghosts infesting the town after Gozer was summoned. Phoebe recognized the deadbolt and stated it was unpickable. Podcast looked inside and got an idea. He reached for the controller then flipped the red cover on the controller. Phoebe ordered him to wait but it was too late. Muncher was released. Podcast's idea worked and Muncher ate through enough of the cell bars before it departed. They retrieved the equipment and left in Ecto-1 with Trevor.

Phoebe distracted Gozer with her jokes at the Temple of Gozer while Podcast positioned the Remote Trap Vehicle under Zuul. It bumped one of Zuul's back legs and Podcast was nearly spotted. Ultimately, Podcast succeeded and trapped Zuul. Callie Spengler, Zuul's host, was taken back into Ecto-1 then they drove back to the Farmhouse with the Remote Trap Vehicle following close behind. After they passed by Spinners Roller Hop, Podcast lowered the ramp for the Remote Trap Vehicle to drive up. However, Vinz Clortho caught up to them and made a move for the Remote Trap Vehicle. It missed and Podcast steered it onto the sidewalk. Vinz rammed into benches, tables, chairs, and newsstands before stumbling and tripping. Phoebe moved outside on the gunner chair then she blasted Vinz. Podcast lined the Remote Trap Vehicle up with the ramp but faltered on the first attempt then it finally re-entered the car. At the Farmhouse, the Trap was removed and carried by Phoebe to the porch where she held it up to bait Gozer out onto their trap. The plan failed and Gozer ripped the Trap apart, freeing Zuul.


  • The genesis of the Remote Trap Vehicle came from the desire to see an old fashioned 1980s car chase. Once the gunner seat was imagined, the Remote Trap Vehicle idea came soon after.[1]
  • Early concepts for the Remote Trap Vehicle's deployment in Ecto-1 included a swing out arm and a rotating turret door.[2][3]
  • Concepts by Aaron Gray conceived the remote control integrating Atari and Playstation 1 controllers and a modified foot pedal.[4]
  • The prop was fabricated by Studio Art & Technology.[5]
  • A Traxxas Stampede 4WD with a completely redone chassis was used for the Remote Trap Vehicle props.[Note 1][6]
  • The remote control is a modified Futaba FB-3FN.
    • During filming of the first movie, the crew used a Futaba remote control box that allowed for the opening and closing of the Trap's doors.[7]
  • The Trap doors on the stunt Remote Trap Vehicle don't open because it was used in the high speed chase scenes. The hero Remote Trap Vehicle props either started opened or closed then moved to the other position.[8]
  • A Canadian RC specialist named Mark Evans was hired to operate the Remote Trap Vehicle.[9]
  • During filming of Ecto-1 and the Remote Trap Vehicle following Muncher down the gravel road, armorer Ben Eadie accidentally drove the Remote Trap Vehicle into some rocks and it crashed under a camera truck, exploded, and caught on fire. After the write-off paperwork was done, Eadie was told to throw the box of remains away but he put it in his car with the intent to do a restoration.[10][11]
  • Sean from the Alberta Ghostbusters made a cast of a dummy version of the Remote Trap Vehicle that was to stick out of the Ecto-1 halfway because it couldn't eject.[12]
  • To prevent it from being spoiled too early on in promotion, the R.T.V. was omitted in Trailer #1 during the turn.
  • Before the finale at the Farmhouse, when the R.T.V. drives up the ramp into Ecto-1, the shot is flipped as evidenced by the letters on the store signs in the background.

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  1. In a Ghostbusters prop group post exchange on Facebook, Ghostbusters: Afterlife Armorer Ben Eadie commented, "The RTV was a Traxxis Stampede 4WD with a completely redone chassis." The post was made by Eadie around November 21, 2021.


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