Note that this article mostly uses the October 07, 1983 script of Ghostbusters, as the scene was cut into two brief scenes in the montage with only part of Peters reply to the reporters questions remaining.

Reporters at the Sedgewick Hotel (referred as simply "Reporters" in the film credits[1]) were reporters that appear near the Ghostbusters outside of the Sedgewick Hotel during the first film's montage.


The press greeted the Ghostbusters while leaving the scene after bustin' a ghost at the prestigious Sedgewick Hotel. Such a feat was unheard of, and the reporters were still grasping the idea of ghosts being real, let alone catching one. One of the five reporters that addressed the Ghostbusters asked them to sing their song from their commercial. At first Ray Stantz said no, but the reported noted that this was free advertising. Peter Venkman gave in and the three Ghostbusters rattled off the song. It ended with flashbulbs going off.


  • It is assumed that more of the scripted scene did get recorded for the film, but to keep the pace of the film it was cut til only two short parts of the scene remained, used for the montage.


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