Restaurant Cop No.2 is one of two police officers called to Armand's Restaurant to deal with the Ghostbusters.


On New Year's Eve 1989, two officers were called by the Maître D' of Armand's Restaurant after three Ghostbusters charged into the dining area in their long underwear and covered in Psychomagnotheric Slime. The cops appeared to be rather amicable with the Ghostbusters and even took them straight to Gracie Mansion to see Mayor Lenny. After the meeting Jack fooled them and had them committed to Parkview Psychiatric Hospital and the cops were on hand to help.


  • In the February 1989 draft, the cops wanted to let the guys off with a warning. One advised them to have a good night's sleep and then call the Mayor in the morning. Peter managed to trick the cops into taking them to the Mayor by claiming he would ask the Ghostbusters why they didn't let alert him sooner about the growing problem with the slime. [1]
  • In NOW Comics The Real Ghostbusters starring in Ghostbusters II part 3 he is depicted as slightly overweight.


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Real Ghostbusters Starring in Ghostbusters II


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