The Ritz Cafe is a high class Italian restaurant in New York City.



Slimer applied for a job as dish washer for the Ritz Cafe but was soon fired when Rafael caught him licking the dishes instead of washing them. The cafe was soon disrupted by Professor Dweeb. He barged into the dining room and activated his Ecto Vac. All of the dishes licked by Slimer were attracted to the vacuum and swarmed Dweeb. As a promotional event, Luigi once baked the world's biggest pizza despite Manx trying to sabotage it. In one hour, the cafe was filled up with customers at 5 o'clock.

IDW Comics

Years after the Gozer accident, the Ritz Cafe had taken up residence where the Tavern on the Green once was. In a February, Peter Venkman and Special Agent Melanie Ortiz were on their way to the Ritz for dinner when a green demon manifested above the entrance and kidnapped Peter.

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