Roarke's Junction [1] is a town located in Iowa.


In the 1960s, Ethan Alder modeled himself after Ed Gein, the infamous Butcher of Plainfield, and went on a killing spree. [2] Locals even used Alder as the Bogeyman in bedtime stories. In 1964, Alder was caught red-handed and shot. It was decided there would be no arrest and no trial so the national media outlets wouldn't cover it and Roarke's Junction would not become known for producing a serial killer. Around 1970 or 1971, his home was burned down. [3] Despite the cover up, Alder was included in the "Horrors of the Midwest" book. [4]

Over two decades later, construction began on the edge of Alder's old property. Alder's ghost manifested at the construction site and one of the "Tiwaz fellas" went missing. The FBI Des Moines field office alerted Special Agent Melanie Ortiz. She met with the Sheriff of Roarke's Junction outside the site. They encountered Alder and were forced to retreat. The Sheriff almost drove off without Melanie. The Chicago Ghostbusters were preoccupied with a case in Milwaukee and couldn't spare any Ghostbusters. Peter Venkman and Kylie Griffin took a flight and arrived several hours later. Peter seemed to be more interested in finding the best steak restaurant in town. They searched the construction site that night. Alder appeared to Peter first and was easily wrangled. Kylie and Melanie followed suit. Peter asked Alder about a steak place but he ecto-projected on him instead of answering. After Alder was trapped, all of the ghosts of his victims were released and passed on. They thanked the Ghostbusters as they rose from the ground. 24 hours later, workers returned to the construction site and found a bed of poppies in full bloom, one of each of the victims. There were no further manifestations in Roarke's Junction.


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