Roger Baugh [1] is a former boyfriend of Janine Melnitz and was a Professor of Literature at City College of New York.


At an unspecified point in time, Janine and Roger began dating. Janine talked to Roger at length about Egon Spengler so much so that Roger regarded them as old friends. On one occasion, he sent a flower bouquet to the Firehouse. Roger later met Egon outside of Delgado's Gym but Egon didn't shake Roger's hand when offered it. Preoccupied with a supernatural problem, he walked off. Janine assured Roger that Egon wasn't being rude and was thinking of something else.

Towards the end of summer, Roger took Janine out to a special performance of Don Giovanni at the Metropolitan Opera House, mainly because it involved a ghost, and he thought Janine would be interested. When the Roger witnessed the Phantom of the Opera manifest, he finally understood what Janine was warning him about, and agreed they should leave.

About a year or so later, Roger and Janine settled down for the night and searched for something to watch on television. Roger found the most terrible thing he could, "Spence vs. The Crystal Ghoul" but Janine was oddly unresponsive. To Roger's horror, Janine was discharging Yellow Slime from her eyes. Roger rushed to the Firehouse, and went to Egon for help. They went straight to Roger's Apartment and found Janine free floating and encased in the slime. Roger tried to be helpful and asked if an exorcism was needed. Egon had an idea and they took Janine to the Firehouse. When a Gris-Gris failed to do anything to Janine, Roger asked what other tricks Egon had up his sleeve. Both were unaware three Draugar manifested behind them.

While Egon engaged them, Roger attempted to help and called out the Draugar's plan as 'cowardly'. The Draug used a form of astral projection to teleport Egon and Roger into Janine's mind. Roger was troubled as they walked through Janine's memories, including Janine meeting Egon for the first time. He was upset and angry when he saw the memory of Janine kissing Egon after the Grendel incident. When the pair finally reached Janine, Roger became worried Egon was antagonizing the Drauger too much. The Draugar elected to kill them both and offer their souls in addition to Janine's. They fled and hid in the memory of Peter's apartment, circa New Year's Eve 1989. There, Roger learned the name of one of Janine's ex-boyfriends - Louis Tully. Once Egon convinced the Draugar to release them, Roger was still unnerved by the whole experience and told Janine they would talk about it on Thursday during racquetball. He assured Janine not to be a pessimist when she showed concerns of how that conversation would go, saying it only matters where their conversation would end. During the Tiamat incident, Roger accepted a teaching position in San Francisco. He asked Janine to move with him but she declined.

The Real Ghostbusters of Dimension 68-R were accidentally displaced to the prime dimension during the Proteus incident and met their counterparts. Janine noticed a similarity between Egon Spengler of 68-R and Roger. As the Ghostbusters' exploration of the multiverse expanded, they met the Extreme Ghostbusters of Dimension 68-E. They noticed the Egon Spengler of 68-E resembled Roger even more than Egon 68-R. It was decided they wouldn't introduce him to Janine.



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