Roger Delacorte[1] (also known as Library Administrator)[2] was the administrator of the main branch of the New York City Public Library.


Primary Canon


Roger Delacorte called Dr. Spengler, Stantz, and Venkman from Columbia University in response to Alice's encounter with the Library ghost. He was in the Reading Room and observed Peter's prank on Egon. Roger approached them and introduced himself. Peter took the lead and introduced himself as "Dr. Venkman," Ray as "Dr. Stantz," and Egon as "Egon." Roger shook Peter's hand then Ray's, and Egon nodded once. Roger thanked them for coming then led them to Alice. He hoped they could clear this issue up quickly and quietly. He listened to Peter's questioning of Alice and became skeptical when Peter asked her if she was currently menstruating. Peter famously replied, "Back off, man. I'm a scientist." After the men touched the etheric plane and fled the library, he ran after them because he still wanted to know if they could solve the problem. Peter yelled they could get back to him. Roger stopped on the stairs.

Secondary Canon

IDW Comics

Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz spent a lot of time at the New York City Public Library requesting some very esoteric books from the expanded collection. It was enough to gain the notice of the library administrator Roger Delacorte. In 1984, he called Egon and Ray and asked for their help after an incident between a ghost and an employee. The situation with the ghost had gotten worse and it was actively harassing the library patrons. Roger called the Ghostbusters and left multiple messages but due to the heavy workload, they never responded. At some point after Winston Zeddemore was hired, Roger Delacorte went to the Firehouse out of desperation and pleaded his case with Janine Melnitz. Janine tried to tell them how busy the Ghostbusters had become. Roger noted he left several messages but Janine informed him she took them and passed along all messages to the Ghostbusters. She emphasized they were incredibly busy. Ray and Peter happened to return from a bust at the Consulate General of Canada of New York but hit a snag with payment because the Canadian government had to approve first. Ray recognized Roger. Roger apologized for the intrusion then informed him the situation with the Library ghost had gotten worse. Peter changed out of his flightsuit and told Roger to make an appointment because preferential treatment was beneath them. Ray scolded him. Peter insisted something had to be. Roger told Ray the ghost was actively harassing the patrons. Peter finally remembered he was from the public library and admitted he would love another crack. He told Ray to make him deal and considered 18 or 20 percent. Roger was crestfallen and admitted their budgetary discretion was limited. Ray recalled he was a big help to them early on in their studies and promised they would finish what they started if he could get them into the library after hours. Roger was so happy the ghost was gone, Ray talked him into selling him some of the library's occult collection for a good deal.[3]

For her book about the Ghostbusters, Rebecca Morales went to the library and interviewed Roger Delacorte a few weeks after Gozer was defeated. Roger recalled how Egon and Ray spent a lot of time at the library before they became Ghostbusters. Roger then stated he was a firm believer in expertise, especially if the subject was out of his understanding, and admitted Egon and Ray were the only ones he could think of to call about the incident with the Library ghost.[4] Many years later, Roger walked the floor while Egon searched for the library's copy of "The Johansen Argument" to no avail.


  • Roger Delacorte first appears in the third draft, dated September 30, 1983, on page 9. In it and the final shooting script, Roger was described as a "choleric, middle-aged civil servant" and introduces himself as the Head Librarian.[5]
  • On page 2 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #2, Roger's last name is misspelled "Delacort" instead of "Delacorte."


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Secondary Canon


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Primary Canon

Secondary Canon

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