Anchorman Roger Grimsby was shown on TV covering a story on the Ghostbusters. This was the first thing shown in the montage. Grimsby at the time was a New York anchor on WABC-TV's "Eyewitness News".[1][2][3]

Canon History

Following the Ghostbusters' public debut at the Sedgewick Hotel, Grimsby reported the entire eastern seaboard was alive with talk of incidents of paranormal activity, alleged ghost sightings and related supernatural occurrences have been reported across the entire tri-state area. Dana Barrett watched his report.

Ghostbusters Related Credits

Other Works

The information in this section is gathered from IMDb and is meant to only be a brief list of highlights of their career.

  • Nothing But Trouble - Actor (1991)
  • Power - Actor (1986)
  • The Exterminator - Actor (1980)
  • Bananas - Actor (1971)
  • Eyewitness News (TV Series) - Anchor (1968-1986)


  • In the August 5 and September 30, 1983 drafts of the movie, Roger Grimsby was preceded by Ronald Gwynne of the United Press International in New York.
  • Roger Grimsby appears in the October 7, 1983 final draft. He introduces Roy Brady, the roving reporter on Broadway who is unnamed in the movie. In past drafts, Bryant Gumble introduced Roy but his appearance is discarded as of the October draft.


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