Roland's Mustang[1] is a blue Ford Mustang car owned by Roland Jackson.


In 1997, amid the break out of ectoplasmic activity, Roland offered to drive everyone to the Firehouse. Throughout the Extreme Ghostbusters' first year in business, the Mustang became a secondary vehicle of the team. During Spring Break, the roof was vaporized by the Jersey Devil. Once the devil was smelted, the Mustang was restored back to before. After the Grundel escaped, the other Ghostbusters went out in Ecto-1 and caught up to Roland, who was in his Mustang. He didn't catch on that his brother Casey Jackson was the Grundel's next target, in part because he was oblivious of Casey's mischievous nature. Kylie Griffin and Garrett Miller borrowed the Mustang during the Morpheus incident while Eduardo Rivera and Roland were responding to a call that turned out to be a false alarm. In the Lotan incident, Roland sulked about the outage of technology and his over reliance on it. In the final confrontation, Roland took the Mustang and caught with the others at the John F. Kennedy International Airport to stop Lotan. In the Radioactive Ghost incident, Roland and Eduardo took the Mustang to the South Shore Nuclear Power Plant to meet up with Kylie and Garrett but with the bad news that Egon Spengler wasn't done with pack modifications yet. The Extreme Ghostbusters took the Mustang to the Hudson River Oil Refinery on the trail of all the possessed vehicles containing remnants of Campucho, including Ecto-1. Roland, Eduardo, and Slimer took the Mustang to Rykhart's Residence to warn Wilhelm Rykhart that his Toltec Skull was being targeted.



Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Cuden, Steve (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters "Ghost in the Machine" (Final Draft April 15, 1997) (Script p. 27). Line reads: "THE SEDAN - pulls up to the firehouse and <SCREECHES> to a stop behind Roland's Mustang parked in front."



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