The Rollerghoster are a group of animal spirits that possess a roller coaster and kidnap several bystanders.


In 1944, the Brooklyn-based Matchstick and Butterworth Circus was destroyed in a fire. All of the circus' animals died in the incident.[1] Over 40 years later, the Cheap Thrills Amusement Park opened its latest roller coaster, the Rollerghoster. It was a blatant infringement on the trademarks of the Ghostbusters. The park manager, Ray Cougar, denied the allegation and had Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz "escorted" out of the park. A short time later, the ghosts of the Matchstick and Butterworth animals manifested in the area occupied by the Rollerghoster. Cougar attempted to get the Ghostbusters' help in getting rid of the ghosts. Suspecting a cheap publicity stunt, they refused. Cougar retaliated and advertised the Rollerghoster as a genuine haunted ride.

The ghosts possessed the Ghost Tunnel section of the Rollerghoster ride, animated it, and took 10 people hostage. The Ghostbusters arrived on scene and Ray Stantz decided to attempt to negotiate with the ghosts unarmed. Stantz was soon taken hostage and advised the team to call in military reinforcements. According to Spengler's analysis, the ghosts were Focused in nature and thus, unable to leave the location. The Ghostbusters were also tasked with not harming the hostages and their comrade. Peter Venkman devised a strategy to scare them out of the ride. Utilizing 1200 yards of Mylar purchased from a theatrical store, Venkman had a pile of debris lit up in front of it and created an illusion of a giant fire. The special effect reminded the ghosts of their untimely deaths and tricked them into vacating the Rollerghoster ride. Since they were unable to concentrate, the ride collapsed and the hostages safely escaped. The Ghostbusters then blasted the ghosts and forced them to disperse.

Description Edit

The spirits of the animals consists of:

  • elephant
  • horse
  • bear
  • snake
  • monkey
  • gorilla

But when they possess a rollercoaster it looks like a T-Rex with the wooden tunnel as the main head.


Egon Spengler refers to the animal spirits as Class 6 Focused Apparitions.[2]



The Real Ghostbusters


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