Ron's Proton Pack is a compact version of the Proton Pack built by Ron Alexander and primary equipment of the Ghost Smashers


Ron Alexander used stolen schematics to build his own version of the Proton Pack with certain modifications. In mid-June, Ron tested his pack out. When it destroyed another dummy, Ron went back to modifying the pack. By the end of summer, the pack was "perfected" and at least four models were constructed. The Ghost Smashers showed off the pack by atomizing the Phantom of the Opera in front of a theater crowd.

However, ectoplasmic dispersal was not a permanent solution. It temporarily disrupted a ghost's psychokinetic cohesion on a subatomic level.[1] The packs only diluted entities for a period of time and they would reconstitute in a highly agitated state with the potential to mix and match like a "tub full of clay." After several weeks, an entity known as the Goast resisted the pack's atomizing streams. Egon Spengler began researching the effects of these packs and attached a blaster to the Paranormal Containment Research Tank to gather data. The blaster remained attached after the Megaspook incident, a direct result of the technology.

Ron went back to his Ghost Smashers equipment and supposedly fixed the flaw in his design. Believing it wouldn't cause the same problem as before, he added the atomizing stream option to his Boson Caster and to the Chicago Ghostbusters' throwers.

Known Components

The Proton Pack includes Exhaust Ports, an Internal Combustion Chamber, and a Cyclotron. The Particle Thrower includes Laser Focus, Plasma Energy Feed Line, Laser Unit, Plasma Dart Condenser Cell, Plasma Wave Filter, Pressure Sensitive Trigger, Condenser Feed, and Energy Fusion Condenser Cell.


  • The Particle Thrower is visually based on the Nintendo NES Zapper. The Pack itself is not based on the Sony PlayStation nor the Sega Dreamcast.[2] It is visually based on a combination of the Apple Pippin Console and the Apple PowerCD.
  • On the Subscription Cover of Ghostbusters 101 #5, Lou, Dani, and Jenny are wearing the packs.


IDW Comics


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