Rosebud [1] is a red sled owned by Charles Foster Hearse.


In life, Charles Foster Hearse loved snow and acquired a red sled with "Rosebud" inscribed in it. In death, Hearse's ghosts wanted to ride Rosebud one last time before he dispersed. However, he was unable to find it. During a competition for "Ghostbuster of the Year," the Ghostbusters took on Hearse. While moving through a collection of trinkets, the sled was unearthed. Unaware of its significance, Winston Zeddemore grabbed the sled as the guys retreated outside into the snow. Winston took the sled and the others soon jumped aboard. As they were chased by Hearse, they were separated from the sled. Hearse landed on it and took Rosebud out for one last ride.


  • Rosebud is an homage to the sled of the same name from "Citizen Kane"
  • On page eight of Ghostbusters Issue #16, Rosebud makes a non-canon cameo half-buried in the snow behind Ray Stantz.


The Real Ghostbusters


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