The Roswell Army Ghosts [1] are ghosts of army soldiers twisted by the thoughts of aliens.


In 1947, several soldiers stationed at the Roswell Army Air Field took care of whatever crash landed in the vicinity of the base in what became known as the "Roswell Incident." In death, they were haunted by what they were haunted by in life - aliens. Their manifestations were twisted to match this single overriding thought. For an unknown reason, their territoriality stretched miles from the alleged UFO crash site.

Many decades later, sightings of these ghostly little green men increased along with a new report that they had become more aggressive and forceful. The governor of New Mexico called in the Ghostbusters to investigate. But after a couple days of investigation, they only turned up erratic P.K.E. readings. As they clashed with two FBI agents over jurisdiction, the ghosts manifested and kept uttering "Restricted." Special Agent Jim Savage communicated with the ghosts but they in turn attacked him then vanished. Thanks to Kylie Griffin, Ray Stantz realized the ghosts were masking themselves. Ray played off a hunch and confronted the ghosts with the truth. The ghosts were confused and temporarily reverted to their true forms. The Ghostbusters quickly trapped them.


The Roswell Army Ghosts give off P.K.E. readings indicative of a standard ghost. [2]


The ghosts can shape shift and fly. When they attack their victims, they leave some slime and wounds that look like human bite marks.



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