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*Gardener <ref>"[[Go-pher It]]"</ref>
*Gardener <ref>"[[Go-pher It]]"</ref>
*Organ Grinder <ref>"[[Monkey See, Monkey Don't]]"</ref>
*Organ Grinder <ref>"[[Monkey See, Monkey Don't]]"</ref>
*Selling table top miniature Christmas Trees in February <ref>"[[The Dirty Half-Dozen]]"</ref>

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Rudy [1] was always starting get rich quick businesses that would have Slimer doing something and then Rudy would act as manager and handle the money.

Rudy's Businesses

  • Dog Walker [2]
  • Rudy's Messenger Service [3]
  • Gardener [4]
  • Organ Grinder [5]
  • Selling table top miniature Christmas Trees in February [6]


  • Rudy can play the piano. [7]




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