Rudy the Museum Guard was in charge of maintaining security at the Manhattan Museum of Art and resides at the information desk.


In late 1989, Peter Venkman went to the museum to visit Dana Barrett and asked Rudy where she was. Rudy quickly answered "Room 304, restoration" then realized who he was talking to. Rudy got excited and exclaimed he was a "big, big" fan of his.


Rudy seemed to be a rather nice guy.


  • Rudy read an issue of Star magazine featuring the headlines "Ghostbusters Save Judge" and "Team of Venkman Stantz & Spengler in heroic deed"
    • The photo of the Ghostbusters is from production of the first movie.
  • In the February 27, 1989 draft, Rudy was reading a National Enquirer magazine. [1]
  • Rudy's favorite show is "Bassmasters" and his second favorite show was "The World of the Psychic"


Primary Canon

Ghostbusters II


  1. February 27, 1989 draft
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