Ruth (also known as Ruthy) is a lonely Jewish grandmother who watched a house for her niece.


After her niece Deborah got divorced, Ruth agreed to watch her house on Central Park West while she went to Atlantic City with her girlfriends. Ruth quickly became lonely and watched three days worth of soap operas to see the Ghostbusters' commercial. She called the Ghostbusters on Saturday morning and claimed the ghost of John Lennon was haunting her place. Ray Stantz answered the call and was fed a modest lunch, including Noodle Kugel (an old recipe her mother taught her from her mother and so on).

Ray discovered a John Lennon song was set to play on an alarm clock and shut it off. Ruth then tried to use the Capper then claimed a ghost was recording all of her favorite TV shows for her to watch later. Ray wasn't easily fooled again. Ruth asked him to sign an autograph for her grandson, who never visits. Ray decided to stay for tea. Ruth told him about her days in the World War II, including a tryst in 1946 after G.I.'s started returning to the States. Three hours later, Ray managed to leave. A few days later, for all of Wednesday morning, Winston Zeddemore retraced Ray's steps to try and find him. He met Ruth and ended up eating half a pound of Matzah brei.


Ghost Busted (manga)

  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 5 (mentioned by Winston)