S.L. Gallant (also known as Shannon Londin-Gallant) is an artist based in Washington D.C. that has contributed to IDW Comics.


S.L.Gallant grew up in Nashville and studied in Atlanta, where he earned his degree in the commercial arts from the Atlanta College of Art.[1] Gallant worked for several comic book companies, including DC, Chaos, Malibu, and Dark Horse. Gallant also had a commercial career in advertising at Jordan Associates in Oklahoma City. The company's clients included Carl’s Jr and Kraft Foods. Gallant drew characters like Cheeseasaurus Rex and Kool-Aid Man. In 2000, Gallant moved to Washington D.C. and started working for Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, doing storyboards and presentation illustrations for clients such as the CDC, and lastly Danya International, doing character design and storyboards for their Jasper & Kiki educational cartoons. He began work for Marvel Comics and Titan but the workload led him to become a full time artist in the comic book industry.[2]

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S.L. Gallant has done pencils for the comics:

S.L. Gallant has done pencils for the covers:


  • S.L. Gallant studies Krav Maga and is a fan of British comedy sitcoms.

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