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S.O.S Fantômes, Belgium, and Netherlands The Real Ghostbuster Toy Line is a reprint Toy line for Belguim, the Netherlands, and France based on the The Real Ghostbusters. The toys and packaging is directly copied from the UK counterpart and translated in both French and Dutch.


Top is of Ray Stantz in only french while the bottom shows him translated to both french and dutch. (For full size Click here)

The French/Dutch Toy Line ran from 1987-1990 like the other lines based on the UK line. Some of 1987 years packaging was printed in only french, however the same toys had bilingual releases as with french and dutch. Among the notable traits is the Lion seal and yellow bar code on the back of the card, which is used on all UK line based toys.

List of Toys

First Wave

First Wave French/Dutch Back Card

Proof #/Prod. # Item Name Notes
Classic: Egon Spengler No
Classic: Ray Stantz No
Classic: Peter Venkman No
Classic: Winston Zeddmore No
Stay Puft No
Green Ghost (Slimer) Yes
Bug-Eye Ghost No
H2 Ghost No
Bad-To-The-Bone Ghost No
Ecto-1 No
Gooper Ghost: Squisher No
Gooper Ghost: Banshee Bomber No
Gooper Ghost: Sludge Bucket No
Ecto-Plazm (Purple) No
GhostZapper No
GhostPopper No
Green Ghost Plush Not on card. No
Stay Puft Plush Not on card. No

Second Wave

Second Wave French/Dutch Back Card

Proof #/Prod. # Item Name Notes
Fright Feature: Peter Venkman No
Fright Feature: Egon Spengler No
Fright Feature: Ray Stantz No
Fright Feature: Winston Zeddmore No
Fright Feature: Janine Melnitz No
Fire Station No
Haunted Humans: Terror Trash No
Haunted Humans: Granny Gross No
Haunted Humans: Mail Fraud No
Haunted Humans: Hard Hat Horror No
Haunted Humans: Tombstone Tackle No
Haunted Humans: X-Cop No
Proton Pack No
Mini Ghosts: Mini Goopers No
Mini Ghosts: Mini Traps (Not shown) No
Mini Ghosts: Mini Shooter No
Ecto-Plazm (Red) No
Ecto-Plazm (Yellow) No
Ecto-Plazm (Blue) No
Gooper Green Ghost (Slimer) (Not shown, not on card) No

Third Wave

Third Wave French/Dutch Back Card

Proof #/Prod. # Item Name Notes
Super Fright Features Heroes: Janine Melnitz No
Super Fright Features Heroes: Winston Zeddmore No
Super Fright Features Heroes: Ray Stantz No
Super Fright Features Heroes: Egon Spengler No
Super Fright Features Heroes: Peter Venkman No
Classic Monsters: Frankenstein No
Classic Monsters: Mummy No
Classic Monsters: Dracula No
Classic Monsters: Zombie No
Classic Monsters: Hunchback No
Classic Monsters: Wolfman No
Screaming Heroes: Peter Venkman No
Screaming Heroes: Janine Melnitz No
Screaming Heroes: Egon Spengler No
Screaming Heroes: Winston Zeddmore No
Screaming Heroes: Ray Stantz No
Fearsome Flush No
Haunted Vehicles: Wicked Wheelie No
Haunted Vehicles: Airsickness No
Pull Speed Ahead No
Ghost Spooker No
Brain Blaster No
Green Ghost with Proton Pack(Slimer) No
Finger Pop Fiends No
Haunted Vehicles: Highway Haunter No
Ghost Trap No
Water Zapper No
Neutrona Blaster No
ECTO Popper & ECTO-Goggles No

Fourth Wave

Fourth Wave French/Dutch Back Card

Proof #/Prod. # Item Name Notes
Power Pack Hero: Ray Stantz No
Power Pack Hero: Janine Melnitz No
Power Pack Hero: Winston Zeddmore No
Power Pack Hero: Egon Spengler No
Power Pack Hero: Peter Venkman No
Power Pack Hero: Louis Tully (Not shown, but listed) No
Slimed Heroes: Egon Spengler No
Slimed Heroes: Ray Stantz No
Slimed Heroes: Peter Venkman No
Slimed Heroes: Winston Zeddmore No
Slimed Heroes: Louis Tully No
ECTO-Bomber No
Grab-A-Meter No
ECTO-Blaster No
Ghost Sweeper No
ECTO-500 No
ECTO-Charger No
Gobblin' Goblins: Terror Tongue No
Gobblin' Goblins: Nasty Neck No
Gobblin' Goblins: Terrible Teeth No
Ghost Nabber and Traps (Not shown) No
ECTO Headgear and Radar (Not shown) No


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