Saint Pippy [1] is an impish metaspectre that looks like a giant spectral lobster.


On November 13, Saint Pippy placed dozens of residents of Portland, Maine under a mass trance. Non-residents and transplants with no longstanding family roots in the area were not affected. Special Agent Melanie Ortiz was alerted by the FBI's Portland field office. It was estimated affected Portlanders numbered at roughly five percent of the city's population. They stopped what they were doing and faced east towards the Atlantic Ocean. Drivers safely pulled over to the side of the road to stand at attention and chanted "Saint Pippy is coming" every 15 seconds. Melanie arrived in Portland with Ray Stantz and Peter Venkman roughly six hours after the trance started. The trance continued for another 18 hours then P.K.E. levels spiked when the chanting stopped. The entranced congregated together up and down Congress Street and started chanting the same phrase again. Ray nor Kylie Griffin had any idea who Saint Pippy was. Despite this setback, Ray was excited.

The chanting soon reached a fever pitch and the sky above the city opened. Saint Pippy appeared in the form of a gigantic lobster and demanded entertainment. Half of the entranced took on lobster-like traits. The other half fought them with whatever they could find, including water pistols and bows and arrows, or just bare hands. The battle was more play fighting in nature and no one was injured. For the entire time, Saint Pippy was laughing. After about an hour, the trance ended and the citizens were confused as to why they were suddenly on Congress Street. Saint Pippy faded away laughing. The Ghostbusters concluded it was a one-off prank. Ray decided to write a paper on the event after he finished analyzing Pippy's P.K.E. readings and share it with the FBI.


Saint Pippy manifested in the form of a giant red lobster.


Saint Pippy seems to enjoy playing pranks.


Saint Pippy has the power to entrance and control dozens of humans at once.


Saint Pippy is a Class 4 Non-Aggressive Manifestation. In the Portland encounter, he had a P.K.E. reading of 0011129.44 on the high spectrum. The Ghostbusters came to the conclusion he was a low-level metaspectre.


IDW Comics


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