Sam Longoria was a member of the Ghostbusters VFX Crew, confirmed by the Director [1]


Sam Longoria worked on technical crews of various movies since the 1980s, has produced 3,125 comedy stage shows, 1 Russian drama, and 2 radio shows in Hollywood. He currently produces feature films for himself to direct. He has numerous projects, in various stages of development. [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]


Sam Longoria's union classification was Motion Picture Camera Assistant, assisting Visual Effects Chief Cameraman Bill Neil, but during production, he also performed other tasks. Sam worked in "Special Projects," assisting Gary Platek photograph clouds and lasers. He assisted Matthew Yuricich, as Matt painted matte paintings. He came up with 'funny business' for Stuart Ziff (Head of Ghost Shop) and his Puppeteers to perform with their "Slimer" puppet. Sam built the Ghostbusters screening room and projection booth, with Douglas Trumbull's and Thaine Morris's projectors. He assisted Neil Krepela, and composited matte shots on a 65mm bipack camera. He operated and built 65mm film gear, to Gene Whiteman's precise and exacting standard, and to Richard Edlund's specification.

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