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Satan (also known as The Devil and Old Scratch)[1][2] is a demon best known as the ruler of Hell.


Primary Canon History

In 1975, Werner Gischman, a calendar publisher, bought seventeen crates of old stock photographs from an auction. He discovered a twenty-year collection of ravishing pin-ups of Parade Queens from New York Thanksgiving Parade. Gischman decided to take advantage of the nostalgic pin-up craze that was sweeping the nation at the time and rushed to print the collection as a sixteen-month calendar. What Gischman didn't know was that the photos, when arranged in a certain order, deciphered a code that points toward the true origin of the Devil (an origin that, as it turns out, is far less impressive than most people think).

Foresworn to protect this secret for untold generations, dark cultist sect, The Vigilant Legion of the Black Pit, realized the calendar had reached store shelves too late to stop it. In a last-ditch effort to keep the code secure, the Vigilant Legion cast a spell over all the crates of calendars, so that the pages would flip and switch constantly. As it turned out, nobody was really interested in Parade Queens from the 50's and 60's, and the calendar sold less than a dozen copies. The Vigilant Legion bought up most of them, and Gischman gave the rest to friends and family at Christmas. Embarrassed by their alacrity, the Vigilant Legion of the Black Pit murdered them all anyway, just to be thorough. [3]

Secondary Canon History

The Real Ghostbusters Marvel UK Comics

The Devil once played a poker game with Peter Venkman and his cohorts the See-Through Kid and Death to determine the fate of the souls of the Ghostbusters. After Peter Venkman learned that the three sly spirits were cheating, Satan and his two partners were then captured.

IDW Comics

Stingy Jack was so much of a scoundrel that the Devil came to claim him. The Devil was tricked not once but twice. The Devil agreed to pay his tab and turned into a silver coin but Jack threw him into pocket with a crucifix. The Devil tried once more then agreed to get Jack an apple before taking him to Hell. As the Devil scaled an apple tree, Jack lined it with crucifixes. Jack made the Devil agree to never claim him. Much to his delight, the Devil was visited by Jack upon his death. He gleefully reminded Jack he had to keep his promise. Jack was barred passage. Gloating in denying Jack an eternal rest, the Devil threw Jack an ember from the Pit to light his way as he wondered the world forever. A monk from a European village was driven mad by the bad behavior of local children. In order to scare them into being good, he made a deal with the Devil. In exchange for his soul and a sacrifice of the naughtiest child, the monk was given a cloak of invisibility and transformative features. He became the first bogeyman, Rodefhiri. [4] In the 1700s, the Scandinavian wizard Loftur Þorsteinsson made a deal with the Devil. Loftur later survived his purported death and discovered immortality by culling other humans every so often. As a result, he circumvented the Devil's contract. [5]

In present times, Stingy Jack attempted to exploit a loophole and get trapped by the Ghostbusters. The Devil refused to let him win and intervened. He summoned powerful flames to block Proton Streams and bar the Ghostbusters from chasing Jack. Jack jumped onto Winston Zeddemore's Proton Pack. The Devil could not touch Winston on account he wore a crucifix and/or he was the truest of true believers. After Jack allowed himself to be trapped, the Devil reached up and took back the turnip he gave him so long ago.

After a tense meeting between the Ghostbusters and Loftur, Jenny Moran cast a spell from the Rauoskinna. It ended up casting them into Hell. The Devil walked towards them. Loftur was filled with fear and desperation. He demanded the Rauoskinna and promised to bring everyone back to Central Park and bring Egon Spengler back to life. The Ghostbusters decided to hold onto the book and backed away from Loftur. The Devil conjured his contract with Loftur and sent several demons after him. They made short work of him and reduced his body to a mangled corpse. The Egon from a parallel dimension speculated they were more likely in some form of a pocket dimension but the Devil overheard and confirmed it was Hell. He took a human form and recognized they came to his house "whole" with hope still clinging to their souls. He remembered the Ghostbusters from the Stingy Jack incident but decided the delivery of Loftur to him balanced the scales. The Devil gave them permission to leave Hell then pulled Loftur's soul out of the corpse. He taunted Loftur for cheating him and mused they were going to have fun together. Peter asked where the exit was but the Devil refused to tell them unless they agreed to a contract. They all looked at Peter but he refused.


IDW Comics

The Devil is a Class 7. [6]


IDW Comics

The Devil demonstrated the power to command legion of demons, shapeshift, and extract a soul from a corpse.


  • According to Icelandic lore, the Rauoskinna is said to contain spells capable of controlling the Devil.
  • On the regular cover of Ghostbusters International #11 and when he first appears in the issue, the silhouette of the Devil's true form is visually based on Xanthador, the principle villain in the novel, Ghostbusters: The Return.
  • On page 8 panel 3 of Ghostbusters International #11, on the bottom right of the contract is the Satan Cross, the double cross over the infinity symbol.
  • On page 10 of Ghostbusters International #11, the Devil's human form appears to be visually based on Brad Pitt from "Meet Joe Black"
  • On page 12 of Ghostbusters International #11, the giant demon in the cavern is a depiction of Lucifer. **In "Dante's Inferno," it was believed Lucifer crashed headfirst into Earth after his rebellion in Heaven failed and he became stuck at the bottom of Hell. Cocytus turned into a perpetual frozen lake thanks to his flapping wings.
  • On page 20 of Ghostbusters 101 #1, above the photograph, obscured by Erin Gilbert's word balloon, is a copy of "A Demonology of History" from 1987 by Eustace Mullins. It discussed the role of Satan in historical events.
  • The Devil is mentioned on Egon's bio in the Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card #19. [7]



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