Scareface [2] is the head of a ghost mob family, and both Goolem and Zugg work for him.


Among ghosts, Scareface is feared and known as "Public Entity #1." After 100 years, he returned to New York to personally inspect the state of affairs at the Sedgewick Hotel. [3] Goolem, however, mistook him for Slimer in disguise and insulted him. After dispatching his underlings, Scareface congratulated Slimer and approved his fashion sense and ordered him to keep things as they were. Scareface then left the premises and returned to the Netherworld.


Scareface is a very tough ghost and expects to be treated with respect.


Scareface can fire blasts of P.K.E. from his hands. In one instance, the blasts can have telekinetic properties. When he blasted his hat, it moved towards him.


  • Zugg is Scareface's nephew.[4]
  • Zugg reveals Scareface never slimes anyone.[5]
  • Scareface also doesn't tip.




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