Scene 1: Tunnel of Slime is the first "Scene" (meaning level) in Ghostbusters II Video Game, which was developed by Kemco and published by Activision.


Ghosts/Haunted Obstacles


  • x14 No-Ghost Logos (Slime-able, Trappable)


Ray lands in the Tunnel. Moving forward, dodge the Bouncing Head. Next there will be a Bouncing Lantern and a Slimer. Fire the Slime blower at the Slimer while dodging the lantern. Continue shooting as a No-Ghost Logo comes next. A Slimer shows up next, drop a trap and walk a bit more forward so another Bouncing Head and Bouncing Lantern can be trapped with the Slimer. Then shoot the next two No-Ghost Logos and the next Slimer that shows up afterwards. After that dodge the two Hovering Spiders. Two Slimers will show up at that point, drop another trap. A No-Ghost Logo will also fly by.




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None Scene 2: Hitting the Road
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