The Sedgewick Ghosts are a group of eight benign ghosts who occupy the 13th floor of the Sedgewick Hotel.


For some time, the Sedgewick Ghosts partied on the 13th floor and ate left overs in the dining hall. Management always denied patrons' claims of ghost sightings and the trend continued with Morris Grout. After joining the Ghostbusters, Slimer would visit them every so often. On one occasion, he visited the ghosts and partied with them.

However, the ghosts were intimidated by Goolem and Zugg, on authority of Scareface, in to scaring people. Slimer posed as Scareface and tried to save his friends. Luckily, the real Scareface arrived to check on the Sedgewick only to be accosted by Goolem. Once Goolem was dispatched, Scareface approved of things and told Slimer to keep running things as is. The Sedgewick Ghosts were overjoyed and thanked Slimer for saving them.




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