Shelly [1] is the former girlfriend of Dante Barnes.


Dante Barnes eventually met Shelly. Shelly liked his 'vibe' and the two became romantically involved. Oddly, Barnes' band started doing better when the two dated. Dante was still obsessed with a song he had in his head. Shelly didn't like being ignored and the two started to get into a lot of arguments. Shelly finally had enough and told Dante he'd never get that song out as so long as he lived. Shelly stopped seeing Dante after that fight. A year or so later, Dante finally finished the song and sang it at a performance. He caught on fire and died while singing it. Drummer DJ Fever believed Shelly was a witch. Ray Stantz guessed she cast a hex on Dante and/or was a lesser demonic entity that made a deal with Dante.



IDW Comics


  1. DJ Fever (2012). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters Issue #12" (2012) (Comic p.10). DJ Fever says: "We plugged along getting a little better then Dante met this chick-Shelly."


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